Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story (Episode 2)


Episode 2

Viplav : Sometimes when you share your pain with someone, then your mind will get relief. That’s why I am telling. Whatever it is, don’t keep your inside shut to the world.

He sits on the chair located next to her bed.

Viplav : Oh oh! So you will be quiet right?

Dhaani looks on.

Viplav : Alright. First I will tell about myself. I am Viplav Tripathi. From Banaras but after the loss of mah and baba 15 years ago, I went to Mumbai. I stayed there and finished my studies. Just came back yesterday in fact, to stay with my daadi and daadaji. And… (thinks for a while) I studied law. Daadaji wanted me to do MBA but when I said him I want to do law, he didn’t refuse. He (smiles) loves me that much.

While he keeps telling his story, Dhaani stares at him asking herself how can someone be so social. She never believed that someone can even talk to her this way.

Viplav : And that’s it! This is my story, Viplav Tripathi’s story. (smiles big) Now your turn!

Dhaani : How do you want me to tell about myself to a stranger?
Viplav : When I have no problem to tell about myself, then you also have to take the courage to face anything.

Dhaani looks down and seeing her, he puts his hand on her shoulder.

Viplav : Please don’t misunderstand me. I am just asking it so that your mind gets peace, and that you don’t even try to take such stupid decisions.
Dhaani : My… My name is Dhaani.
Viplav : Ok…
Dhaani : (looks down) But people … do call me “unlucky”.
Viplav : (quite shocked) What?
Dhaani : (looks at him) That’s my name in Banaras. I have been called so since childhood. (looks down again) And timy flying, (laughs) I got used to it. I feel being a unlucky girl in reality.

Viplav was feeling bad for her.

Dhaani : Few days after my birth, my baba died. After that, my mah had to live as a vidow. From that day, I have been considered unlucky.

Viplav was looking down.

Dhaani : Except my mah. (a tear rolls down on her cheek when she said “maai”) She beared everything for me. She made me learn, fulfilled all wishes of mine. And whoever badmouths about me, she used to fight with them. She never cared about herself, always thought about me. But, time flying, she also started losing the courage to listen to people’s words.
Viplav : What happened?

Flashback (Dhaani narrates it, my narration will be in brackets)

Krishna was his name. My college mate. He was 2 years older than me. And when we were in college, the one day…

Dhaani : (holds the letter and looks at Krishna) What is this?
Krishna : Open and see it by yourself.

(She opens the letter and reads it. At the end of it, she shows a shock expression.)

Dhaani : Krishna, this…
Krishna : Yes Dhaani, I really love you.

I was really shocked but also tensed.

Dhaani : But Krishna, you know that I…

(Suddenly he puts his fingers on her lips which makes her surprised.)

Krishna : I don’t want to listen to anything. They will say this, they will say that… I only want… your answer. Yes ? Or no ?

(Dhaani looks at him stupefied. She then takes his finger off and runs from there.)

(running) I was not understanding anything. (reaches home and runs into her bedroom) My entire world got changed in a finger snapping instant.

(She closes the door of her room and breathes fastly leaned on the door, eyes closed.)

What was happening to me ? That was also something that I wasn’t understanding.

(She sits on the bed.)

Dhaani : Dhaani! What happened to you re? How can you run away like this? What will Krishna think about you?

(She smiles thinking of what she just said and, hiding her face into her arms, bends down.)

(Dhaani seen narrating in the hospital) After that day, there was only happiness in my life, because, he was there, in my life. And I believed, he will always be with me, being my protector. (Dhaani and Krishna seen spending moments) Each moment spent with Krishna was beautiful. Our love story became our beautiful life.

(Dhaani and Krishna were sitting together in front of the temple.)

Krishna : Dhaani!
Dhaani : (her head laid on his shoulder and looking at their crossed hands) Hmm?
Krishna : Tomorrow I am going to talk to my parents.

(Dhaani stands up and looks at him tensed.)

