Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story (Episode 13)

Episode 13

Dhaani : Wh… I…
… : I guess you love getting into trouble and hurt.

That voice! Easy was to recognize his voice. She turns her head shocked and looks at him.

Dhaani : Mr. Viplav, you ?

Viplav looks at her smiling.

Dhaani : And… (looks around her) me … here ?
Viplav : Don’t worry! This is my home. And she is my lovely princess, my daadimah!
Dhaani : (folds her hand) P… Pranaam malkin!
Daadi : Malkin? (laughs) Just call me daadi betha.

She tries to get off the bed but she gets interrupted, a hand on her shoulder.

Viplav : Where are you going?

Dhaani looks at that hand, and then faces the man, making him understand her embarrassment. He takes his hand off her and steps backwards.

Viplav : Sorry.
Dhaani : (looks down) I… I have to go.
Daadi : Where are you going ?
Dhaani : (thinking) Hmm.. I…
Viplav : What happened Dhaani ? You looked very tensed (takes out the black color shawl of her, holding it in his hands) at the temple too.

Dhaani looks nervous at the two of them while Daadi tries to make her relax.

Daadi : What happened betha? Is there any problem ? (looks at Viplav) Viplav told me everything what happened to you, and that he left you at your friend’s. I saw how much relaxed he was yesterday night than day before yesterday, when he admitted you at the hospital. (looks at Dhaani) I was also relaxed you got a house. But, seeing you right now… We feel tensed for you. Tell us what happened!

Dhaani looks down while some tears roll down her cheek.

Dhaani and Priya were in her room talking and relaxing. And Dhaani started feeling better being with her best friend. Suddenly, they hear the door being knocked, and lets a middle-aged woman enter in.

Priya’s mother : Priya, who are you talk…

Suddenly she sees Dhaani being with her daughter and feels relieved after having heard about her disappearance.

Priya’s mother : Dhaani betha? You here ?

Dhaani and Priya stand up and Dhaani goes to take blessings while her friend’s mother holds her by her shoulders to make her stand again.

Priya’s mother : Bas bas! God bless you.

Dhaani faces her with a smile.

Priya’s mother : How are you betha? Why have you gone away ? And … where were you since yesterday?
Dhaani : Aunty, I …
Priya : Mah, she won’t say anything. I will tell you.

And she counts all her adventures since her eloping last night, while Dhaani was sad. The woman, saddened hearing all what happened, takes Dhaani into her arms and caresses her wiping her fear away.

Priya’s mother : Don’t worry betha. Everything is fine now. (breaks the hug) You can stay with us, here. (holds her chin) You are also a daughter for me.
Dhaani : (holds her hand) Aunty, I can never thank you enough for your love and care.
Priya’s mother : Don’t you dare think so. This is your home also. Ok?

Dhaani discretely nods her head in yes when Priya’s father enters the room.

Priya’s father : Dhaani ? You here ? (gets close to the women)
Priya : Baba, I made her stay here. She has no place to go else. Even mah gave permission.
Priya’s father : Have you gone mad ? Don’t you know who she is ?
Priya : Of course I do baba. She is my best friend.
Priya’s father : No she’s a murderer.
Priya : Baba, what are you saying ?
Priya’s father : Do listen to me, stay out of this inauspicious.
Priya’s mother : Priya ke baba, what are you saying ? She is a child.
Priya : Baba are you out of your mind ? Baba she’s my best friend. Like a sister for me. I can never leave my sister alone. (forces on the word « she » to show its importance) She lost her mother, she is hurt the most na ?
Priya’s father : Priya I am telling you, leave…

Dhaani was looking at both of them, completely shattered, while they kept arguing. She thought to have found peace but again kismat was playing with her. After all, she doesn’t deserve happiness, that was the testimony of her life. All their argument hitting on her head, she runs away and reaches downstairs when an interpellation is heard.

Priya : Dhaani don’t go!

“No Dhaani! You cannot remain here disturbing others’ life. Jao yahaan se!”

She goes outside and runs desperately in the darkness when someone catches her hand a while later.

Dhaani : Priya let me go. I don’t want your life to get harder because of me.

Her hand still held, and no voice coming from behind, she tries to get off the grip when she turns back to see the actual person.

Dhaani : (terrified) Wh… who are you ?
Man (drunk) #1 : That’s … not necessary sweetheart … you just come.
Dhaani : No… No I am not that type of girl. (tries to push his hand off) Please, let me… (forces her hand) go.
Man #2 : Don’t be so shy babe. Everything will be fine.
Dhaani : Leave me.

