Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story (Episode 9)

Hey guys! “Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story” is back with a new episode. Read it and enjoy (well I hope you do enjoy 😀 )

Episode – 9

He puts on the stethoscope and starts checking her, while Viplav was looking at Dhaani. Dhaani steals some glances of Viplav discretely while the doctor was checking her pulse. He then takes away the stethoscope and puts it again around his neck smiling.

Doctor : Well, you seem to be much better indeed. I think there is no need to keep you here anymore.
Dhaani : Really?
Doctor : Yes Ms. Dhaani! Now you will just have to follow some of my instructions.
Dhaani : (with a tensed and scared voice and face expressions) You mean you are going to prescribe some medicines ?
Doctor : (laughs) Don’t worry! There is only one medicine, and it is also a free one.
Dhaani : Which one doctor ?
Doctor : A big smile on your face.
Dhaani : (looks down sad and smirks) What doctor ? You said it was free. But you gave me the most expensive medicine I could even buy now.

Viplav looks at her sad.

Dhaani : There is no place for a smile in my life. It went away from it long ago. To make it come back would be something impossible.

Doctor looks at Viplav confused, and the latter gives a reassuring smile that he will manage everything.

Doctor : Alright then.. (looks at the nurse) Nurse, let us go!
Nurse : Yes doctor.

Both doctor and nurse go from there leaving the two people. Dhaani slowly looks at Viplav and he smiles at her consolingly.

Viplav : Alright! First let us eat something, and then we will go from here.

Dhaani nods her head but then realizes she was still wearing that hospital dress.

Dhaani : Ok but first I want to change my dress. I don’t feel comfortable in this.
Viplav : (looks straight) Oh yeah! I have completely forgotten that.

He goes towards the sofa while Dhaani was looking at him. Few seconds later, he comes back in front of her holding his bag in his hands. Seeing the bag, Dhaani gets her head up and looks at Viplav. He puts it on the bed and takes out something from it while Dhaani was looking at his moves. She all of a sudden get surprised seeing a set of dress in his hands coming out from the bag. He holds it in his hands and looks at Dhaani smiling while she looks at him confused.

Dhaani : Viplavji, this…
Viplav : (looks at the clothes) Hmm… Actually, as there was no new dress for you to get changed, so I thought …
Dhaani : (interrupts him) But yesterday I was wearing a dress right? Where is it then ?

Viplav gets shocked and looks at her.

Dhaani : I don’t mind wearing that same dress again. Where is it? (thinks) Maybe I should ask the nu…
Viplav : No Dhaani.

She looks at him shocked.

Viplav : Not anymore.
Dhaani : I didnt get you Mr. Viplav.
Viplav : You might not wear that dress.
Dhaani : Why ?
Viplav : When you have to forget all his memories, you also have to burn out all those details related to him.

Dhaani gets quite angry and stands up from the bed all by sudden.

Dhaani : Look Mr. Viplav ! I know you are doing all this for my sake. But neither am I your friend nor relative. So please, don’t interfere much in my personal issues. And I keep that dress or notn what would be your problem?

Viplav looks at her shocked while she still shows anger on her face. She suddenly folds her hands in front of him.

Dhaani : You have done so much for me. You saved me from death and helped me sharing my pain. I can’t thank you enough for this. But please, don’t get so close with me.

She lets her hands down tries to calm down.

Dhaani : I think it’s time for us to say goodbye.

Viplav opens widely his eyes.

Viplav : Dhaani…
Dhaani : Mr. Viplav?

Suddenly he feels to be shaken and he gets back on his senses. He falls on Dhaani who looks at him confused.

Dhaani : Mr. Viplav, can you hear me?
Viplav : Hmm… Yeah sorry!
Dhaani : Are you alright?
Viplav : Y… Yeah why are you asking?
Dhaani : No… It’s that you often get lost into thoughts. So I felt … you might be upset thinking about something.
Viplav : No no… nothing like that. Don’t worry.
Dhaani : Are you sure?
Viplav : Yeah very sure.
Dhaani : Alright. (marks a pause) Hmm.. so … my dress ?
Viplav : Hmm (thinks for a while) … Actually… It … It was quite dirty na.

Dhaani looks at him confused.

Viplav : Yeah! When the nurse gave to me, I saw some marks of … of dirt. Haan! It got … dirty when you walked on that muddy place.

Dhaani looks down.

Viplav : That’s why… I took it to clean it.
Dhaani : There is no need Mr.Viplav! I will clean it on my own.
Viplav : Oh oh! Just leave that. I gave it to the dress cleaner, he will take care of it. You just get relaxed and … (forwards his hands again showing the dress he brought for her) accept to wear this now.

Dhaani looks at that dress and then at Viplav.

Dhaani : I… I cant accept this.
Viplav : Oh really? Then are you ready to go out like this ?

Dhaani looks at herself and feels he was right. She discretely raises her eyes towards Viplav and looks at him innocently while he was showing a cute curve on his lips. He suddenly notices her hand coming towards him slowly and smiling, he puts the dress on her hands. Holding the suit, she quickly reaches the bathroom.

