my destiny change when i met u (epi 9) (rain)


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Recap : shekar to slap swara..

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Episode 8

Swara cell is ringing.. she receive call it was of uttara “where r u swara? I told u to come early today naa? Come soon . I am waiting for u in clg.”

“Hmm wo.. i am sorry.. i will reach there soon. Wait” said swara and hang up the call.

Swara ask adi to drop her to college. But he had some work so he ask her to go by herself.

Swara going college by walking. She walking remembering slap incident suddenly weather changes it started raining. She stops at one tree shade thinks to go after rain stop but rain is not in mood to stop. It started getting raining heavily. Swara thinks if she stop now she reach college late so better to go saying so open her umbrella.

While walking she sees one standing drenching in rain face was looks on familiar to her.. she identify face it is Sanskar. Seeing swara sanskar runs near her take her umbrella and hold it in such a way that protecting both from rain.!

“Swara wo my bike not starting. And getting late to class so can we go together in ur umbrella.” Sanskar asked cutely.

Swara nodes silently. He keeps on talking about class and about his cricket and many more.. but swara not replying nor talking one word.. sanskar gets irritated noticing swara silent. He asks “swara what happen?? Y u sooo silent. The breeze make her hair sliding her hair; revealing slap mark.. Sanskar sees that as he was standing so closely get to know reason for her silent. And fumes in anger thinks whoever dare to touch his Swara he won’t leave him.

Umbrella falls from his hand letting both drench in rain.. she hold softly her face when he touch the left cheek she feels pain not due to physical pain but because mental pain she getting.. tears continues to flow from her eyes..

“Swara who slapped u ?”he asked softly. Swara was unable to keep silent reveal how her papa slapped her.. his blood boiling to hear how can someone slap one who always obeyed him but swara words stopped him.

howmuch depth she love her papa shown in her eyes. The fact is that she love now too her father like before used to.

“You know sanku When a choice is to be made, y i choose what papa love because nothing matter to me more than my papa. I agree he was strict but to he fulfills my every need and every wish without my telling. I agree he was harsh but he was not bad at heart. It was his way to love. He care for me so he slapped to know i wakedout in night.” Swara said with smile.

Sanskar can’t believe in ears even after this much she still have love and respect for him. He was proud to love her.
Sanskar look at swara angelic face..he was surprised to saw swara’s smiling face. A moment before she was in tears now smiling … He search for the reason by which swara is smiling.. He looked at otherside of road where swara was looking.. He found some kids playing in rain… Swara was clearly jumping like that kids. She give a smile to sanskar nd ran to tht kids nd start playing…swara all sadness gets washed by rain she forget what happen last night and started to enjoy rain. She twirling and dancing. Seeing her dancing his heart beat skipped a bit. Such awesome dancer she is.

He goes near her and held her close. Placing her hands on his shoulders he started dancing. gasps of breath were to be heard. He was moving more close to her suddenly hearing someone he come out of his imagination.

“Sanku come we getting late to college..” swara said.

Sanskar asks ” this way just look at us…”
Swara looks on as both are fully drenched in rain. He see one shop near by and buys dress to her and ask to wear it. It was beautiful anarkali she changes her dress .. Sanskar also change. Both leave for college

Precap : traditional day in clg.

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