my destiny changed when i met u (epi 4)(friends )


Hi guys.. how r u all.. meghs is back with another epi.. hope u enjoy it..
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Sanskar still sitting in kneels waiting for swara reply.. he have cute smile on his face?

~~Swara’s Pov

“What just happened? ? Am i dreaming.. most handsome of college is sitting on kneel infront of me.. for just sake of my friendship..! Whether i should be happy or sad..! I really can’t understand my feelings now..

Na Gham Hai
Na Hai Ehsaas Khushi Ka

i think he is crazy who else will propose that to for friendship.. what should i reply.. should i say yes..?
(Think about papa) No no.. papa said boy misuse girls innocence…!but…….!

I feel he is not bad..!”

seeing sanskar shaking legs due to pain in kneel..

” oh god he is really crazy.. he getting pain in kneel but still smiling like idiot.. byt i don’t know y my heart feels pain seeing him struggle.. he looks so cute like a baby asking for chocolate he asking friendship..! I don’t know whether i doing right or wrong.. i think its only correct now….”

I smiled at him slightly and nod my head yes.. i only know how difficult it was for me to take this decision.. being a girl never talking to boys i made a boy as my friend…!! But i just don’t want to hurt his feelings nor i don’t want to loose his friendship . Strange but somewhere in my heart i am feeling inexpressible happiness…

I saw him jumping in happiness as if he got treasure… his happiness has no bonds so does with me..

Thus we become friends me and ………. ??oh god i didn’t know his name even.. !! Who make friend without knowing name.. How stupid i am !!

I wanted to ask his name but how can i ask him ?? What he might think …. all my thoughts interapted by voice calling sanskar bhai….

“SANSKAR nice name.. Sanskar is my first ever friend in boy.. !!

Swara pov ends~~~

Ragini and laksh too seeing this..

Rag : how cute..! Kuch sikho lucky aapne bhai se (learn something from ur bro)
Lak : oh really u want me to do like this na..
hold her by waist bringing closely to him

“Teri Har Ada Mohabbat Si Lagti Hain
Ek Pal Ki Bhi Judai Muddat Si Lagti Hain
Pehle Nahi Soocha Tha
Aab Soochne Lage Hain
Jindgi Me Har Pal Teri Jarroorat Si Lagti Hain… ”

(Your every look is like love
One minute separate is not bearable to me..
I did not know before
But now i thought
In life every moment i need u)

Ragini blushes by listening this..

Rag : lucky leave me.. everyone is looking at us …!!
Lak : let them look baby.. don’t forget we r official couple of college.. i think they r getting jealous…!
Rag : (make fake anger face) lucky !

Laksh leaves her..

Laksh : ok come lets go *make puppy face*
Both moves towards swasan

Uttara is so happy she twirls around holding adi… Adi mesmerised to see her… !
(Bolna humming tune plays)

Uttara (think) so i am right there is something in bhai heart towards her..

Sanskar smiling brushing his hair on hand…

Swara seeing Adi get scared.. she thinks oh no what bhai think about me.. what if he scold me for making boy as friend. .!!
Adi understand her fear hugs her assuring he not care .. say her “kiddo boys and girls can be frnds… !

Swara smiles hearing Adi words..

Sanskar : so swara.. welcome to sanskar gang… !!

Listening word gang.. her heart beat fast .. his gang means boys oh no…!!

Raglak come there..
Ragini hugs her…

Ragini : swara sanskar gang means we all.. me lucky adi bhai and uttu… now u too welcome to our gang..

Swara smiles…

Laksh fowards his hand..

“So from now onwards

Rag :(keeping her hand on his) we are

Sanskar Uttara adi swara together says “FRIENDS ”

All keep hand on lucky hand..


precap : swara calls sanskar as sanku..
Sanskar says its sanku not sanskar..
But swara goes on calling sanku sanku sanku… !


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Share ur views..

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  1. Khushiii

    Awesome loved it continue soon

    1. Meghs


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  2. Vyshu10

    nice….waiting for swara to call sanskar sanku

    1. Meghs

      Keep reading

      Nxt part will be after 2 days sry…

  3. SNY

    Rly awsm..!! Nxt update asap dr..

    1. Meghs


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      Nxt part after 2 days sry

    1. Meghs


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  4. Dharani


    1. Meghs


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  5. Piyali

    good epi dii……swara is damn cute and so is laksh……………sanskar , sooo sweet of him but still swara is my favourite here…………..sanku……………those lines by laksh were really beautiful…………your own write up………???? do tell………AdiRa are nice………..waiting for sanku and swara’s next episode…….awesome poster……….love you…… happy……..

    1. Meghs

      Thanks alot kiddo?ur comments made my day

      Swara is even my fav ?here. Sanku is sweet naa..

      Nxt epi will be posted tmrw.. pls wait

      Keep reading…

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