when destiny meets (Episode 1)

The girls sees the piece and says ‘I know what life has for me,not this piece ‘and throws it away in the air.it flies and falls on her dress which was hanging in the backyard. She turns and sees the room free from those mess and smiles contently,she comes out of the room and finds the little girl eating food,she smiles at the child and walks towards the front garden .she sees the Rose plant full of flowers .

The man keeps the photo and says “Destiny has brought changes but still things don’t change in my part “.He walks out of he room,he sees some people waiting for him,he comes down and welcomes them.he asks them to sit ,he calls his servant to bring a juice.he sits and asks them the reason for their arrival. The person begins to talk.

she turns and hears a car sound and comes ,sees a car coming,she smiles and shows her hands .A man get down from the car and smiles at her.the child comes running and hugs him he picks her and says”Charu,did you disturb aunty ?”.The child says no papa I didn’t.

The peoples asks him to come and attend the function on their school.he politely refuses and says “I don’t think that a person like me must come as the special guest,you better call some other person because it is about children and school”.The peoples insist him,he tells them that he will tell them later and gets up to leave.

Charu says “actually Dad,aunty took care of me nicely “.he says “Thank you “.she says “there is no need for any sorry or thanks between friends,is it Charu”.She gets a call and goes to talk.she says hello but doesn’t get any reply.she again says “hello,who is that ?”.She hears a male voice and says “Hello guru “.the man says “Hello ”

Credit to: janani


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