my destiny changed when i met u (epi 5)


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Precap : swara be frnd with sanskar and all..
Episode 4


Swara walking here and there outside Adi room..
“should i ask bhai..! No no what he must think about me..! Her thoughts disturb when adi calls her “shona…..
he ask swara to come inside his room..

Adi : what happen shona..!! Did u need something from me..
Swara (bows her head look at ground): bhai u know him?
Adi : I know whom?

Adi observe her and knows he talking about sanskar but he wanted to tease her so act if he don’t know what she talking..

Swara (looking down) : wo sanskar
Adi smiles seeing her acts.. he thinks to tease her..

“Kiddo u thinking so much about him.. akir baat kya hain ? Adi said winking at her..

Swara looks shock to hear his statement she immediately says “kuch vi bhai.. nothing like that..! I just asking casually..!”
She little blushing while saying this…!!

Adi start narrating about sanskar.. ya i know him.. we both are childhood friends..
I know him since i was 5..! Till first standard we studied together one class one bench..! Even his bro lucky was too.. we trio were best buddies so does in college.. but during graduation i opted bbm where they both opted bcom… but still we spent time together whenever we get time.. u know uttara na she is sanskar sis.. she joined our group during college .. and ragini is chatter box she was too friendly during she in college we were first year graduate that time that time we became frnds.. she is good at heart and raglak r couple of college they both love each other since 2 years… this is our gang history.. now u too one of our member.. sanky is good u don’t have to fear him nor u have to fear lucky.

His words made swara happy to have such nice frnds.. her fear to talk boys become less as sanskar is not strange to her anymore..!!


Days passes.. in one week they all become best friends forever.. swara fear to talk boys is also little reduce.. she talk with lucky too but limited talks.. her bond with sanskar was undesirable they were like known from years.. swara talk with sanskar freely..

After one week
♤gfgc college

Swara studying sitting on bench of garden in front of college.. sanskar comes from behind

Sanskar : bow…!!
Swara (scared)”aaaahhh …. (turns and sees sanskar there) u idiot u stupid. How dare u to scare me haa ..! I kill u… starts to throw things which she get..
Sanskar (holds her hands)”sorry sweet heart!! galti hogayi forgive naa……”
Sanskar pout his face which make swara heart melt..

Sanskar sit near swara in bench.. he takes something from pocket its ross.. yellow ross..

“Love is not an imagine
Friendship is not an acting
Both are beautiful feelings
True friendship and true love never die..”
Wish u happy friendship day swara.. yellow ross indicate friendship and this in memory of our friendship saying this he gives her yellow rose..

Swara was dumb don’t know how to react.. she have tears in eyes its tear of happiness.. she wipes it .. ” happy friendship day ?( she think to tease him) sanku?….. ”

Sanskar “what the… its sanskar nog sanku? u can even call me sanky but sansku Yuck ? its Sounds as if i am kid.. ”

“for me u r my sanku.. awweee mera sweet sanku bacha..!? how cute naa said swara pinching his both cheeks and started to run..

Sanskar too runs behind her..
“Swara u r gone i won’t leave u……”

Swara leg slips she about to fall a strong hand holds her.. yes its sanskar..
(Bolna song plays)

Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Hmm… aa…

Sanskar swara share eyelock.. swara face cover with hair sanskar helps her in moving hair.. swara still in his arms both lost in each other eyes.. one voice from backward disturb them bringing both to reality.. its their gang laksh rags adi n uttara.. they not notice it but uttara saw everything..


Uttara herself i know something fishy between them but sanskar bhai is too fast ..!
Adi sees her murmuring
Adi “pata tha u will become made one day par seriously i don’t know u become mad so soon….”
Uttara gets angry.. “what did u say… ! I am mad haa.. pagal mein nahi tum ho idiot.. how dare u to call me mad u akdoo !!

“You…both said together showing index figer to each other..
World war 3 start.. raglak stops them
Rag “guys don’t fight its friendship day at least for today can’t u guys stay calm …”
Adira stop their fight..

Laksh tries to talk with ragini but she not talking..
“Rago my baby r u still mad at me..!i promise i wont repeat it..pls talk to me naa….. ” said lucky..
uttara notices this “what happen love birds ..!!
Rag : ask ur lucky bhai he flirting with girl that too in front of me..
Lak : wo i just trying to help her in finding library nothing else….
Uttara and rags give him oh really look.
Adi : library and u lucky r u serious..!
Lucky gives him i kill u wala look.. he holds ragini hands..

Lucky ” comeon haan i know ur still angry at me.. but pls don’t be like this..(make puppy face)
Rag “i forgive u but next time don’t repeat this ok..”

“I promise i won’t repeat it baby… love u rago..”
“Love u too….. ”
Raglak hug each other..

Adi and utt look at each other..
Utt : lucky bhai plz don’t romance in public…
Ragini embrassed.. but lucky don’t leave her “if u have problem close ur eyes naa.. y u disturbing us he naa baby …”winks at ragini..
Ragini hits him slightly..
All four move towards swasan..


sanskar make her stand properly.. both have awkward moment she says thanks..

All 4 together shouts “HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY”

Swautt hug each other and wish.. swaragini to wish each other..
Adi hugs sanskar wishes..
Then they have group hug..

Lucky : guys party time..
Ragini : haa party tho banti hai..

Swasan look at each other awkwardly.. screen flashes on swasan..

Precap : friendship day celebrations on full swing..


Hi guys.. meghs here.. i wish u all happy frndship day…

Next epi will be friendship day spcl epi…

Hope u liked this epi.. if u enjoyed do comment..

Pls comment.. whether good

Criticism heartly welcome ?

Once again i wish u all happy friendship day..

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    1. Meghs

      Thnks kiddo?? glad u liked it love starting i don’t thinkso they only friend for now? u like parth here as adi naa ? imagine parth saying it.. adiwara bond was special. . If u waiting so keenly to shekar i post him in nxt part ok? just kidding

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  10. […] Episode 5 ~~~~~~~~~~ While all other feel happy to go to party Swara was tensed.. Adi notices this. Adi keep hand on swara shoulder says “shona r u ok?” Swara : bhai i can’t attend party!! Adi (shocked) : but y? Swara (worried) : papa will not allow me!! Adi (assure her) : shona at least this time u listen ur heart if u want to attend u come if not then don’t come.. Swara keep her hand on heart… her heart answers to attend it.. Swara? : bhai i decide i will too come Adi(pats her hair) : that’s like my shona? […]

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