Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story (Episode 6)


Episode – 6

He slowly tightens his grip holding her hand entirely. Dhaani who was lost in pain suddenly feels someone’s contact on her hand. She looks at it and notices Viplav’s hand on it. She then looks at Viplav surprised while Viplav was still looking at her sad. Both get lost into an eye-lock. They were not realizing it, but a strange feeling was currently tying them into one.

“bheegi bheegi sadkon pe mein
tera intezaar karoon
dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
tera hi naam karoon”

Viplav suddenly wakes up hearing something and notices his phone was ringing. He then realizes his hand was holding hers and removes it all of a sudden. Both were feeling awkward and look at each other embarrassed. He then takes his phone out and sees “Ghar” being displayed on its screen.

Viplav : I… will just… take … (sighs discretely) You just relax. I will be back.

Dhaani nods her head smiling and Viplav also goes out smiling awkwardly.

Viplav : (once out and holding the phone near his ear) Yeah, daadi!
Daadi : Betha, where are you ?
Viplav : Daadi, that is quite a long story.

And he tells everything to his Daadi, starting from his problem with Kamini, his meeting with Dhaani to the present moment.

Daadi : Oh God! Betha, how is she doing now ?

Viplav : She is now fine Daadi. (looks at Dhaani though the window glass and notices she was sleeping) But poor girl, she is really upset and sad.
Daadi : Thank God that she is now ok.

Viplav smiles and suddenly sees the nurse coming towards him holding a wedding dress and some jewels in her arms.

Viplav : Daadi I will talk to you in a while.
Daadi : As you wish betha. And please, take care of yourself.
Viplav : Don’t worry daad.

He cuts the call and puts the phone back in his pocket. He then stops the nurse who was ready to go inside.

Viplav : This… wedding dress…
Nurse : This is hers.

He then looks at Dhaani through the door glass and thinks looking down. The nurse was going to get in when he stops her again.

Viplav : Wait a minute!

The nurse looks at him.

Viplav : You… You just give this to me. She is sleeping right now. I will give it to her in a while.
Nurse : Alright.

She hands over Dhaani’s stuffs to Viplav and goes from there while he looks at it going into deep thoughts.

(voice echoing in his mind)
“And all these happened because of you Dhaani… If I have never met you, then I wouldn’t have to see such a day… I just don’t know why I had to love a girl like you… But today my eyes got opened finally… I have decided. I am breaking this marriage forever… You are the person I hate the most in this world because you killed my parents…. I break this relation forever and I hope not to see your face ever in my life again.”

Viplav : (looks at the dress) I really don’t understand, (looks straight) how someone can break his relationship and his marriage in a short instant. They never think, that spoiling their own, they also spoil someone else’s life and hopes.

He looks at Dhaani who was sleeping on her bed and then goes away from there.
A while later, he reaches home and knocks at the door. Waiting, he doesn’t get surprised seeing his lovely Daadi standing there as always.

Daadi : Betha you here ? I thought that you were…
Viplav : I just have got an important and quick work, and then I will go back to the hospital.

She notices the wedding attire in his arms and looks at it confused.

Daadi : This… (looks at Viplav) bridal attire?
Viplav : It is Dhaani’s.
Daadi : Ok. But why have you brought it here?
Viplav : Taking it far away from her.

He goes in the house and goes upstairs to his room, leaving his Daadi confused.

Daadi : (looks at him going, completely confused) What happened to him ?

Viplav goes into his room and opening his cupboard, puts Dhaani’s dress and jewels under his stuffs.
Few minutes later he gets down holding a bag while his grandparents were confused and look at him.

Viplav : (once down) Ok daadaji and daadi. I will be back tomorrow morning.

Viplav was going towards the door when he hears a voice.

Daadaji : Wait Viplav!

He turns back and looks at his grandfather.

Daadaji : Betha, where are you going right now?
Viplav : To hospital.
Daadaji : To hospital ? But betha, it is quite late na to go there now…
Viplav : Daadaji don’t worry about me. I am fine.

He kisses on his Daadi’s cheek, takes his Daadaji’s blessings and goes away from there.

Daadaji : Sushmaji, please make your grandson understand. Why didn’t you say anything?
Daadi : Suniyeji, he is also your grandson. And poor girl, she is all alone now.
Daadaji : But you know well who that girl is right ?
Daadi : Yes. She is the one who saved our only grandson from his anger.

Viplav reaches the hospital and goes towards Dhaani’s room. He opens the door and notices she was sleeping. He slowly goes to sit on the small sofa which was in that room and looks at Dhaani. She was sleeping with lots of peace, which makes her look innocent. That relief she doesn’t have when conscious. Deep inside of himself, Viplav just wanted her to be so always. It was quite weird but he couldn’t miss smiling seeing her sleeping. He met her for the first time only few hours ago but he felt a certain connection of ages that was attracting both of them to each other. There was an unrealized desire to stare at her forever which was deeply hidden in his heart. Thinking so, he gets confused about himself.

Viplav : (looks down) What is happening to me man ? Why am I thinking like this all by sudden ?

Suddenly he hears a voice and getting his head up, he sees Dhaani looking more tensed and talking alone in her sleep.

Dhaani : (talks alone in her sleep with a tensed voice) No… I didn’t do anything… No… Leave me. Please let me go. I did nothing, I swear. Please. Mah!