They drag her towards their car. She tries her level best to get off their grip. “Help ! Please !!”, she echoes. However none was there. She was too far that even Priya couldn’t recognize her localisation. She was soon to get in that jeep but once they were set to push her in, she got a sudden energy and raises her arm up. She then, throwing it forcefully down, removes his grip off her. Finally freed, she doesn’t wait a second to run away from there.

Man #3 : Hey she is running away.
Man #2 : Catch her!

Dhaani was running fast, followed by those pair of legs, fearing she mustn’t be caught by those rakshas. Along with the dark sight of the day, her legs reach a place she found safe for her though unaware of which place in Banaras it was. But realizing they were soon to reach her side, she climbs on the stairs in front of her and hides behind a pillar she felt while reaching the top. The drunken condition made the goons slow their running and unable to race her anymore. Once she was lost from their gaze, they change their minds and step backwards, drinking their bottles and walking unbalanced on their legs. The poor lady gets a sigh of relief and slides on the pillar to sit on the floor. Leaning her head on the support, she takes some deep breathings tired of running. That’s a while later, she notices being sit in front of God’s murthi and understands the feeling of safety. She might be alone now, but she felt at least God was her side. She didn’t understand the reason she had been called here, but she now knows she had His support. Her mother gave her blessings, and God protection.
End of flashback

Daadi : It’s God’s grace that (holds her chin) you are ok today.
Viplav : I can’t believe all this happened in one night. I felt being with ..
Daadi : (looks at her grandson) Viplav, let it be. Past is past, we cannot change it. (looks at Dhaani) But betha, you don’t have to worry anymore. You are safe now.
Dhaani : I didn’t understand maal…

She looks at Daadi and remembers what she said earlier.

Dhaani : I mean Daadi.
Daadi : (smiles) I mean to say, that you don’t have to worry anymore as you are going to stay here. So there is no more tension.

Dhaani gets surprised and widely opens her eyes, making Daadi laugh.

Dhaani : What?

Both Daadi and Viplav look at her.

Dhaani : I mean.. I.. No… Daadi, I can’t stay here.
Daadi : Why can’t you ? Don’t you like the house ?
Dhaani : Not that..
Daadi : Then you don’t like us right ?
Dhaani : No… I mean…
Daadi : Look Dhaani ! You are no more alone. We are here for you. If you were my granddaughter, would I let you out of the house to stay alone ? No right ?
Dhaani : But I am not..
Viplav : Daadi is right Dhaani.

Dhaani looks at him.

Viplav : It will be a risk to leave you alone. After all what happened, you also need rest.
Dhaani : But Mr. Viplav I …
Daadi : Now no more argument. You might be quite weak after the accident, so just take some good rest. I will bring you food and medicines in a while.

She caresses Dhaani’s cheek and stands up to go when the latter holds her wrist. The old woman turns her head and looks at the saddened Dhaani.

Dhaani : I don’t know how to thank you enough. Daadi, I feel ashamed to disturb you.

Daadi smiles at her and kisses on her forehead as a blessing.

Daadi : Don’t be. You don’t disturb us. Now take rest.

Saying those last reassuring words, she leaves the room, letting Viplav & Dhaani remain alone.

Precap – Viplav : (forwards his hand) Let’s be friends !
Dhaani looks hesitantly at his hand.

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Shruthy!! First of all thanks for posting yaar as this page had become too silent but finally u and Maria posted ur stories?
    Coming to ur marvellous episode well I’m feeling sleepy right now so can’t pen down my all feelings??
    This was jhakas plus something really very different? yaay!! We were correct that lady was our pyari se daadi and that boy was our handsome viplav?? poor dhani! She is badly tortured by her fate.. even her friend’s home had no place for her, sad? those devils, Gosh! They were true rascals? yukh! Don’t even want to talk about those useless creatures? huh!! Last part was the most beautiful, daadi’s concern and love for her is too appreciative?? At last! Dhani is now in safe arms with his future soulmate?? it was all destined that’s why she unknowingly reached Banaras!! The city of vidha’s love story❤❤ but feeling li’l bit scared for dadi jee, I mean about his reaction hopefully he will not overreact like Priya’s father?
    Now waiting for the next one as really very excited for vidhani scenes which are on the way *I guess* as daadi had left them alone so in this way they are akale with each other plus the precap is a little glimpse of their moment?? Right?
    Chalo bbye!!
    Thanks again for posting??
    Keep going my dear❤
    Love u, take care, ummaahh??

