Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story (Episode 5)


Episode – 5

Viplav : Hmm…By the way, you didn’t tell me. Where is your mother? We have to inform her na ?

She gets speechless at this question of his and lets another tear of her body come out.

Dhaani, still in her wedding attire, was running in the hospital pushing a stretcher along with the nurses and Priya on the other side. She was looking at her mother who was laid on it.

Dhaani : Mah! Nothing will happen to you. Nothing.

They finally bring her to the ICU ward where they take Dulaari inside not letting Dhaani and Priya. Both look through the door tensed. Then Priya, looking at her friend, puts a hand on her shoulder.

Priya : Nothing will happen to aunty, dont worry!

Priya takes her friend holding her by the shoulders and makes her sit on the bench.

Priya : Calm down Dhaani, nothing will happen to her. If you also will lose courage, then who will take care of her?
Dhaani : How Priya? When I know that everything happens because of me only. From childhood to now, I have always been a burden for everyone, and especially my own people.
Priya : Don’t talk rubbish. If you were not here, then just imagine what aunty’s situation would have been.
Dhaani : If I were not born, then baba would have been alive today.
Priya : Oh God, this girl! Now better shut up before I say anything.

Dhaani tries to calm down when the doctor comes out of the room. Both young women rush towards him.

Dhaani : Doc.. Doctor! How… how is my mother ?
Doctor : I am sorry to say this Dhaani… But this was your mother’s third attack.

Dhaani looks at the doctor shocked.

Doctor : And to face it getting back to life is quite difficult. I am really sorry.

That’s it. Everything came to end. Nothing was left in Dhaani’s life. Her baba, Krishna, and now her maah. Everyone was leaving her one by one like if none didnt want to remain with her anymore. She was restless hearing the news. Priya, who grew up with Dhaani, couldn’t bear the news as well. Dulaari was like her own mother. But she remained stronger to control Dhaani. The latter suddenly falls down sitting on the floor, not even crying, while the doctor goes from there leaving them alone.

Priya : Dhaani!
Dhaani : What did you say ? That nothing will happen to mah right ?

She turns her head to look at her friend.

Dhaani : If so, then why did doctor say like this to us?

Priya keeps crying putting her head on Dhaani’s shoulder.

Dhaani : No! Nothing happened to her. She is fine.

Priya gets her head up and looks at Dhaani crying. After few seconds of deep thought, a tear was seen falling from Dhaani’s eye.

Dhaani : (looks at Priya) Nothing happened to my mah, didn’t it ?

Suddenly, many tears started following each other rolling down her cheeks and Dhaani bursts out in tears putting her hands in front of her face. She then removes her hands away from her face and hugs her friend tightly crying.
Few minutes later, Dhaani is seen looking at her mother through the door glass. Slowly she puts her hand to feel her when she remembers some moments with her. Priya was standing behind her crying also when she hears some people talking there.

Lady #1 : (to another lady) Isn’t she the girl you talked about? Dhaani ?
Lady # 2 : Yeah yeah. Be quiet, don’t even say her name again. She is really unlucky. See! Her marriage got stopped and she sent her mother to hospital on the same day.
Lady #3 : Why are you saying such things mah? Poor girl!
Lady #2 : You shut up Leela. Calling her poor, she will bring bad luck to our lives.

Priya who got irritated of their talk, goes towards them.

Priya : You guys cannot remain not talking about the others right? You keep saying whatever comes in your mind. Don’t you have anything else to do ?
Lady #2 : We are just telling the truth, nothing else.
Priya : Which truth ? And have you ever thought what others will feel when you say such things ? Arent you ashamed ? You are also women right ?
Little boy with the ladies : (at the lady #3) Mah, what does being unlucky mean ?

Hearing the little boy’s words, Dhaani gets shocked.

(voice of a little girl echoing in Dhaani’s mind) ” Mah, what does being unlucky mean ?”

Priya turns her head to look at Dhaani crying and then looks at the little boy showing a smile. She then looks with rage at the lady, goes towards Dhaani and holds her friend’s shoulders.

Priya : Dhaani, let’s meet aunty.

But Dhaani removes her hands from her.

Dhaani : No Priya, I will never… go to meet .

Priya gets shocked and makes Dhaani face her.

Priya : Dhaani! Don’t care about what people say. Will you not even see your mother because of them ?
Dhaani : No Priya. I am unlucky! I killed my mother. My mah! I can’t even see her for a last time.

Priya gets even more shocked and tears were coming out from her eyes.

Priya : (puts her hands on Dhaani’s shoulders) Dhaani have you lost your mind ? You can say like this. You are not unlucky Dhaani! Aunty’s condition is not caused because of you.
Dhaani : (smirks) You can never lie to deny the truth Priya.

She gets off her grip and walks backwards slowly before turning back and rushing to the exit.

