my destiny changed when i met u (epi 8) (slap)


Hi guys i am back with another epi of my ff.. glad to see all of ur support keep liking my ff like this?

My destiny changed when i met u~~~~
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Precap : sanskar feelings

Link to previous epi?

Episode 7


Swara adi reach home.
Swara(worried) : bhai i feeling like something big gonna happen.
Adi(convince) : nothing will happen i am here na.. if matter about papa than i manage it.. u don’t worry…
Swara was not convinced.

Adi ask her to enter home he join her after parking bike. he goes to park bike that time he gets call.. it was sanskar.

sanky? adi did u reached home!!
Adi ? hmm sanky we reached bro.!! But wait y u suddenly started to ask if i reached or not!!
Sanky?wo don’t know y i feeling restless so asked.. ok bye c u tomorrow.
Adi ? bye
Adi feels his behaviour strange.

Swara enter home. She feels it is so silent.. like silence before thunder storm..

Swara facial expression changed from happy to worried she thinks today ur gone swara.. and moves to entrance. Before enter home she peek from entrance to see if her papa there or not and seeing noone in hall she enter murmering herself “thank u sooo much god.. it seems like papa is not in home.. u saved me from him..” she finds someone behind her gazing her she turns to find the person and shocked to see..

Papa….!! She managed to say with great difficulty. That was shekar who staring angerily swara. He was fuming in anger swara panics to see him like this.
“Swara .. where was u till now?? ” he shouted. This anger is not is not because she not inform them indeed swara informed her mom she going to party. But her mom hidden this as shekar not allow her to go to any party.. for him swara talking to boys r sin so he necer allowed her to talk boys.. then party where boys too there means he never in dream allows her to do so..

Swara was blank she don’t know what to reply her papa. She down her had and stand silent. Shekar again ask where was she? Swara was just numb not reply any answer. Seeing her silent his anger increased he shout ” is this time to come home? Where u roaming till now…!! Did u forgot u r a girl.. did u hear it a girl!! Girl not allow to step outside in our home after 6 u broken rule!! Alone girl is like treasure which may will lost in careless!! ”
his anger have no limits he not letting explain swara anything.. his blood was boiling in anger and patience get loosed.. shekar being short tempered he never thinked of what he doing!! “Aaahhhhh …. sounds only heared was swara scream who shivering in fear holding her left cheek. This slap let mark of fingers across swara face which now redish..

Swara looked at her papa then slowly touch her face.. how should she feel about it? She felt immense pain in her cheek. the whole world seems collapsed leaving only her .. time has been freezen there.. she had torn apart thats what it feels when her papa whom she love than anyone slapped her… sadness creeped in.. she felt dejected…. tears continuously rolling from her eyes. Sharmishta gave helpless look as she had no guts to stand infront his anger.

She leaves to her room no actually literally she ranned to her room. she wants to be lonely and be alone to come out of this trauma..

Adi who just entered home shaken to see scenario infront of him.. how can papa slap his kiddo.. enough he can’t tolerate it anymore his father this kind behaviour is making him disgusted. already shekar hurting her since chilhood he taken her granted made her world arounds himself.. adi frustrated on himself for not being there when shekar slapped his kiddo. He shout at shekar ” how dare u slap her dad??

Shekar and sharmishta to see adi shout.. it was first time adi shouting on anyone..

Sharmishta : is it was to talk to ur father adi behave urself.
Adi : i am behaving correct.. this person (showing index finger to shekar) not deserve respect at all..

Sharmishta stare at adi sing him to move.. adi gave unbelievable look and leaves..
@swara room

Swara deep pain in her heart she felt like whole world had come crashing down on her, and she collapsed to her knees broken.. adi heart ached to see his kiddo condition he runs to her and sit near her.

