my destiny changed when i met u (epi 12) (why she hate love)


Hi dears I’m back. Sorry for super late update. It has been more than 2 month. I hope u still remember this story. I was very busy with college stuffs. I know some lost interest in my story too. But I’m really thankful those who comment regularly and silent readers too. I will try my best from now on to update regular atleast update for week.

This epi dedicated to Dharani and Divyanshri.

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Episode 11
* Sanskar’s pov *

I woken up in morning, but still in hangover of yesterday traditional day. I was blank when swara said she hate love. Why she hate love ? Strong question pop in my mind. But I have no guts to ask her.

I am sure there might be big reason behind it. I will find it and make swara belief in love then only I can confess my feelings.

“Swara now I will see how u won’t fall for me. But before that I should gain her trust. I will wait lifelong to gain ur trust and u swara. ”

* Sanskar Pov end *

* Swara’s pov *

I was really freaking out. I was about blurt Sanskar about Ashu di. No it can’t be. I can’t talk about her to him nor anyone. It does not mean I don’t trust him of course I do. But I was prohibited to talk about her. I want to get over this.

* Swara pov end *

Like days passed Swara and Sanskar friendship getting more and more stronger. But Swara still fearing what if she falls in love. She don’t want her and Sanskar more than friends.

Sanskar slowly understand about her fear for love. So he not cross his limit of friendship. He thinks to give her some times to understand her true feelings on him.

Mystry behind her hate to love is still unrevealed.

One month passed like this with swasan friendship. Swara trust now Sanskar more than anyone. She not talk to any boys except Sanskar, Adi and sometimes laksh too. This makes others think Swara and Sanskar are more than friends.

In college everyone thought them as couples. Swara and Sanskar knew that. But they don’t take it seriously.

Swara and Sanskar bond got strong day by day. They start to depending on each other. Sanskar life lie on her and vice versa. But still Swara hate love and don’t want her pure friendship to spoil because of love.

* Swara pov *

I was sitting in by bed holding my pillow thinking about how my life changed. How shy girl become talkative and naughty girl now. It was all because of Sanskar.

He changed me. My destiny changed when I met him. First day of college I was damn scared of boys. But next day everything changed, when me and Sanskar become friends.

I can’t describe my reaction when he proposed for friendship. Seriously the guy just proposed just for sake of my friendship. Everything seems good after that. Now we are bff. That matters to me alot. My thinking interrupted by phone call. Uffo who will call me at this time.

I saw caller id as unknown no. Wait this time who call me. Common it’s 9 p.m. Dad will kill me if he get to know this. He is pretty serious about my phon calls and made sure to me that I can’t take call after 6. I know it sounds weird. But I don’t disobey him.

Now calm down and pick up the call.

I calmly said “hello..”

“hey beauty!!” Someone replied.

Huh? How dare he? How can someone call so. I literally pissed off it. But wait I think I heard those voice before. It was so familiar tune.

“Excuse me. May I know who is this?” I asked biting my lower lip in nervous. Who the hell was that is gonna die by my hands.

“Your lover?” he replied.

That’s it. Now it’s too much. Breath in and breath out. I took deep breath and all ready to scold him. How dare to say that word lover it really annoying. How much I hate love I also hate that word lover. Word which can I never tolerate.

“Your crazy lover who fallen for your innocent face who can do anything for your one smile.” He said withchuckling!!

Now I’m damn sure who is the owner of this voice. Those words is surely of this idiot Sanskar’s. He is really crazy. Wait how did he got my number. I sighed it was him. Really crazy! I was scared to death. I will not leave him for this stupid joke.

“Sankar stop your bullshit.” I said sternly.

“How did you get to know its me?” He replied confusingly.

“Idiot! I can recognise your voice.”

“Not bad Swara. In some days you familiar with my voice. I must say I’m impressed.”

“Shut up Sanky. Don’t flirt with me. Now say why you called me?? Wait a minute where did you got my number?”

I really not have any problem with flirting unless it’s Sanskar. I know he will never cross his limits. I can trust him. But wait how did he got my number.

“I have my own source Swara. I was getting bored so thought to timepass with you.”

His source!! Damn it Swara. You forget your Adi bro. He is childhood friend Sanskar. But did he say I’m just timepass to him. How dare him to say me time pass, he gonna regret it.

“So Sanskar I’m just a timepass for you. Ok fine bye, not talk to me.” I said with pout.

“Hey Swara I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. You’re not a timepass, you’re my best friend. Can’t I call my bff whenever I need her. ” he stuttered.

“You can call me anytime idiot.”

He is really idiot. Of course he can call whenever he want. I don’t care what anyone think about our relation. He means everything to me. He was my first male friend. Don’t take me wrong but I can never love him. As I hate love, it spoils relationships. I’m ok with him as friend. I really like him but as friend.

We talked until I realised it was past 10. We talked for hours. With him I never realise time.

“Good night Sanky.”

Saying it I hang up the call. And soon I drifted into sleep.

