my destiny changed when i met u (epi 3)

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Episode 2

Recap :sanskar promise adi he will change swara..


Swara reached home smilingly. Sharmishta is happy seeing swara too happy… Swara twirls her..

“mumma co-educational college is not so bad as i thought.. u know what even manisha,chaithra,deesha,all my grls clg frnds are here.. i made new frnds ragini and uttara .. uttara in short time become my best friend..”
She said in one breath..

“Oh god i don’t believe this .. this girl who less talkative to world is talking so much.. no one knows swara this side”
Sumi thinking keeping her hand on head..

“Mumma u know i …… swara talks interrupted by someone voice shouting shona….

“Shona what is this did u forget ur manners??how loud you are talking don’t forget u r girl..!!girl voice should be in control.. !!and what happen to your phone i called u 20 times but u didn’t picked it..! “shekar shouting.. ( your guess is correct shekar is strict father )

Swara just became dumb.. the girl who is happy before is now completely blank..
She able to say “papa phone is on silent i didn’t notice call… ”

Shekar gets more angry hearing it..
“What silent??i told u always when u pass college campus u should on volume.. u never listen naa….”

“Sry papa.. i don’t repeat this….” this words only managed to speak by swara.. she runs to her room…. she cries remembering her papa words..

Adi who just came back home gets angry on his papa .. before he can say anything Sumi holds his hand and nodes no..


Uttara who noticed sanskar smiling towards swara is teasing sanskar..

Uttara says “Sanskar bhai she is so cute naa?
Sanskar smiles brushes his hairs in hand “yeah cute lovely princess ☺☺”

Uttara smirks.. sanskar realises uttara is teasing him?.. he rans behind her”uttu ki bachi i won’t leave u……”

While running sanskar accidentally hit on dp… who in opposite stare angrily at him.. sanskar is shocked to see dp..

“Sanskar just look at u.. are u kid to play… u never change naa… always playing don’t forget u r grown now…. ” saying this dp leaves giving disgusting look..


Night passed giving a way to morning..

Shekar as usual drop swara at college..

@gfgc college

Sanskar says” mission swara on action…”
“But what’s the plan?? asked adi and uttara together.. Adira (adi+uttara)have eyelock..

Sanskar moves from there and goes to swara… he kneel down in front of her.. whole clg is looking at them.. swara feels nervous and panics…

“Oh god what he is doing? ?sawara thinks

Adi and uttara too sees this..
“What the hell is sanskar trying to do?”
Adi says angrily..

Uttara blink her eyes seeing scenario sanskar on kneel..

Sanskar holds swara hand.. swara is just blank nothing come to her mind
Sanskar says
“I need someone who cares me.. i need someone with whom i share my happy and sorrow moments.. i need someone who support me everytime.. will u be my
… will u be my friend ”

Swara is shocked to hear it.. rather than shock of being sanskar kneel down.. she shocked of his last sentence.. will u be frnd ??what was that she thinks..

*uttara faints.. adi sprinkle water on her face.. slowly touching face “uttara wake up.. wake up. .”

Uttara woke up in jerk.. she give unbelievable look says
“I think bhai gone mad.. he just proposed swara asking her to be frnd!! Seriously..

“I knew sanskar will endup like this..” said Adi

Screen flashes on swara shocked face..


Precap : swara reply to sanskar proposal


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      Hahaha propsal can’t be soon na first frnds.. dp and shekar pov i give soon don’t worry they r not so bad but their rude behaviour impact swasan badly.

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