my destiny changed when i met u (epi 2)

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Precap : swara is scared to see boys in college..

Swara is sitting blankly not react anything.. Adi sees her state and goes to her and consoles her..
Adi says sshh… mera bacha . ur bhai is with u naa … Everything we do and everyone we meet is for some purpose… we didnot meet them by accident;be strong don’t be afraid try to solve this problem by brave.. This world is not so good it will misuse ur innocence… Adi makes her sit in bench and says if u have any problem just inform me ok.. now no more tension… ok now give million dollar smile… swara smiles.. Adi too smiles and leaves..

Swara as obedient student sits in front bench… that time a girl enters a class.. she is wearing black jeans with light green coloured top. . She is looking stunning .. she is none otherthan Ragini.. Ragini sees swara and looks her worried face and thinks she worried as its first day…

Ragini goes to Swara & smiles. .
Ragini : hey??
Swara just look at her… she too smiles ..
oh sry i forgot to introduce myself… I am Ragini.. Ragini Malhotra… saying this Ragini gaves handshake to Swara… u seems to be worried so let me tell u one thing if u scared of seniors and ragging then ur problems solved as noone here dares to ragging Ragini frnds… i am quite famous here i am old student of this college.. ok from now on we r frnds (saying this she hugs swara)..
She started talking without giving chance to swara speak.. Ragini speakes all her experience in clg all in one brearh… swara thinks how much she talks..
By the way u didn’t tell me whats ur name still… swara smiles and says if u allow me talk then i speak naa…. Ragini smiles and says oops sry dear.. i really talk to much … chatterbox is my another mame …Swara forgot all her worries as she involved in Ragini talking .. Ragini again ask swara name…
Ragini : ok i wont finish my talk soon but u tell ur name
Swara smiles: swara
Ragini : Swara nice name.. well nice to meet u..

Ragini is not first bencher so she moves towards her favourite last bench seat..

Now in class all strted coming… allmost all r boys… seeing boys Swara panics ..She glance whole class once its 75%is boys.. she started to panic but her adi bhai words come in her mind “u have to be strong swara to face this World be strong”.. this gave her strength..

Suddenly a group of girls enters a class and shouts swara… swara looks at them and smiles… they r all her classmates.. they were in her pu college… They seems to be shocked and surprised to see a girl who scared to talk to a boy in co ed.. They never thought she join co education college.. they greets her… Swara smiles seeing them… now her all worry went away as this college is not unknown to her anymore some faces here r familiar to her..


Sanskar is sitting in cateen with his gang.. He thinks about swara and says himself that girl is so weird … but she is beautiful princess … a smile curve on his lips.. he looks at Adi who is lost in somewhere.. Sanskar throws a small water bottle on him… says oi adi where u lost … adi looks at sanskar and says yaar u know my sis is so scared of boys i just worried how she may now in class… sanskar surprised to here in 21st century any girl can be scare of boys ..

Adi further explain swara all her education was on girls school only and how papa made swara a pet who only obedient everyone not take herself decision and all… Sanskar is shocked to listen this.. he now understand why she is behaving wierd… he ask asi not to worry i will change swara… and its a promise.. adi know sanskar if promised something he will surely do it.. he thanks sanskar … sanskar says in frndship no sorry no thank u… adi smiles…

Sanskar says i have one happy news for u.. Uttara is also in 1st year She may help us in changing Swara.. Adi smiles and says it means uttara is also in same class of Swara now i not need to worry…

A girl is shown walking on corridor… she is wearing salwar.. her dupatta is flying so her face is not seen clearly… slowly camera focus on her… its none other than Uttara (nandini of kyy).. she moves towards cateen to meet Sanskar.. Sanskar sees her and waves his hand asking her to come to him… Uttara goes near to him… Adi seeing Uttara losts somewhere.. he says himself how pretty..

Sanskar explain Uttara about Swara and ask her to help in changing her… Uttara smiles and says why to fear When i am here bhai.. Ok i manage Swara..

Sanskar moves his hand forward and says so lets begin mission Swara.. Uttara and adi keep their hands on sanskar hands…


Uttara enters class and started looking Swara…. She not seen Swara so she is confused who might be Swara… then she sees a girl worried face understand she is Swara… Uttara sits near her and gave her intro… Swara replies her all questions. .. they both mingle well… soon classes begin .. as its first day class leave before afternoon..

Uttara and Swara becomes good friends in short time … Uttara smiles and says so inname of our friendship lets have party.. Swara smiles… both leaves for cateen.. Adi sees Swara talking without any fear with Uttara he feels relive seeing Swara…

Screen flashes on Swara smiling face..

Precap : Sanskar says adi mission Swara begins…


Hey guys … how it is… did u liking Swara new role.. whether good or bad do comment. ..

Take care


  1. AnuAnn


    |Registered Member

    Awesome dear.. I loved this swara BT hope in future episodes she will be more brave and courageous.. And dear I loved your previous dp .. Dhani looks awesome in that yellow churidar

  2. Piyali


    |Registered Member

    wow dii……….such a wonderful update , do i need to tell how much i liked swaragini scenes…even uttara and swara scenes were beautiful….adi and sanskar are friends……??? then thats goooooooooooood……………….sanskar on a mission , i am excited , loved swara…..she is soooooooooo cute in this ff , well just like my parth samthan in behna dii…………………………adi loves uttara right…..well let me think of a name for them…………ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm how about UTTRADI , i am really bad at thinking names so you only tell…………waiting eagerly for next……… you dii……….be happy……….

    • Meghs



      Thank u so much kiddo for ur compliment. .. u notices small to small part well.. yup i forget to mention adi and sanskar are best friends. .. u just made parth my bro naa.. but uttaradi is not bad… but i thought something else adira how is it…

      I will post nxt part soon… love u.. tacke care

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  4. Vidhi

    O no I missed this episode dear… Bt no ways it was awesome dear…. 😍😍😘😘😍loved it.. N sorry for late comment

    • Meghs



      Its ok vidhi u atleast commented😊so happy.. glad u liked it😊

      Nxt part also updated if u want can read it

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