Priya : (when Dhaani was running) Dhaani ! Wait. Where are you going girl ? Don’t go!

She stares at the ladies with disgust and goes behind Dhaani. She reaches the exit but she doesn’t see Dhaani anywhere. She gets scared and looks around her, her eyes only searching Dhaani. Suddenly, Dhaani hidden behind a tree located near the building, slowly gets her head out and looks at Priya.

Dhaani : Please forgive this hopeless friend Priya. But if I remain with you, then I might lose you also one day. I have already lost my baba and my mah in my life, but I don’t want anything to happen with you because of my ill faith. I am sorry Priya.

Dhaani is lost in some thoughts while Viplav was looking at her. He was feeling so bad for her and couldn’t see her in this state, that he didn’t even notice he unconsciously put his hand on hers. He slowly tightens his grip holding her hand entirely. Dhaani who was lost in pain suddenly feels someone’s contact on her hand. She looks at it and notices Viplav’s hand on it. She then looks at Viplav surprised while Viplav was still staring at her sad. Both get lost into an eye-lock.

Precap – Viplav is outside Dhaani’s room talking on the phone with someone when suddenly he notices someone coming there and looks at that person cutting his phone call.

Thanks for reading. Keep commenting and telling your views.
Ok I know this one was also sad but I feel it was better than the previous episode. 🙂
Thanks to those who still said some good things regarding the episode. You guys are really the best! :*
Hopefully you will like it too. Thanks a lot!
With lots of love!

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  1. Latha

    Episode with full of emotions shruthy. It’s heartbreaking while hearing that dulari is no more. And I like priya so much and she was such a good friend. Sad to see dhani and I like the way she thinking that she don’t want to lose her friend priya.and coming to viplav I can visualize the scene holding dhani’s hand tightly. Superb episode my girl keep it up???????????

    1. Shruthy

      with me you might have lots of emotions. ☺️ because I am an emotional fool ! ? Ok let’s be more serious!
      Yeah Dulaari unfortunately is no more ? And even she leaves her onky friend Priya for the latter’s own sake. ? Poor Dhaani! She has faced so many problems na.
      Haha glad you liked that hand holding moment. I wanted to brings some feels between them ?? and i can can tell you to get ready for more of ViDha soon…

  2. superb shuruthy…… and priya is too good as dhaani friends….. and last scene viplav holding dhaani’s hand it was just amazing feeling….. i just love it…. keep rocking….

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Kavya. ? Yeah she is like her sister. But well Dhaani cares for her so she left her. ?
      Haha thoda sa Vidha walon feels bhi chahiye na. ? Thanks for liking it sweetheart. ?

  3. Lakshmi

    shruthy superb one…..i know its very senti…..but liked it…..and the last scene was just lovely….viplav holding dhaani….

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Lakshmi ??

  4. Shruthy like pethu u r slso superb in describing emotions. Entire narration of dularis death was heartening n cud bting tears yo my eyes. Can feel dhanis trauma n pain n her freinds too. Viplav has unknowingly touched dhani but
    Now he would be her saviout.

    1. Shruthy

      Aww thank you so much Renu <3 But she is better than me 😉
      Oh! Sorry for making you cry :/ Yeah true.
      Haha Viplav has been always Dhaani's saviour everywhere 😉

  5. Sujie

    shruthy….episode was emotional…actually I cried when the doctor said Dulaari Maai is no more… i mean I could imagine it 🙁
    post the next one soon dear where Viplav will be there by Dhaani’s side and will never let her cry …

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Sujie. <3
      Oh! Sorry :/ but glad you could have imagined it 🙂
      Wait and read…

  6. Bring tears??

    1. Shruthy

      I know :/

  7. Shruthy …very emotional episode…. …?????

    1. Shruthy

      I know right :/ sorry for making you guys cry.

  8. Shruthy it was indeed a sad episode full of emotions?but still it was good as I like senti scenes?and I think it actually happens in reality.. people might say bad things with no reason?huh!! May God punish these kind of people?.. poor dhani?didn’t see her mom one last time?and more importantly she is now alone.. parents are the most beautiful blessing from God and she has lost them?.. oh God I am getting very much emotional?
    Waiting for the happy episodes and so as the next one?.. please post it some more longer and ASAP?it’s my request?(ek nanhi se jaan ke request hai?)

    1. Shruthy

      It was yeah :/ Arey wah! You also? :p Haan it haapens which is very sad –‘ people always getting into others’ problems but not even taking care of their own …
      That’s the most horrible thing that could happen to someone. Losing your parents means you have lost the most important people of your life and it’s so painful. 🙁 I can see that indeed xD
      Happy episodes ka thoda intezaar karna padega 😀 Longer than this? Oh well will try but I always try to cut my episodes at a certain point… You know, suspense wala! xD hayye hayye meri jaanu, I will post it in a while. so by tomorrow morning you will have it I guess, before I wake up 😀

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