my destiny changed when i met u (Intro)


Hi guys its meghs here… with my first swasan ff…


Sanskar maheshwari : handsome, flirty, naughty. .. fond of singing. . Loves to play cricket… final year bcom of GFGC .. loves his mom alot…

Swara gadodia : a sweet. . Innocent reserved grl.. who don’t talk to boys.
her thinking is talking to boys is crime… she is less talkative grl…1st year of GFGC .. fond of dancing (note :reserved girl but good at contemporary n all western dance is her passion n moreover her papa didn’t stop her dancing ).. swara speaking start with papa n ends with papa..
She never had freedom not even to take decision which relate to her life… but she never cared it… as her papa is her life she not want to hurt papa by saying no.. moreover she dependent on her papa..

Ragini malhotra : a modern girl.. 1st year of Gfgc.. good at singing.. loves lucky alot..

Laksh maheshwari : partner in crime of sanskar (here both sanlak age is same).. very naughty. . Loves ragini alot… raglak pair is quite famous in college…
Swara finished her schooling highschool n pu in girl school only… so she scares seeing boys.. but destiny made her join co ed for graduation that changes her life .. there she meet someone who change her..

Maheshwari family :
Sujatha maheshwari : mother of sanky and uttara.. widow of rp.. younger sis of dp… caring and sweet nature..

Dp : elder bro of sujatha. . A normal government employee. .. clashes with sanskar as dp think sankar wasting his time on playing cricket n singing. .. he taunt sanky always…. father of adarsh n laksh

Ap : wife of dp … mothr of Adarsh and lucky… kind hearted lady… treat sanky like her own son..

Adarsh maheshwari : bank manager.. treat sanky like his own brother.. he had 5yr old daughter named sanvi…

Parineetha maheshwari : sweet innocent girl who cares about all family members…
(Opposite character which now pari doing in Sr)

Sanvi : (starred by ruhanika dhawan) bubbly cutie n naughty girl… she is sanky pet doll..

Uttara maheshwari : (staring niti as uttara nandu of kyy)daughter of sujatha. . Sis of sanky .. studying in 1st year bcom in GFGC. .
Gadodia family :

Shekar gadodia : accountant in small firm.. father of adi n swara.. he is bit strict.. not show his love n care to swara.. from childhood made swara do all what he says (in simple sense made swara a doll who has no emotions)..his pride is his shona..

Sharmishta gadodia : mother of adi n swara.. housewife.. treat both child equally but her life is adi …

Adithya gadodia : (starringparth samanth as adi) swara elder bro… swara is his kiddo.. he is final year bbm in GFGC. . Want to change swara hobbit as she should have her own choice too .. tried alot to change her but Swara not changed

So the question is will swara change ?who will change her?
2. How will be flirty sanky n less talkative swara chemistry?

To know keep reading ff “my destiny changes when i met u”
Comment whether it is good or not..
criticism warmly welcome. .

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  5. It is Awsome dear… Loved it…. Plz continue…. Can’t wait any more…… ??????

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