Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story (Episode 3)

Episode 3

Viplav : Ok. Krishna’s parents agreed for the marriage. What happened then?

(flashback scene : Krishna is seen driving a car and Dhaani is sit besides him) After having met his parents, he came home to talk to my mother with an excuse of dropping me home.

Dhaani : Your parents told na, that they will come to talk to mah. Then why are you in such a hurry?
Krishna : She is my mother-in-law, I will tell her by myself.
Dhaani : She is not yet, ok?
Krishna : Arey! Don’t be tensed, I have already told them I will talk to her.

When mah came to know about that, she got really angry and upset first.

Dulaari : Dhaani! Didn’t you think at least once that you should have told me about this earlier?
Dhaani : Mah, (holds her ears) I am sorry! But we knew that you would say yes. Because you are my (holds her mother’s chin trying to convince her) lovely mother right ?
Dulaari : Go away, I don’t have anything to talk with you. And don’t get into that misunderstanding that I will accept.

(Suddenly Krishna comes in the room in which they were talking.)

Krishna : Can I say something aunty?

(Dulaari looks somewhere else angry.)

Krishna : Dhaani is just so like you.

(Dulaari looks at him surprised.)

Krishna : Sometimes she also gets stubborn like this.

(His words make Dhaani look at him angry while Dulaari was laughing.)

Krishna : Finally, you have at least smiled.

(He suddenly bends down to touch her feet which surprises Dulaari.)

Dulaari : Hey!
Krishna : Give us your blessings saasu mah, please!

(Dulaari looks at Dhaani who was making faces asking her accept. Seeing her daughter so, she smiles and looking down at Krishna, puts her hand on his head.)

Dulaari : Always be happy.

(scene shows Dhaani narrating again) A week later, it was our engagement day. It was so good to see the house fully decorated. Flowers, guirlands, lights… Our house was looking even more beautiful. (Viplav smiles hearing this) Then it was haldi, next mehendi, and sangeet. The more days fly, the more distance between Krishna and me seemed to decrease. The day when we were supposed to get together was just close to us.

(scene back to the flashback) And finally came that day. That day I was waiting eagerly for days & nights.

(A girl is getting prepared for her marriage, and the camera slowly shows Dhaani’s face, after all the details (earrings, necklaces…). She finally gets ready and smiles at her.)

It was already late in the evening, and it was soon time for the baarat to come at the housedoor. Sitting in front of the mirror, fully ready, I was looking at myself lost into some thoughts that brought a smile on my lips.

(She was looking at herself on the mirror when her mother comes from behind. She puts her hands on Dhaani’s shoulders.)

Dulaari : How beautiful my baby is!

(She then draws a line on her kaajal and applies a dot behind her daughter’s ear, while she looks down shy and smiling. She then looks up at her again.)

Dulaari : I pray no one’s bad eyes fall on you, especially mine.
Dhaani : (holds her hand with a sad face) Mah, don’t say like that!

(Dulaari smiles and kisses on her head while Dhaani was holding her hands. Dulaari then gets off her and looks again at her daughter through the mirror.)

Dhaani : If only baba was here today.

(Dulaari’s face gets dull suddenly.)

Dhaani : (a tear falling from her eyes) He would have been so happy to see me like this, wouldn’t he?

(Dulaari sees her daughter’s pain.)

Dhaani : But… it will never happen so. And that only because of me…
Dulaari : Stop it Dhaani. Don’t you dare say such things, especially today.
Dhaani : However you might convince me, that’s the truth. You are bearing this all because of me.
Dulaari : Dhaani just be quiet. Don’t force me to slap you on your wedding day (holds Dhaani’s hand in her two hands) You are my life, not a hurdle. You are the only one for me in this life.

(Dhaani takes her mother’s hand towards her and kisses on it. Dulaari then wipes Dhaani’s tears.)

Priya (Dhaani’s close friend) : Arey! You guys are here.

(She comes behind Dhaani and looks at her friend through the mirror.)

Priya : Arey wah! You are looking so beautiful today.

(Dhaani gets shy and looks down.)

Priya : It’s aunty’s miracle, that you look good at least today.

(Dhaani looks up at her her friend again through the mirror while Dulaari giggles.)

Dhaani : (pats Priya softly) Shut up, sheitaan.

Priya : Alright sorry, I was just kidding. But really, you are even more beautiful than usually. Just one thing got missed.

(Dhaani looks at her confused. Priya looks at the folded veil on the table and holds it in her arms, while Dhaani and Dulaari look at it smiling. She then unfolds it and puts it on Dhaani’s head.)

Priya : (puts her hands on Dhaani’s shoulders) Now perfect!

(She then hugs Dhaani from the back while Dulaari looks at them smiling.)

(walking the 100 steps in the room) One hour has gone. However Krishna wasnt seen anywhere around. Each instant (looks at the wall clock) flying, my tension was increasing.

Dulaari : Dhaani, come and sit betha, they will come soon.

However, her words couldn’t give me peace at all.

Priya : (sit next to Dulaari) Dhaani relax. They might be on their way girl.
Dhaani : They were supposed to come long ago. Still not a news about them. (stops walking) I pray God nothing happens to him and his relatives.