Viplav : Come fast! The food will get cold otherwise.

She closes the door and Viplav waiting, opens the parcel.

Viplav : I am sorry I dont know what you might like so I took something like that.
Dhaani : (only voice coming out) No it’s ok thanks.
Viplav : Alright!

He finally prepared the food and looks at it smiling. He then looks at the bathroom door and then looking at his watch, he realizes he has some time.
Few minutes later, Viplav was seen sitting on the bed waiting and slowly gets impatient because of hunger.

Viplav : (looks at the food) Food is ready. (raises up his head) Make it fa..

He gets interrupted when he turns his head slowly on his left and falls on Dhaani coming out of the room ready. Wearing a yellow colour salwar kameez, adorned with bangles and her loose hair floating in the air, Dhaani was looking quite splendid. A line of khôl highlighting her eyes, she was mesmerizing. Viplav was actually quite disturbed. He never believed to become this much distracted when she took the dress. In fact he is not even understanding what was happening to him. Right now, he was only able to feel that soft breeze on his face.
Dhaani comes near him and stands in front of him. Noticing his loss of mind, she waves her hand in front of his face, waking him up.

Viplav : Huuuh what ? (gets back on senses) I … I am sorry.

Dhaani quite used to his maladroit behavior, laughs, which makes him more embarrassed and he pats on his own head.

Dhaani : Alright. Shall we eat? I am quite hungry.
Viplav : Yeah sure.

Precap – Viplav is seen dropping Dhaani at some place.
Viplav : Finally you are back… I hope you will finally live your life better … and stop thinking about others.
Dhaani is set to go down the car, but she gets interrupted when her veil gets stuck on something.

Thanks for reading. Keep commenting and telling your views.
Hopefully you liked it. Btw don’t ask me everyday. I am each time getting busy and then unable to write and to post. It annoys me literally. But well… Will try my best to answer and to post for sure. But I feel what I write is seriously boring and ridiculous…
With lots of love!

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  1. Sujie

    Shruthy…finally you posted……. Don’t dare to say that the story is boring…. MIND IT ITS NOT RIDICULOUS AT ALL
    Dhaani is in so much pain… sad thing is her smile has faded away…but hopefully Viplav will make her smile and bring that hasti khelti Dhaani back…….
    Go girl…keep rocking

    1. Shruthy

      Yeah finally xD Acha madam sorry *kaan pakding* :p
      Yes she is. But there is rain after thunders. So keep waiting for that good time 🙂
      Thank you sweetie. I am trying to write something good right now

  2. Shruthy I read all your episodes today only.Really it is very heart touching.I love it a lot.
    and yeah I support Sujie dont dare to say that it is Boring. Infact it is really very very intersting 🙂 . Keep writing 🙂

    1. Shruthy

      Aww that’s sweet. Glad you read them 🙂 And happy you liked the episodes too. <3
      Alright, fine 🙂 I won't say it again. But still I feel so. I still try to bring some interesting tracks so hopefully I can make it. I just fear people don't like what I feel right and good. Like melodrama, too much pain and all… You know…

  3. Angel20

    Its not boring or ridiculous OK? Do you get that???
    It was amazing, today’s episode! Just loved it.. Feeling so sad for Dhaani.. And Viplav has started falling for Dhaani already… Ok baba I will not ask you about your ff’s OK? Happy? Now don’t be sad!!

    1. Shruthy

      UFFO! Alright, don’t get this angry man. Bhaap re bhaap…
      Thanks. Glad you liked it. 😀 Haan me too but what to do, it’s destiny. Jo hona hai, woh hi hoga.
      LMAO may be he has, let’s see what future, I mean my writing will tell you :p
      You are so angry, that’s 100% sure xD

      1. Angel20

        Haha I was angry but now I’m not.. I have forgiven you…❤?

    2. Shruthy

      Oh really? Good good :*

  4. Renuverma

    Wow shruthy i was really touching to hear dhani saying that smile is the most expensive medicine.
    Actually dhani is behaving right in her way as hiw can someone trust a person who has met a day before. Moreover she is caught in the belief of her being inauspicious.
    It was really sweet of viplav to get a dress for her. I liked the way viplav wanted dhani to forget her past so although he had put hrr dress safely in his cupboard but tactfully handled the situation.
    I could imagine dhani in yellow dress ( ssrla kakis home) n the way viplav was lost staring at her that dhani had to waive off her hands in ftont of his eyes.???
    Precap is interesting. Eager to know where has he dropped her. Probably at her house itself.
    Looking forward for their freindship bond to strengthen n finally????

    1. Shruthy

      I loved that moment indeed. It was quite heart breaking to see her feeling so.
      You mean about that dream?
      LOL yes he was so sweet. But he didn’t buy anything, he went home only. xD
      He wants indeed to make her smile. He cannot see her in pain also. But yeah he kept that dress with him.
      I actually was remembering that flashback scene where it was her first mehendi. She was wearing a beautiful dress that day.
      Haan he was completely flat seeing her.