Hearing her talking tensed, Viplav gets up from the sofa and goes near Dhaani.

Viplav : (next to Dhaani’s bed) Dhaani! (holds her shoulders) Dhaani!

But Dhaani was not hearing him.

Viplav : (louder tone) Dhaani! What happened ? Dhaani!

Suddenly, she wakes up from her sleep looking terrified with widely opened eyes and, sit on the bed, her hands holding tightly her hair, starts crying by fear. Viplav looks at her tensed.

Viplav : Dha…

She doesn’t let him finish say her name when suddenly, she holds his shirt, which makes him being pulled towards her. He was quite surprised of her gesture when she circles his body with her arms and hugs him.

Precap – Dhaani asks Viplav what he was doing there at night also and Viplav answers it was good he stayed there after what happened yesterday night.

Thanks for reading. Keep commenting and telling your views.
Ok just to reassure you, Daadaji is not actually a negative character in this fan story, he just cares for his grandson after his son and daughter-in-law’s loss.
Hope you guys like it. Thanks a lot!
WIth lots of love!

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  1. Wow what a clarity in your writing…..?really love it from core….? Viplav feel something inside…. I hope he can give all happiness in dhaani life….. Love it??keep rocking…..??

    1. Shruthy

      Aww thank you Kavya ? Haha wait and see!

  2. Sujie

    Shruthy….this is awesome…..
    Viplav keeping Dhaani’s bridal attire and jewelries in his wardrobe… 🙂
    And the last part….awesome

    1. Shruthy

      thanks Sujie ?

  3. Shruthy viplav holding dhanis hand to hondole n later realising ☝☝ viplav engrossed in dhanis thought was superb. Only dadi understands him so he cud comfortably narrate vks going n saving dhani to her. Viplav deliberately took her wedding attire from her as he knows seeing it woukd hurt her more. He is so caring n deeply lost in dhani kya yahi pyar hai ?? ha yahi shuraat hai jo rafta rafta vidhàni ko ek karegi n the last scene in which dhani holds him n he is pressed down closer to her is awesome??

    1. Shruthy

      Haan he was unconsciously holding it and then gets awake with his ringtone. ?? Yeh true. As always he is te closest to his daadi only. ? Btw what’s the meaning of VK? I k’ow that it means Kamini but whay’s that V?
      Haan exactly. He doesnt want her to be hurt more. ? Woh toh dekhna padega…
      That’s also unconsciously but they got close. ??

      1. Latha

        Vk means villain kamini???

  4. Angel20


    Loved this one, Viplav feeling for Dhaani? Dhaani hugging Viplav?

    1. Shruthy

      Finally I have written something you can really get satisfied of ??

  5. Wow super episode yar loved it soooo much??

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Aish ?

  6. Latha

    Awesome episode shruthy and loved the scene that dhani don’t let viplav to say anything and hugs. I loved the way u have written the last part where she holds his shirt and put her arms around him giving him a tight hug ????❤❤❤❤????

  7. Thks latha

  8. Shruthy

    Thank you Latha ? Hahaha haan she doesnt hear Viplav talking na. She hugged him in fear. Awww thank you ❤️

  9. Shruthy it was verrrrry beautifully written.. viplav holding dhani hand and their eye lock? hayeeeeeeeee? sanam re?uff !! I love it man?.. how sweet?viplav keeping bridal dress of dhani in his wardrobe?he will give it to her when at the time of wedding?hayee hayee?I am excited for that but I know I have to wait? viplav smiles at dhani’s innocence when she was sleeping was lovely.. pyar hogaya hai wakeel babu ko magar ehsas nahe hoa? .. but I know shruthy will make u realize viplav??.. vidhani’s hug tobba.. super cute?.. precap is exciting.. please post it soon like u are doing nowadays?
    And yeah this one was quite long but make it some more long?I don’t have any problem? just kidding? keep rocking dear?
    Love u for accepting my request??

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks sweetie ? Haha nice and romantic na ? ? Haha thay was his ringtone. ? But haan since there was that Sanam Re song sequence in IKRS I just fell in love with ViDha even more and since thay day, I feel that song suits them the most. Each time I listen to it, only ViDha comes in mind. So please bear with me whenever i get ro use it often ? Haha oh really ? He hides it because he doesn’t want Dhaani to cry in his memories. And please, Viplav is not that kanjoos to use someone else’s shagun in his own wedding ? Of course you will have to wait. I already write quite long detailed. And there hasnt been any friendship formed in between both. So wait karna padega boss!
      Haan sachaa pyaar ka ehsaas hamesha dher se hi hota hai. ??but yeah he was cute staring at her sleeping. Haan haan i will help for sure, don’t worry.
      Posted! Read and tell what you think honestly ok? ?
      Lol i already post long ones I think compared to others no? ? And I also have to keep a gap. I think from now on I wont be posting everyday. I have to write. Upar se, that other story! Ente guruvayoor appo! ???
      Aww otherwise you don’t hai na ?

  10. Aur pyaar ho gaya……..oh my shruthy…i think this is the perfect caption to this one….loved it…very beautifully portrayed the unconditional love of viplav towards dhani….and its worth reading…….keep going like this…

    1. Shruthy

      Hahaha so sweet! ?
      Haha love or not, we dont know anything yet dear ?
      Thanks for the support. ?

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