    1. Shruthy

      HAHA don’t need to say thanks. I just thought to share my post but haan even I miss reading fan stories. But well I can understand everyone is busy… :/ And yeah I have not been posting for so long so…
      You say you cant pen down your feelings but you just wrote a lot following it. xD
      Oh thank you so much chellam! <3 Haan Viplav ki ghar aa gayi Dhaaniji.
      Hai na? 🙁 Very sad! HAHA true Rakshas. For once Viplav is not one. XD
      Awww glad you liked that part. And yeah she is now safe with her "future soulmate" as you said. Hummm she is from Banaras too. But yeah Banaras is ViDha's symbol.
      You will get to know…
      Lol ViDha scenes are to start so they wont be too close first but dheere dheere… dekho kya jadoo karenge !
      Thanks to you for commmenting.
      Love you too. See you on your shot's comment box.

  2. Areeb

    Hello Hello.. Bohat khushi hui apko dekh k, this time I mean it Literally. ? Shukar hai! Somebody has broken the wall of silence. Shukriya, for doing so. ? I thought all have laid down there sleeping bags and are fast asleep. ?
    So, was rightly guessed, destiny made Viplav the saviour again. Ain’t it’s like, every time, Dhaani is drown into the shores, by the fate, just to be saved by Viplav. I like it.. I actually like it. ? I praise the heroic terms, like every girl does. ? Daadi has been the sweetheart in the show as well! ? So, it’s easy to imagine her in that shell.
    At Priya’s home, she faced the same disgrace. Alas! But that’s the reality check you know.. not everybody living under the same roof shares the same level of thinking. The eldest member of the family reflected the ( Chotti Soch ) narrow mentality – the most catchy thing – which one can easily adopt from the society. Shame on him!
    Dhaani again found her way out in running, I hope in near future she gets the courage to answer these retarded members of the society!
    Ah, predictable ‘ worst case scenario ‘. Drunkards got hold on her. Just a simple GQ ( Perhaps, my question ? ). Why can’t they just sit and drink? I mean, at one time one should focus on one work. Why they started burning their calories ( they consumed from Alcohol ) by running behind Dhaani. ? I hope, I didn’t make it funny, I really mean it.. in real! *inserts the serious face emoji*
    Dhaani will be staying here, is what I’ve read, but for how long.. *grinning* I can’t ignore the hidden talent of ‘running’ in her. ?
    Overall the review ends on the saying ‘All’s well that ends well’ – Till the next episode. ?
    Wait Wait.. aik aur unnecessary baat. Episode was short. Ikr, it wasn’t that, but still. ? Maybe because I always fail to count the ‘Flashbacks’ in the episode. My brain only stuck to the thing that episode started with Dhaani getting know where and with whom she has been brought.. Exchanging some words with Dadi-Pota.. In short my mind only saw the least point that the episode started and ended, in the same room on the same bed. ? Khaair! It was all unnecessary, the side effects ( Hangover ? ) of studying Psychology for three hours. ? *Cutting the crap*
    Next obviously waiting for the Imaginary wali story, hopefully will be seeing it a little sooner!

    Oh, there’s that Like – Dislike tap! For the articles. Cool! ?

    1. Shruthy

      LOL that’s so sweet. <3
      Glad you liked that. And yeah Daadi & Viplav are the sweet and saviour.
      True say. Being a family doesnt mean we all think the same. Unfortunately he is the eldest in the house.
      HAHA the title of the story might be "Bhaag Dhaani Bhaag" actually :p
      LMAO you literally killed it with your question girl. xD Who knows? Unn logon ke dimaag kya kya chal raha hai peene se, only God knows.
      Lol bechari. Let me see. But for now, let's make her take some rest. Bohot bhaaagi unno ne.
      Oh sorry. I actually pot it depending the number of words and a certain length but I will try to make it better in future.
      Oh wow you study psychology. Cool. Even my sister does.
      I posted it. Waiting for your critics (negative too if needed).
      Haan but not anymore :/

  3. Areeb

    Grr! ? Forgot to add something. ?
    I got lucky to get this, might be of your use too. ? Here..

    1. Shruthy

      Yaaaay thank you sooooo much! <33333 He loooks so cute man. *____* And the way she says "Mish", how cute !

  4. Angel20

    This piece was superb! The way you describe each and every scene is just too good! Way beyond my imagination… I loved reading the entire episode! How can you create such amazing Stories yaar? It was such beautiful that I have no words to describe. Feel so sad for Dhaani. Poor girl… Never gets happiness! Daadi is so cute here also. Always supportive… Just amazing! Waiting for their love track to begin! So post it soon please…
    Love you❤

  5. Sujie

    Shruthy……..sorry for taking soooooo long to come back ………
    ❤️Loved the episode….. Priya is soooo good…. But her father is sooooo bad??
    Entire episode was superb……
    Viplav Dhaani Daadi conversation was highlight….. Those consoling words and Viplav and his pyaari Si Daadi ?????
    And precap………AAYA MAUSAM DOSTI KAA???????????????
    Keep going dear ??

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