(Suddenly her phone starts ringing and all turn their head towards that direction.)

Hearing my phone ringing made my heartbeat just run faster. My mind just wanted it not to be any bad news.

(Priya holds Dhaani’s phone looking at the screen and then looks at Dhaani.)

Priya : Krishna calling.

(Dhaani sits near her tensed. Seeing her state, Priya reassures her.)

Priya : Don’t worry yaar, I will talk. Don’t get tensed.

(She answers the call why Dhaani was looking towards her with lots of curiosity.)

Priya : (looks straight) Hello! … Krishna, this is Priya. … (looks at Dhaani) She.. she is just here. (looks straight) But where are you guys? … Ok alright.

(She hands over the phone to Dhaani.)

Priya : He wants to talk to you.

(Dhaani takes the phone and holds it near her ear.)

Dhaani : Hello, Krishna. (he doesnt say anything) Krishna. Where are you?

(Krishna is shown in a room, in casual dresses, tears wetting his cheeks and quite tensed.)

Dhaani : Krishna, can you hear me ? Why are you saying anything ?
Krishna : (wipes his tears) Dhaani!
Dhaani : Krishna? You… You are ok na? When are you coming ?

(Krishna closes his eyes crying.)

Dulaari : (to Dhaani) What is Krishna saying ? Is everything fine ?
Dhaani : (to her mother) I don’t know mah. (on the phone) Tell me na. Do you know how long I have been waiting for you? If you say something then at least I will get peace right?.
Krishna : Dhaani…

Precap – Dhaani bursts out into tears talking to Krishna while Priya and Dulaari look at her tensed. She suddenly lets the phone fall down.

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Ok so finally we have reached Dhaani’s marriage sequence in her flashback. But then ? What will happen? What is Krishna trying to say to Dhaani ? Why is Dhaani crying?
To know it, keep reading “Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story”.
Thanks again!
With lots of love!

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  1. Arshdeep

    Such a beautiful and sweet flashback going on?❤
    Loved the way they made dulaari agree for the marriage..??
    But my sweet c emotional fool shruthy twists to laane hi h na..but i am happy that will only give dhani a chance to leave krishna and be with viplav??

    I feel something was wrong with krishna’s parents. Have they shut him inside??? just an idea?
    Anyways you have left the story on a very serious note so you need to update the next part soon. No delay this time.

    1. Shruthy

      Haan beautiful toh hai! But wait for thunders after the sun. ? Haaaaaan! You know this sweet si emotional fool so much my darling ?? bahaha haan at least it will let ViDha get together. What an idea Arshu seriously!! ???
      Hahaha wait and read! Yeah don’t worry will try to post it today. Actually I have started writing the story so to post on TU I have to translate in English… But haan! Be ready for some rona dona… And a smile also that ?? ab toh nahin bataungi. You just wait and may be you will underdtand why you would smile

      1. Arshdeep

        I am waiting for the thunders??
        Thank youu?? I know the love story is of Vidha and not Dhani and i wont mind completing his chapter as soon as possible because i know viplav will cheer up her Dhani??
        Okay…i am ready for the pains and yeah smile too?? thanks.. finally giving me a reason to smile too after much rona dhona??

    2. Shruthy

      Hahaha actually even I am waiting for the thunders ??
      Of course! Main thodi na Krishna & Dhaani ki fan hoon ? Of course it’s ViDha ViDha ViDha! ?
      Hahaha pagal! ? Haha you know me and what I will do so well?
      Awww so sweet! ?

  2. Shruthy dear it is too lovely. Dulari getting annoyed n later getting convinced; dhani getting ready n then her conversation with dulari n her friend all awesome. Getting excited to know why didn’t krishna come n what did he said to dhani on phone ????

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Renu! ? Yeah it will be the twist in the story ?

  3. Wow shruthy really wonderful and your narration wa too good… to read eagerly waiting to know what happened to Krishna and why he was crying…… ?love it dear…. Keep rocking……?

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Kaviya ? Glad you like my narration ? Hahaan that’s the suspense indeed. Will post it today may be let’s see if I can ?? thanks a lot!

  4. Latha

    Awesome episode shruthy keep rocking dear??????

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Latha ?

  5. Sujie

    Shruthy….wonderful episode…. ???
    Flashback ??
    Waiting for another part …. Go on ??

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Sujie!
      Will might post it today let’s see

  6. Shruthy what a beautiful episode? .. dhani and dulari conversation and when priya was teasing dhani too good? .. this fb is soo lovely.. I think Krishna is going to die or something happened to his parents.. oh too much thoughts are coming in my mind but I know I have to wait for the next one? so please post the next one soon

    1. And sorry for the super late comment?

      1. Shruthy

        And you commenting means you are here to post your next part or have already. ??? *rushes to the main page*

    2. Shruthy

      Thank you Maha ? Haha will post it in a while don’t worry ? And don’t be sorry to comment late re. I am happy you read. That’s what means a lot

    3. Shruthy u are too much yaar? .. actually yes I have submitted my ff but I am not that much selfish?
      I always try to comment in every ff ?

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