my destiny changed when i met u (epi 1)


Hi guys … how r u all..

Here is link of intro.

A cricket ground is shown… match is going on last ball but 6 more runs to win… a small girl is shown cheering chachu chachu chachu? its little sanvi (starring ruhi as sanvi) camera focus on boy face who balling its laksh… he throws a ball spinning… a man bats the ball with full force… camera focus on his face now its none other than sanskar..

And it is a six … sanskar won the match at last moment…. lucky make puppy face and says what sanky u always win match ha… sanskar smiles. ..
Sanvi runs to sanskar and says yipee chachu won the match… sanskar takes her in arm n twirls her…
Sanskar : princess come lets go home or otherwise ur daddu will kill me for sure..
Sanvi giggles…

They reach home by hiding … pari saw it and moves towards them… sanskar laksh and sanvi are walking like thief..
Pari unable to control laugh… she laughs haha what u trio trying to do.. sanskar laksh where were u guys n sannu how many times i said inform where u goes…
Ok now u guys come and have dinner saying she leaves with sanvi …

Laksh : sanky yaar tomorrow college is restarting its our final year so we have to enjoy this year as possible lets rag tmrw freshers all..
Sanky agrees and says it will be fun …

One girl is shown tensed she prays god to help her tomorrow is first day of clg and she really scared… a voice called shona(yes it is swara)
She goes running and says pappa did u called … shekar look at her and says tmrw is first day of college and ur first time in co ed so if any boy troubled u or even try to talk u inform adi or me… and don’t talk to boys. . Boys misuse ur innocence be careful…
Now swara is more tensed hearing all this.. she thinks all boys r bad in college (except adi her bro)maybe so papa saying this to me .. she leaves to her room tensed

Adi heared all this and shouts at papa to scare swara… adi says shona is already scared dad n ur scarring her more unbelievable … he leaves to his room angrily. ..


Swara readying for college she weared a white mixure sky blue kurtha and sky blue legging… she left her hair open and looking like angel…

Shekar calls shona r u ready… swara goes to shekar running and shekar drop her to college and again warns to be careful of boys… swara nods…

Screen shift to sanskar who leaving college in hurry… sujatha stops him …
Sujatha : beta have something n leave
Sanskar smiles hugs sujatha n says sry mom getting late i will have breakfast at college… sanskar leaves for college in his bike..

(Gadodia residence )

Mom where is shona say her to get ready it is her first day of college na said searching whole house for swara…
Sharmishta : adi beta ur papa already dropped her to college… adi was shocked to hear it….
adi : dad seriously oh god its only 9 now college strts on 10 this early she went college now there will be noone in college moreover its her first day there maybe ragging too.. he looks so worried and leaves college immidiately….

Gfgc college #

Swara is alone in college she sees college building and strts getting worried… she goes to office room there is noone except clerk… she ask him where is clsroom of 1st bcom.. clerk replies it is on second floor .. she thanks him and leaves…

Swara started walking on stairs and reached first floor… she sees a gang of boys there and started to panic… she hurriedly runs to her classroom which is second floor and reaches her classroom … breathing heavily as she comes running on stairs she is tired too.. she looks classroom which is empty. .. she is getting more scared… this all seen by sanskar .. he thinks whats wrong with this girl why she behaving so weird… he looks her more carefully .. she is angel she so beautiful but something is wrong thinking this he moves towards swara…

Swara sees him and panics more.. its first time she seeing boy except her bro and she is alone in cls make her more tense… sanskar understand she scared of boys … sanskar asks r u 1st year bcom student swara nods yes tensed …
Sanskar asks a piece of paper from her.. swara immidiately takes a book from bag and tears page and gives him… sanskar notices her worry so leaves from there..

Screen flashes on swara worried face…

Precap : swara sees so much boys in her class and scared ..


Thanks joyee for ur suggestions without ur suggest this epi is nothing…

Guys i am so sry i know its so boring… it is first epi so intro of character may bore..

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  1. Tamanna

    It’s nice but a little bit short…. Try to make it longer next time

    1. Meghs

      Thanks tammana i had strting trouble so its short i make longer epi nxt time.. keep reading

  2. No it’s not boring at all… Actually loved it… My situation was same when it was my first day…… Bt the thing was I was not afraid of boys Bt first day is first na… So…. Update soon dear…. ????will be waiting for next…..

    1. Meghs

      Thanks vidhi… its my situation same i scared of boys so i portrayed that feeling of scare .. swara scared of boys here…
      Jeep reading

    1. Meghs

      Thanks ?keep reading

  3. Awesome yaar eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Meghs

      Thanks tooba? keep reading ..
      Nxt part will be tonight

  4. Interesting dr..

    1. Meghs

      Thanks ? keep reading

  5. Soujanya


    1. Meghs

      Thanks ?keep reading

    1. Meghs

      Thanks? keep reading

  6. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear…

    1. Meghs

      Thanks?keep reading

  7. Piyali

    that was beautiful dii…….swara first time seeing a boy other than her papa and bhaiyaa and that too sanskar….that was great……loved the sweet sanskar………..but hope he doesn’t rag our sweet shona……………….lucky sannvi and sanskar scenes were beautiful…………i read it……i thought i can’t but i did…….yippe……………it was lovely di………you scared of boys………dii i am boy ……sachi-muchi…..i am not a girl………..

    1. Meghs

      Kiddo r u kidding or ur serious…

      Thanks for such a lovely comments. .. that megha isnot me who previously scared now i changed… good observation. ..

      Keep reading

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    i feel like killing u meghs how can u say is boring is really nice keep writing dear all the best n swara situation also like mine in my class 16 boys and 4 girls and I m closer to the guys they r like my bhais and also i also had wrong impression on guys initially

    1. Meghs

      Arre jo ur scaring me.. but i well think its not quite good.. well my situation is also same as swara i also like u jo who had wrong impression about boys…

      Keep reading ?

  9. […] Link to previous part Here […]

    1. Meghs

      Thanks ?

      Keep reading

  10. Plz add Ragini in this.

    1. Meghs

      Ragini is also in this yaar read next part u may find her

  11. Kristopher Ruscitti

    This is so true, it comes in the most unexpected times. It happened to me, around the time when I stopped looking and decided to be alone for a while to enjoy myself. During that time is when I met the guy that today is my husband. Couldn t have been any better. This is so true, it comes in the most unexpected times. It happened to me, around the time when I stopped looking and decided to be alone for a while to enjoy myself. During that time is when I met the guy that today is my husband. Couldn t have been any better.

    1. Meghs

      I am really glad u liked it.. but i can’t understand what ur trying to say.. happy for u.

      Keep reading

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