Adi (holding her face): ssshhhh mera bacha don’t cry.. i am here now i don’t let anyone to touch u…
Swara (sobbing)bhai… in broken voice

Sharmishta enter room.. sit near swara and ask forgiveness for not stopping shekar.. swara hugs her tightly so does adi.. sharmishta make swara sleep in great difficulty. Swara was murmering in sleep mumma pls don’t leave papa will bwat me again.. sharmishta hold her hand giving assurity she is near her and sleep near her. Adi leaves seeing swara asleep.

In morning Swara wake up her eyes are puffy as she cried too long.. she refresh herself and try to hide the pain. She gets ready to clg .. notices in mirror her face there is mark of slap… she remember night incident tear filled in eyes.. she wipes it and arrange hair in such a way that noone can see mark.. she acted to be normal.
@maheshwari house

Sanskar room

Sanskar waken up in jerk… he sweating so badly… what was that why do u i feeling like someone close to me in trouble..

@adi room

Swara goes to adi room and sees adi sitting in floor and sleeping keeping head on bed.. she felt sorry for him.. she shake him.

” bhai wake up we have to leave for college na…” said by smile actually faking smile.

Adi : ” shona no need to act u know u r such a bad actor…!
Swara: really ?? Now u see

She pick jug of water which was on table and goes near him.. adi stand on bed..

Adi : shona no
Swara : bhai i felt u said something now say..
Adi : shona my kiddo aisa nahi karthe bacha (not do like this)
Swa : then go and get ready fast only 10 min.
Adi : acha mera mata(folding his hands) i am going…

Swara laughed at her tactics but suddenly become silent remembering slap..

Screen flashes on swara face

Precap : sanskar is noticing swara silent.. ” swara what happen?? Then he sees mark in her face and fumes in anger


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  1. Rabia

    Poor swara i just hate shekhar type of ppl they deserve no respect ?

    1. Meghs

      Thanks? yup me too hate such people

      Keep supporting my ff like this?
      Keep reading and commenting

  2. Mica

    waaa.. shekar conservative type… hehehehe
    somehow, i love this kinda parent, since he thinking about their children, but somehow it’s wrong too..luv it meghs.. ty

    1. Meghs

      Thnks alot mica for ur regular comments

      I agree with u?

      Keep reading and commenting

  3. Awesome……. Continue soon……

    1. Meghs


      Sorry for inconvenience i post nxt by tonight pls read and comment.

      Keep reading and commenting

  4. Nice.. but this Shekhar !!! urghhhhhh how can he slap my Swara??? huhhhhhhh nonsence n cheap hippopotamus…??

    1. Meghs

      thanks? such people won’t care anyone feelings yaar…

      Cool.. keep reading and commenting

  5. Poor swara….i totally agree with rabia…..feeling bad fr swara……

    1. Meghs

      Even i agree..

      Keep commenting and reading

  6. Sammykapoor

    nice epi…after long time see ur ff ..update next part soon dear

    1. Meghs

      Thnks dear?

      So sry for posting lately.. i post nxt by tonight pls wait.. sry for late

      Keep reading and commenting

    1. Meghs

      Thank you ?

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    1. Meghs

      Thank you ?

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  7. AnuAnn

    Awesime dear

    1. Meghs

      Thank you ?

      Keep reading and commenting

  8. Arshaanya

    Uuurrggghhh this shekhar how can he slap her d girl who alwyz obyd him.. i hate dis type of people…
    I love ur ff bt plzz dun take so long nxt tym… continue soon

    1. Meghs

      Thank you ?

      Keep reading and commenting

    2. Meghs

      So sry my clg there i not get time so i late

  9. Vyshu10

    aww…feeling sad for swara. upload soon

    1. Meghs

      Thank you ?

      Keep reading and commenting
      I posted

  10. Super episode

    1. Meghs

      Thank you ?

      Keep reading and commenting

  11. Dharani


    1. Meghs

      Thank you ?

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  12. Swara

    U rocked it sis…poor swara..waiting for sanskars reaction… Post next part soon

    1. Meghs

      Thank you sis ?

      Keep reading and commenting

  13. Happy ganesh chaturthi… N episode was awesome

    1. Meghs

      Thank you ?

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