Today is Sunday. I felt boring being in home watching tv. So I decided to go out. But dad!! will he give permission! I asked Adi bro help.

He dropped me to park and said he will be back in hour. I walking when suddenly a cute girl of 4 bumped with me. But before that girl can fall I holds her.

“Are you ok?” I asked checking whether she got any injuries.

“I’m ok. T- Thank you di.” She said with smile.

I felt some strong connection with her. I wanted to know about her or about everything related her.

“Your welcome dear. What’s your name Sweetie.” I asked my sweet angel.

“Sanvi.” She replied with smile showing her cute dimple near her cheek. Wow she is cutie pie. Sanvi the name made my lips crept a smile. I didn’t know how come that kid attracted to me.

“Sanvi is most pretty name I ever heard and you’re cutie pie.”

Sanvi smiled.

“So cutie why are you alone?” I asked her.

Her face become pale listening me.

“I don’t know where’s my Mumma.” She replied with weak smile.

“Don’t worry kiddo! I will help you in finding your Mumma.”

She hugged me happily. I hugged her back. I gave her choclate and adored seeing the way Sanvi eating it, by licking her figures. In short time she become close to me.

“Sweetie come with me. May be your mom searching for u.”

I started looking everwhere, each corner of park to find Sanvi mother, but no clue. After searching for an hour, we sat on bench near pond.

“I’m hungry.” My angel said holding her stomach..

“What to do u want?” I ask. She paused to think, after a moment her face brightened.

“Ice-cream” pointing to an ice-cream stall in the corner of road. I bought it for her.

“Here u go princess.” Said giving Ice cream to her. She liked ice cream very much.

Before I can ask she want anything else, a women come running and hugged Sanvi. A smile crept my face seeing their reunion.

“Sanu baby are u ok.” She asked cupping her face with concern filled tone. Something stuck my mind I found voice similar I shrug the thought. My heart beating so fast as if it skip from chest any moment. She then pulled Sanvi out of hug and checked if she fine or not. She sigh relief after seeing no injuries on her, she perfectly fine. I heard her sobbing voice.

“Baby don’t ever leave like that. Do u know how worried I was.” Sanvi shook her head and embraced her mom tightly.

Her words made me remember something. Tears strolled from my eyes, recollecting sweet memories with Ashu di. We both shared mom and daughter relationship. She always treated me kid although she just 5 years elder than me.

*Swara pov end*

Swara raised her eyes and oberved clearly her face, She was shocked to see Parineetha. She curses her destiny which made her meet the face one she never wanted to see on her life. She stared her with lots of emotions anger, sad, and hurt on h face.

Swara stand frozen. Her anger raised to its peek. It is shown as Parineeta. Pari sees Swara, she control the tears brimming from her eyes. She emotionally looked at Swara. Tears escaped Swara eyes seeing this, but she composes herself maintain cold face. But she is vulnerable.

“Thank u shona for taking care of my daughter.” Pari said thanks for looking after Sanvi. Swara realise why Sanvi became close to her in a short time.

“There’s no need to thank me Mrs. Maheshwari. If any other kid in her place too I do same thing. It’s strange actually you just stayed a hour without ur daughter, but look ur condition. It was pathetic. Did u have any idea what dad felt when he lost his elder daughter. He has made his heart stone after that day.” Said Swara sarcastically.

Tears fall from Swara eyes. She abruptly wipes it.

Pari : Swara u never realise why done it?

Swara : I even don’t need to realise it

Pari : I done this because I loved him so much.

Swara : oh really? 20 days love overcomes 20 year love of parents. If this was love I swear I never ever fall in love. I won’t do anything which hurt dad unlike u.

Pari : you can’t hold it Swara. Love happens without even you realising. By looking at ur eyes I can say u already fallen in love Swara. You love someone.

Swara shook her head vigorously. And shriek “no Swara will never love.”

Swara turnaround her face. She about to leave, but a small hand hold her wrist. Swara looked at small princess who looking at her in confusion. What’s her mistake she shouldn’t be punished for her mom mistakes. Swara smile politely. She kneeled down and embrace her. She gave peck on her forehead.

She then walk from there. A cold breeze touched her face, she shut her eyes while tears flowed down her cheek. She sees Adi there waiting for her. She runs to him and clasped Adi.

Adi : sshh kiddo. What’s wrong? Why u crying?

Swara(said weekly) : bhai…

Adi sees Pari there. He too shocked but his reaction was different from hers. He never hated Pari after what she done. He knew every coin has 2 face so there might be big reason behind her drastic step. He was about walk to her, but Swara stop him holding his hand.

“Bhai come let’s go”.

They leave from there. Swara while going turn back and see Pari emotionally before leave.

Precap :

Swara falls on Sanskar and her locket stuck on Sanskar shirt button. Adi sees them in awkward situation.


I guess u may have so many confusion right now. I will answer ur all doubts. What pari done will reveal later. Everything has reason. Swara hate love reason is justified or not?

Take care.

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