my destiny changed when i met u (epi 6) (beach party)


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Precap : swara to mingle well with sanskar and little awkward moment.

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Episode 5
While all other feel happy to go to party Swara was tensed.. Adi notices this.
Adi keep hand on swara shoulder says “shona r u ok?”
Swara : bhai i can’t attend party!!
Adi (shocked) : but y?
Swara (worried) : papa will not allow me!!
Adi (assure her) : shona at least this time u listen ur heart if u want to attend u come if not then don’t come..
Swara keep her hand on heart… her heart answers to attend it..
Swara? : bhai i decide i will too come
Adi(pats her hair) : that’s like my shona?

Uttara : what happening here.. if ur bro sis talk over can we go !
Adi (bows his head): ok baba come.
Swara chuckles.


Ragini : but where will we go to party?
Laksh : rago baby why to fear when i am here ? i have full plan. We go to beach. What about beach party nice naaa…!!
Ragini(surprised ) : lucky that’s superb plan.. i can’t believe u plan something like this.
Uttara : arre wah bhai u rocked.
Sanskar : ok guys lets go.
All leave…

Adi : me and shona will come on my bike. And rags on lucky.. uttara with sanskar .
All nods.
Sanskar : but simply moving to beach on bike is not so fun! Lets have race who will reach there first..!
All agrees except swara.
Swara : its too dangerous we should not ride bike fast then limit.
But all convince her to the ride.

All seated in bike..adi, sanskar and laksh put helmets.. swara sitted adi’s back keeping hand on his shoulder , uttara is back of sanskar holding him tightly , ragini sitted hugging lucky from backward..

Laksh : arre rago baby don’t hug me like this i will loose my control ?
Ragini : lucky (slightly hit him)

Ready gets set go ..
They moving bike to destination.. that too like professional racer… its like all r giving tough competition to each other… first adi second sanskar and third lucky next moment their position change.. adi and sanskar giving tough competition to eachothere where as lucky is busy in his romance.!

As they were near to beach sanskar, laksh and adi rise accelerator… this make swara panic.. she shiver in fear..? sanskar who notice this slow down his bike speed letting adi win… yup adi win race.. uttara only knew it is beacuse sanskar let him to win.

They park their bikes.
Laksh : this is first i think sanky loose.. as sanky never looses ..!
Sanskar : its ok lucky winning and loose is all part of game..
Uttara (whisper in sanskar ears): i know bhai u deliberately loose..
Sanskar : if i loose race making someone happy then i surely love to loose?
He brushes his hair in hand while saying so.

All move towards beach while they pass they see a small stall which is filled with many jars..which contains mango piece, gooseberry, cucumber piece, carrot piece, pineapple piece are dipped in salted water.. swaragini and uttara mouth filled with water seeing it. They rush to shop.

Ragini (to vendor): bhai give me one salted pineapple piece.
Uttara : for me salted mango piece.
Swara : i want salted gooseberry..!

Vendor gives them which they order. They eating it like small baby eating candy!!

Sanskar says himself “how cute she is she is like a kid?seeing swara.
Adi : I thought only shona is mad about salted things but ragini and uttara too unbelievable. Is all girls fav is it?
Uttara (who hear this): did u ever try this no naa once taste it u will also fell in love with it i am sure..
Adi : but i don’t like salted things yack! How can u guys eat salty dipped thing. It….. before he can say more uttara puts salted pineapple piece on his mouth..

Adi makes funny expression.! Where as uttara loughs holding stomach.. adi too make her eat salted mango piece .. while eating adi says “wow its not so bad like i thought!! Adi lovingly look at uttara..uttara too looks at him. Adira(adi + uttara) share eyelock… shayarana song play in back ground..

(Aaj dil shaayraana shayrana shayrana shayrana shayrana lagta hai
Aaj dil shaayraana shayrana shayrana shayrana shayrana lagta hai
Udta phire dil, utarna jaane na.
Aaj dil shayarana shairana shayrana shayrana shairana lagta hai)


Raglak is riding horse. Ragini seated front where as lucky seated on her back close to her riding horse. Ragini never ridden a horse before but lucky was very comfortable as he has experienced riding for years. It was an amazing experience to both. The views were amazing, they too round of beach on horse ride! Along with ride lucky never miss chance to romance he deliberately hug her!! His hand touch her waist .. ragini feel goosebumps on stomach in each touch!