      1. Shruthy

        *and read. You will know.
        Yeah I am also excited to write those parts actually. Like teh way they will be brought together…
        Thanks for reading. Keep showering your love sweetie

  5. Latha

    Not at all boring shruthy and it was nice one. Feeling sad for dhani and I think viplav will make everything alright. Keep writing….

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Latha 🙂

  6. Shruthy who said that it’s boring.. actually u are hurting us by saying this because we love ur writing and if u will say something bad about it that means u are saying bad to what we like.. so don’t say that again and if u will then I will stop talking with u seriously.. pyaar sey samjha rahe hai smajh jao warnaaaa thapar maar kar samjhai ge? (don’t mind Haan) though I am peace loving girl but u are forcing me to say so…. We love ur ffs mind it?
    Now coming to episode it was lovely? viplav’s day dream was funny? dhani and viplav conversation is always heart touching.. Viplav brought a dress for her Aww !! Now he has started feeling something for her .. hogaya hai viplav ko pyaar sajna lakh kar le woh inkaar sajnaa? really excited for next one and post it whenever u get time?

    1. Shruthy

      Oh! Really? 🙁 oops… acha? :/ no no i wont mind but kuch zyaada nahin hai kya? like i dont feel my stories deserve this much. But thanks anyways…
      hahaha glad you found it funny 🙂 aww thank you, happy you like their conversation 🙂 yeah he brought her a dress, such a cute gesture <3 haha he has but does he know it? does he really have? just wait and read to know it 🙂 omg that's one of my fav tracks from one of my favo movies too. <3 thanks for the background song.
      i'm working on it so … let's see !

      1. Actually I am doing PHD in songs so I am master in giving background song 😀 (just kidding don’t take it serious I am doing bachelors in commerce 😛 ) Ok Ok we will wait so keep working <3 I will wait like nalla ponnu 😀 (hope I used it correct) see ? I have started learning Tamil 😀

    2. Shruthy

      LMAO oh I see :p don’t worry I understood the sarcasm xD oh bachelors in commerce? Nice. But … you’re 18 na?
      Haan haan I know, I will work on it. I am trying to make it a better work you know.
      Aww omg you’re so cute, my pyaari si pari :* and yeah you used it correct. glad to know you are learning Tamil. I also have to learn Hindi. xD

      1. Yes I am 18 years old.. why ?
        Oh really but u writes Hindi quite well

    3. Shruthy

      No you already started your higher studies, I mean you already passed your 12th exams.
      Oh not really yaar :/

      1. Yeah I was of 15 when I did matriculation then at the age of 17 I completed inter and now I am doing bachelor’s in commerce ( then at the age of 20 I will complete and then finally MBA which will be of three years in this way I will hopefully complete my studies at the age of 24 .. good calculation naa..
        Now tell me something about urself ?

    4. Shruthy

      Oh wow! That’s quite interesting. Congrats and all the best 🙂
      I have done my 12th (BAC in France) at around 17/18 (because it was in June but I was born in October na :p) and then I started studying medicine but 1st year is really hard and I couldn’t pass it so I changed the path. Now doing accounting. And I really don’t know when I will finish my studies. SO… I don’t know really

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Thanks? are u doing masters in accounting ? Why are u not sure I mean do u have any further plans ?
        Yeah medical is very tough that’s why I didn’t select it?

  7. Arshdeep

    Finally read all previous episodes all together today,.
    Had to started with all previous ffs and yours was the first i started with?

    Loved it totally. Didnt find them at all boring. Those hospital scenes..describing each moment was fantabulous. You are amazing girl????

    And coming to this one..You scared me yaar ???
    But i enjoyed the later part❤ but please move a bit forward now.. a bit fast i mean. Dont mind han just suggesting
    Almost 4 episodes in the hospital..bimaro wali feeling aa rhi h????

    1. Shruthy

      Oh wow ok! That’s cool. Glad to know that sweetie <3 Awww thanks. But true that you were quite absent here na?
      Happy to hear you liked them but that was just my point of view.
      Glad you like the face I describe the scenes. Actually even I prefer detailing so that people can imagine the same way I do. Oh no re, stop it ! *blushes*
      Scared ? Oh you mean when she scolds him? Hahaa..
      LOL I am trying to make it faster too but you know I love detailing and I also love suspenses.. :p so, wait a bit! but yeah, I can understand you can get bored in the way they remained in the hospital. I cannot post longer episodes, it will take me months to post them then xD

      1. Arshdeep

        Yeah i was having my exam so left reading ffs and now taking time to read them whenever i get free
        No even if they were senti scenes i loved them❤
        No problem i can understand and thats the thing i love that i just dont read your ff but feel it?

    2. Shruthy

      Oh i see 🙂 Hope they all went good.
      aww glad to know you do <3

  8. Superb yaar

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you <3

  9. Lakshmi

    shruthy u and ur ff are one of my fav……loved it yaar….and i am clueless abt the precap…anyways will wait and read….the whole epi was fantastic

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