my destiny changed when i met u (epi 10)

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Recap : some swasan moments.

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Episode 9


Uttara seen walking from on corridor waiting for Swara… she murmurs herself “ufff ye swara she said she come soon it has been past one hour where was she ?

Adi smiles seeing her murmuring.

“don’t talk alone… else all may get to know ur mad…” adi said walking towrds her.

“What did u say Akdoo ? Pagal mein nahi tum ho” (i am not mad ur mad) said uttara turning towards adi and blink her eyes seeing scenario.

“Yeh laksh bhai start anywhere !!” Uttara said looking adi who already seeing towards raglak. They both walk towrds them.

Raglak seems not effect on that.. both are busy in their world? ragini is in arms of laksh.. Lucky holding ragini hand and starring her lovely… he tackle her hair.. both were lost in each other eyes.

“Aham aham guys its clg pls don’t romance publicly at least… ” said adi teasingly.

Raglak composes themselves seeing adira(adi+uttara)

Uttara : “Ha laksh bhai… atleast not before kid like us”
Lucky:(looks here and there) “Kid who?
Uttara : “Me who else?
Lucky : U and kid what a bad joke.
Uttara: (pout her face) bhai
Adi : lucky let it seem to be hard to someone to accept fact she nomore kid.
Lucky gives hifi tooo him
Uttara : adi?

Rag : guys stop ur fights now! Lucky did u saw noticeboard?
Lucky : rago baby are u Serious? Did u ever see me going noticeboard anytime?u know na i am not have going towrds noticeboard…

Adira chuckle hearing it.

Uttara : ragu u meant about notice about tomorrow traditional day!!
Rag : yes u saw notice!! What u decide to tomorrow performance
Lucky : performance for what?
Adi : lucky this is y i always suggest to go to notice board !!
Rag : lucky this time traditional day is quite changed one and unique. We have dress code and theme we have to act according it!!
Lucky : dress code?
Rag : girls has to wear lehenga and boys in shervani…. i mean seriously they made weird things u know theme is marriage!!

“What its impossible ” said together swasan going towrds them.

Uttara :(in one breath ) swara where was u? I was waiting for u since hour… i was scared ur fine naa…
Swara : uttu calm down this much questions at a time.. let me take breath..
Sanskar : ha uttu if u let her speak only she can say na.
Uttara : what do u mean by that .. u mean i am talkative?
Ragini : no baba no one can take that title from me ..

Swara and sanskar sneeze at a time… both look each other remember few minutes back their moment spend in rain. Both pass smile.

Adi gets call at time and goes to attend it.

Uttara : oi hoi kya chal raha?
(What’s happening here?) U both come together ?
Sanskar : uttu kuch vi… don’t say anything yaar..
Uttara : (winking) r u sure bhai there is nothing?
Sanskar : uttu ki bachi i won’t leave u…

Sanskar run behind uttara and hold her ear saying “ur becoming naughty by day day”.

“U both sure na ur only friends ” said lucky. Swara shocked to hear it but all other giggle. Sanskar says he is joking not to take it seriously.. but still swara not convinced.

She makes worried face. No matter how she talk with sanskar she only still treat him as friend only. She changed to calm girl to fun loving girl still love word is new to her and is hard to accept it. She like him as a friend only. So whenever uttara teases about swasan being in love she feels awkward.

Adi come there. As he not know what they talking he asks what happened here?
All change their topic and says they taking about tomorrow traditional day… and all make plan to performance on tomorrow function.

Bell rang for class. All move towards their class. Swara looks at sanskar and walk oppose direction and both move towrd their class.

After class~~

Swara and uttara sitting in canteen. Sanskar come near them..

Sanskar (sweetly): hi girls can i join u?
Uttara : bhai now if u came here then seat na… where was ur that dumbo frnd?
Sanskar : (touch her forehead) u asking where adi about u ok na…
Swara : bhai (pouts)

He sit next to swara.. swara lips curved into a smile.

Swara : sanku so tomorrow plan all set na!
Sanskar : yes we gonna rock tomorrow…

Swasan indulge in talk (friendly talk)

Adi comes and ask Swara come. Swara says bye to sanskar and leave with adi .

Next day

@gadodia residence

Girl is shown sitting infront of mirror applying kajal to her eyes camera focuss her eyes. She put Maang tikkas on forehead and puts earrings on ear then she take pink coloured bangles and wear on both hands. Now camera slowly focuss on her face… it was none other than Swara. It was shown she wearing awestruck lehenga of pink colour… she then wore payal for traditional touch. And then lastly she wear simple necklace which added her beauty. She curled her hair infront and left her hair open.. letting hair move in direction of wind. She was stunning in that lehenga.

