Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story (Episode 4)


Episode – 4

Krishna : Dhaani…

(Hearing his voice, she realises he was crying.)

Dhaani : Krishna. Are you crying?
Priya : (soflty) Cryi…

(Both Priya and Dulaari look at each other.)

Krishna : Dhaani. Mom.. Mom has …
Dhaani : Mahji ? What happened to mahji?
Krishna : (bursts out in tears) Mom … Mom and Dad met with an accident Dhaani.

(Those words made her restless. Widely opening her eyes becoming reddish, some tears were coming out from them making Dulaari tensed.)

Krishna : They were going out for some wedding preparations.. in the way to your house.

(Dhaani puts her hand in front of her mouth crying.)

Dulaari : (tensed) Dhaani what happened? Tell us betha.
Krishna : Doctors are saying … that they lost their lives on the spot.

(Dhaani lets some drops of tears fall down)

Krishna : My parents left me alone forever.
Dhaani : (removes her hand and tries to speak) Kris… Krishna. I am rea …
Krishna : (crying) And all these happened because of you.

(These words of him shock Dhaani who looks on.)

Krishna : If I have never met you, then I wouldn’t have to see such a day.

(Dhaani’s tears kept rolling down her cheeks.)

Krishna : Neither we wouldn’t get married, nor they wouldn’t have to come to your house.
Dhaani : B… But…
Krishna : I just don’t know why I had to love a girl like you.

Dhaani keeps crying.

Krishna : First you killed your father, and now you didn’t bear me being happy with my parents and made me orphan forever.
Dhaani : Krishna. How c … How can you say so? How can you even think I can do such a thing?

(Krishna looks on angry and crying.)

Dhaani : You only said me right, that … that you don’t believe me being unlucky, that all this .. doesn’t … matter fo …
Krishna : (interrupts her) Yeah but at that time I was in love with you, I used to be mad. But today my eyes got opened finally.

(These words make Dhaani get confused)

Dhaani : What do you mean?
Krishna : I have decided. I am breaking this marriage forever.

(That was it! Her entire hopes got vanished in one second. It was like someone shooting on her. With that same pain, she lets her phone fall down. Priya and Dulaari look shocked at Dhaani. Priya then takes the phone in her hands and holds it near her ear.)

Krishna : That’s true that I used to love you once. But now, you are the person I hate the most in this world because you killed my parents. I break this relation forever and I hope not to see your face ever in my life again.

Dhaani starts crying narrating her fate. While she puts her hands in front of her face bursting out in tears, Viplav looks at her quite upset and feeling her pain, gets lost in some thoughts.

Viplav comes near the temple and notices someone standing there, showing her back. He smiles and goes towards that person.

Viplav : Hey sweetheart! (hugs the girl from the back) So good to see you. Missed you a lot.

Suddenly that person gets off his grip turning back to face him.

Viplav : (smiles) Where were you gone yesterday re? I was waiting for you at the railway station for hours. And because of that, I got late to go back home and daadji scolded me.. (laughs)
Kamini : Then why were you waiting for me? You could have gone back home right?
Viplav : Hoooo madam is angry I guess.
Kamini : Viplav stop joking.
Viplav : Alright, sorry. (sighs) But at least, I know you love me enough that you couldn’t even wait for tomorrow morning to meet me. (smiles) Calling me to meet in such a dark moment of the day, and that when none is roaming around the place. What’s the matter? Missing me this much?
Kamini : I have called you here … because I had something to tell you.
Viplav : (naughty smile) I know what you want to tell me?
Kamini : (looks at Viplav shocked) You know?
Viplav : (puts her arms on her shoulders pulling her closer to him) Yes! You want to tell me that … you love me.
Kamini : (pats on his shoulders and removes his hands from hers) Be serious Viplav! It’s really important.
Viplav : Ok fine. Do tell whatever you want to, except that you dont love me.

Kamini looks on while Viplav laughs.

Viplav : (holds his ears) Sorry, I was just..
Kamini : Sorry to disappoint you Viplav.

Viplav looks at her confused.

Viplav : Why ? What happened ?
Kamini : I know that you will be quite hurt hearing what I have to say but I have no other choice. If I don’t tell it, it will be too late then.
Viplav : I get quite tensed now. Tell what the matter is.
Kamini : I am sorry to say this, but let’s part ways.

These words of hers shock his entire body.

Viplav : What ? Are you ok ? (laughs) You are joking right?

But Kamini’s serious expressions made him realise that she was not.

Kamini : I am really sorry.
Viplav : Sorry ? Have you gone mad ? Wh.. Why such a decision? And that, when I was going to tell about us to your parents? Have you lost your mind man ?
Kamini : I haven’t Viplav. Understand what I want to say. I don’t love you anymore.

Viplav looks at her.

Kamini : Being far away from you, I have realised that our realtionship wan’t meant to happen forever.
Viplav : Usually, people falling in love when distant. And you have felt that you actually don’t love the one you used to. (claps) Wow really great !

He holds her arm and pulls her towards him.

Kamini : Viplav leave me.
Viplav : Tell me, what’s wrong with you? How did your love for me get changed so easily Kamini ?
Kamini : (gets off his grip and with a louder tone) Maybe because I have never loved you Viplav Tripathi. It was just a childhood attraction. If I really loved you, then I would have felt loneliness in your absence, which never happened to me.
Viplav : Aren’t you ashamed to say this? Telling it so easily that you never missed me.
Kamini : So what should I say?
Viplav : But I have felt loneliness in your absence Kamini. Can’t you see my pain?
Kamini : I am sorry Viplav.
Viplav : Do you love someone else ?
Kamini : Oh please, stop talking rubbish Viplav!
Viplav : Really ? Then why such a fast decision ?
Kamini : Not fast, I have been thinking about this for so long. And I was just waiting for your comeback to tell you.
Viplav : How can you talk like this Kamini? Don’t you know how much I love you?
Kamini : But I don’t Viplav… Goodbye!