Krishna : What are looking at like this?
Dhaani : If they don’t like me, then?
Krishna : Who won’t like you? And even if so, then I… will take you away from here and marry you.

(He laughs while she looks annoyed of his fun.)

Dhaani : What Krishna?
Krishna : Look. Whatever people might say, I won’t marry any other girl than you. Then why wasting time on searching another girl?

Few days later, Krishna’s parents wanted to meet me and Krishna took me to his house. (scene shows Krishna bringing Dhaani at home, introducing her to his parents, Dhaani folding her hands in front of his parents and then sitting on the sofa along with them)

Prasad (Krishna’s father) : Look betha, usually we high societies people only get married and keep our relationships with our same class people.

(Dhaani looks down tensed.)

Prasad : But we saw our son’s happiness first.
Lalitha (Krishna’s mother) : And we wanted a nice, well-eductaed and traditional girl as a wife for our son.
Prasad : That’s why, I (looks at his wife) and my wife took this decision.
Krishna : Dad actu…

(He stops him holding his hand in front of him.)

Lalitha : Your dad is talking right? Be quiet!

(Dhaani was even more tensed.)

Prasad : Betha Dhaani.

(Dhaani looks up at him.)

Prasad : Tell your mah, we will soon come to your house, (smiles) to ask your hand for our son’s.

(Dhaani looks at him shocked while Krishna was smiling big jumping in joy.)

Krishna : YES! (goes behind his parents’ seat and hugs them from the back, his eyes closed because of excitement) Thank you thank you so much! You guys are the best parents ever. Really!
Lalitha : (pats on his shoulder) Mad guy! You are happy right?
Krishna : Of course mom!

(He opens his eyes and looks at Dhaani who seeing him looking at her, looks down shy and smiling, which makes him smiles too.)

Precap – A girl is getting prepared for her marriage, and the camera slowly shows Dhaani’s face, after all the details (earrings, necklaces…)

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Ok guys so this is it for the second episode of “Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story”.
Hope you guys liked it. Thank a lot once again!
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  1. Latha

    Hai shruthy you bang with new ff. Very emotional scene while dhani said about her self to viplav. And Krishna how sweet u and your mamma papa also????loved it very much❤❤❤❤❤ keep it up shruthy????

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Latha ? Hahaha keep reading and thank you for the full support ❤️

  2. Latha

    I am becoming a big fan of your ffs????

    1. Shruthy

      Oh please! I am seriously nothing to have fans. I am a simple fan of the show like you all☺️

  3. Sujie

    Shruthy….. This is amazing….
    day by day you are making meyour Jabraa fan …keep going

    1. Shruthy

      Oh no.! ? As I said to Latha, I am non to deserve fans. Just a simple fan of the show like you all

  4. Arshdeep

    Shruthy lovely episode❤
    Could visualise entire scenes? Viplav is soo cute? and dhani looked beautiful while telling her story?

    Dont know why my gut feeling says krishna is going to die on the marriage day?

    1. Arshdeep

      And your pic ❤?

      1. Shruthy

        Thanks re. ❤️ Wanted a change.
        And yours tho… ? He is so charming ?

    2. Shruthy

      Thanks Arsh? Glad you could. ☺️
      Haha yeah both have always been sweet ?
      To know what happens, keep reading “Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story” ????

  5. Angel20

    Good one??

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Mams???

  6. Shrutty its superp. Nicè plot ✌ lovéd dhani’s naration n Viplav’s caring attitude. Excited to know further. ☺

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Renu❤️

  7. It was incredibly awsome?dhani’s past is very interesting.. viplav’s supporting nature is lovely? .. poor Krishna will die I guess and blame will come on dhani? ..
    Precap is alaw? post the next one soon?

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Maha. ❤️ He is lovely na that’s why ? Oh well just wait and read what really happens ?

  8. Lara

    I m just in love with your ff shruthy and plz update the next part soon

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Lara. ☺️ Yes will post it soon ❤️

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