She turns and finds sumi there. She ask “Mumma how i am looking?”
“Shona ur looking beautiful”

Sumi praise her and apply black dot near her ear. “Mera beti ko kisiki nazar na lage”

Adi entered room. He was wearing orange colored shervani. He looking stylish.

He looks here and there searching someone. “Mom where is shona?”

“I am here only na bhai? In front of u… ” swara said with pout.

“Mom pinch me am i dreaming i never thought that my kiddo will look so beautiful…” teasing swara.

Realise adi teasing her “Bhai….. side hug him…

Swara : “Bhai ur also not less.. must say u looking handsome in this shervani.”
Adi : “But not more than u.”

“My both kids are stunning…” said sumi adoring their bond and hug both.

Shekar who hear their laugh come there and sees swara in lehenga and adi in shervani.

Shekar : u both going college or marriage home.
Swara:(seeing down) papa today is traditional day of college. So wore this.
Shekar : sorry shona for slapping u that day u know na ur papa is overreact on situation and forgive this short tempered papa…

Swara eyes filled hearing it.
Swara : papa it was mistake pls don’t ask sry… i am sry i should have informed u and go… i promise papa i never again do something which may hurt u..

Shekar hugs her and keep hand on her hair blessing her.

Shekar : my princess is looking so beautiful in this dress.
Adi : offo if ur family drama end shall we leave?

Both leave to college

@maheshwari residence.

Sanskar room~~

Sanskar comes after bath and take blue shervani and wore it… he sets his hair. After ready he sees his reflection in mirror and finds Swara in his room who smiling at him. He turns and blink several times to make sure that if she really there. But unfortunately, he was dreaming it. He jerks his thoughts.

Sujatha who entered his room shout “Jiji…..” peak of her voice. Hearing her scream ap comes too sanskar room.

Ap : sujatha y r u shouting?
Suji: Wo see our sanskar saab (showing index figure towrds sanskar)

Ap blink her eyes seeing Sanskar who wore dark blue colored shervani..

Sanskar : mom mami what happened? am i looking so bad!!

suji “no beta ur looking like film star stunning handsome…..”

Uttara : Bhai u looking sooo cute?
Sanskar : Cute u mean handsome naa
Uttara: No bhai u looking so cute awwe my cute baby
Sanskar : Rukh uttu ki bachi i won’t leave u…

Little sanvi giggle hearing it.
Sanskar: “Sannu u tooo…..”

He takes sanvi in his arm and kiss on her forehead.

Pari : devarji this shervani suits u well…
Sanskar : thanks bhabhi..

Laksh comes there and says “uttu lets go and sanky come na we r getting late.”

And they leave for college.

Sanskar pov~~~

I was walking here and there in corridor of college to see how decorations was? If still more left to do … that time i came across a beautiful girl with innocent attractive eyes, sitting on chair talking to uttara. I slowly walk near them and realised that girl was none other than swara.

My heart literally stopped at the sight of her, she was looking gorgeous.. breath getting caught in my throat. She still hadn’t noticed me. I had finally found a spot where I could see her but she can’t see me. And stand there seeing her.

The everytime when i see u , my heart is falling for u. I stared at her. She was stunning in gorgeous lehenga. Her beauty increased in lehenga shining in short she looks like an angel.

Your hair, your eyes, the way you walk, smile, laugh, facial expressions while you upset, every single thing about you is beautiful.

When I see you the World seems stopped. Only you and my eyes staring at you exists. The other students also crowded around but it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing else matter than u too me.

I wish Time just stops.

Sanskar pov ends ~~~

Swara walk to get cold drinks to her and uttara but slips due to her heels. In nick time two strong arm protected her. It is none other than sanskar. He hold her by waist giving support. They share deep eyelock. Eyes speak more than words sometimes heart feelings get to know only seeing eyes. Like saying “you may lie with words but you may not hide your true feelings through the eyes”. Sanskar eyes filled with love to swara.

His touch on her waist make her feel ticklish she stands up in jerk..

Precap :
Sanskar thinks to confess his feelings to Swara. He was about to confess her. But stop hearing she hates love. Onotherhand Swara asks sanku r u hiding anything from me. He looks on.

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    Sanky in sherwani wao looking cute 😉
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    1. Meghs

      Ya after so many days … ary for dealay . When i am here y to fear?

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    Hyfffffff !!!!!! Finally Sekhar jii apologised….feeling good….

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    Atlast I completed reading this till now ?.your silent read n commented today ?nice cover pic ………frankly asking who are the ones in the cover pic?? Episode is amazing di??.
    Precap is aweeeeeesome
    Post the next part whenever u are free ?
    Take care
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    1. Aiswarya

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