She goes away leaving a shattered Viplav standing alone in front God’s idol. He suddenly stops her.

Viplav : (quiet loud) Wait!

She stops walking.

Viplav : Then you are really going away.. from my life.
Kamini : (not turning back to look at him) The fastest you get this, the best it will be, for all of us.

She goes away from there finally while Viplav remains there, crying his pain.

“Mr. Viplav! Mr. Viplav!”

Viplav gets up from his thoughts and falls on Dhaani looking at him trying to wake him up.

Dhaani : Mr. Viplav, are you ok?
Viplav : Huuh ? Yeah yeah I am fine. Huuh… sorry I was lost in some…
Dhaani : (smiles) It’s ok.

And she looks down while Viplav was looking at her.

Viplav : Hmm…By the way, you didn’t tell me. Where is your mother?

She gets speechless at this question of his and lets another tear of her body come out.

Precap – Dhaani is seen crying looking through the small door glass.

Thanks for reading. Keep commenting and telling your views.
Ok basically I totally agree, the episode was so boring and bad. But well it was just a small step to close Krishna’s chapter and to explain a little bit what happened between Viplav and Kamini. (be happy friends she is out of Viplav’s life :p)
Anyways! I promise I will try my level best to make the next part better than this one. But still comment so that I can know your views.
Hopefully I will make you happy by next chapter. *fingers crossed*
With lots of love!

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  1. Angel20

    Not boring but very sad! It’s OK next episode come with a bang! Update it soon.

    1. Shruthy

      I am really sorry for not having satisfied you guys. ? Will surely make it better for the next one.

      1. Angel20

        No dear, you have satisfied me at least, because I love whatever you write whether good or sad!?

    2. Shruthy

      Still i dont feel having written something good to read. 🙁

  2. Sujie

    Not at all boring yarr….. Finally Kaamini is out….. And post next one soon 🙂

    1. Shruthy

      Haan she is. ? Yeah as I have to make something better ?

  3. Shruthy kitna rulaogi???????? felt bad for dhani the way krishna spoke to her but whatever happens is for good. If krishna wud had continued with her then how cud vidhani meet? ??? but today didn’t like viplav pleading with VK N when he said that he was anxiously waiting for her love confession. Good keep going.

    1. Shruthy

      Lol woh kya hai na ? I just love sad scenes. Sadist jo hoon ? Haan exactly! something might have between both otherwise they wouldnt have met na 🙂
      Well i know none would have. But Viplav loves her na? Pyaar mein yeh sab hota hai, waiting for love confession etc…

  4. Didn’t comment on vk because she is as usual ??☻??

    1. Shruthy

      Haan she is wherever it is ?

  5. Lakshmi

    shruthy appreciating ur attempt dear……..I am crying crying crying….while reading this one….i acn feel dhani’s pain….and no comments abt vk……just go to hell vk….

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks but I wish I have made something better for you. Haan bechari Dhani! ? Kamini toh.. chapter closed!

  6. Shruthy it was not at all boring but really very sad and leave this judgment on us ok don’t decide by yourself?? ..
    Now coming to the episode it was too sad how can Krishna blame her for this accident that means his love wasn’t true.. and that kamini how can she reject viplav.. oh my Gosh!! A shattered viplav?.. but I am happy that this kamini churail is now out of this .. now vidhani track will start they will soon fall for each other than I think Krishna will come again and will regret for his mistakes but dhani will move on in her life with viplav.. oh my God in excitement I myself made a story? ..
    Eagerly waiting for the next one.. really fingers crossed?
    And if possible please post it daily☺

    1. And yeah now viplav and dhani will fall for each other that will be the true love .. Krishna-dhani and kamini-viplav was just attraction not love I guess?.. oh I am very excited for love track but I have to wait for that because it will take time I guess?

      1. Shruthy

        Haan and as you said it will take time. Bechare, both just faced breakups at the same time. Thoda time toh lagega na ? ? And they dont even know about each other really apart sharing their identity.

    2. Shruthy

      I know it was quite sad. ? Achaji? Copycat! ? But that’s true, only readers can judge and not writers but still :/
      Haan poor ViDha! They truly loved them but … Haan finally kamini Kaamini chali gayi ?
      Hey hey hey! Calm down ?? just kidding! I am happy to see you excited. God bless you putthar ?
      Yeah sure will try to post it tonight. But will just try 🙂

  7. hey shruthy you made me speechless,,,, i love your way of writing….. its too good… and this krishna is fool…. over all i love it…… and sorry for late comment i am busy with my pc issue….. i am keep trying to repair….. keep rocking…..

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Kavya. ? Glad you like my writing, it means a lot. ? And thanks for liking the episode too ?
      Oh no dont be sorry for that. I don’t expect people to read at the second and neither I expect everyone to comment. As long as people like it I am happy ? But hopefully you can post your episodes ??

      1. so sweet of you shruthy…. yes i have posted my ff but i struggled lot…. finally i did it…. now i am waiting for my update…..

    2. Shruthy

      I know, I am :p no just kidding, I am not at all.
      Yes just saw it on the main page. Going to read it. 😀
      Which update?

  8. Latha

    Shruthy not at all boring. Feeling bad for dhani the way Krishna speaking. I don’t like viplav here loving that kamini. No problem here also kamini chapter closed and in Ikrs also going to be closed . Keep writing?????

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Latha ? Haan he was too rude with her indeed ? Hahaha Kamini left Viplav na. ? IKRS? Kab ? ?

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