(Shaayaron se lafz leke thode se udhaar
Bolna ye chahta hun dil se tumko yaar
Ho raha tha, ho gaya hai halka sa khumaar
Koi naa raha hai dil pe apne zor)

Rags says lucky what r u doing everyone seeing us ! Laksh hugs her tightly from back says “whoever wants to see let them see! All r jealous of our love…!”
“Lucky….. ragini said shying.

(Love me thoda aur
Let me tell you tonight
When the stars are shining bright
Love me thoda aur!
Just take my hand in your hand
And then don’t you let it go
Love me thoda aur!
All I need is the time
When I promise that you’ll be mine*
Love me thoda aur!)


Everyone comes near park in beach.. except sanskar!
Adi : where is sanky?

They hear someone singing song yaron dosti …

Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindagi hai

Koi to ho raazdaar
Begaraj tera ho yaar
Koi to ho raazdaar

Sanskar is shown singing .. he comes near them singing.

Yaaron mohabbat hi to bandagi hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir bolo yeh zindagi hai

He hugs adi sings

Koi to dilbar ho yaar
Jisko tujhse ho Pyaar(looking at swara)
Koi to dilbar ho yaar

He point towards ragini and sings
Teri har ke buraai pe daante woh dost
Gam ki ho dhoop to saaya bane tera woh dost.

He sings seeing swara.
Naache bhi woh teri khushi main

He dances while singing.
aree Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindagi hai
Koi to ho raazdaar
Begaraj tera ho yaar
Koi to ho raazdaar


Swara smiles. She never thought he can sing so well.. she fall in love with his voice!!! (Only as fan not love guys she still scary swara only)

Adi : sanky ur sng made this party more special.
Swara : sanku u sing well!! So amazing it is..!
Uttarag (together)”sanku…. in funny manner.
Sanskar stare angrily at them. Uttara scared of his anger changes topic.

Uttara : sanskar bhai come lets play one game naa.. btw which game we play?
Swara : water balloon toss!
Adi : its game of kids!
Swara : bhai its best game to play in beach bhai.. pls we play it *making puppy face.
Adi can’t say no to her so he agrees.

Swara explain the game. First fill water in balloons place it on big bucket. Split players into teams of two. So there will be 3 team. Form two straight lines of players, with teammates facing each other. Have each player take one large step back from his teammate. players should toss the balloon to their teammates. The opposite player must catch the balloon and prevent it from popping. Both players should take one step backward after each successful toss. Continue this routine until every team has popped their balloons. The last team with an intact balloon wins.

Team divided like. Sanskar and swara one team.. ragini and laksh other.. adi and uttara next..

Sanskar, adi,laksh stand one row while opposite row swara, uttara, ragini.

They tossing ball to each other. Swara and sanskar toss ball. And move step aback. When adi and uttara passing balloon it pops. Uttara become wet with its water. She make funny face. “Can’t u catch one ball properly… “said Adi. They loose game.

Lucky throws ball to ragini.. ragini catches it.. swasan and raglak continue playing.. each successful catch they take one step backward too … swara toss ball to sanskar he catches it.. they take one step backward. One another hand lucky who passing ball winks at ragini while ragini get distracted to game.. the balloon pops making her wet. This is enough to make her anger she runs behind lucky… they run near beach waves.

Then they both play in waves. Uttara and swara too play in waves like when wave come they run backwards when wave goes they come all enjoying waves…swara takes little water in hand splash to uttara.. uttara too splash water on swara both are playing with water as kid.. adi smile to see change in swara as swara is no more that scared girl she started to express herself too..

swara enjoying her first ever outing.. her lips curved a smile. It has smile of satisfaction smile of hope to enjoying !!

Then all sit together enjoy view of sunset.. screen flashes on sunset view.


Precap : shekar to slap swara.


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