Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story (Episode 11)


Recap : A flashback is seen while Viplav and Dhanai was on a drive in his jeep, Viplav looking at a sad and thoughtful Dhaani : Dhaani was discharged and both finally come out of the hospital. He gives her to have hopes on her and to face the world when she keeps wiping her tears thinking about it. He then makes her attend her mother’s funeral, from far. Seeing the rituals’ process, Dhaani gets sentimental and prosperns in front of her mother’s laid body to let her feelings come out of her.
At the end, he promises to himself that he will take care of her happiness, as her “supporting pillar”.

Episode 11

Both reach a residing area when he slowly stops the vehicle and looks at Dhaani. The latter suddenly looks at the surroundings with a confused face and realizes she can recognize the place. She looks at Viplav.

Dhaani : Mr.Viplav, (looks at the outside) this is…
Viplav : Yes you are right. This is your friend Priya’s house !

Dhaani turns her head back towards Viplav and was waiting for some explanation.

Viplav : (teasing) I felt that you have been (indicating the meaning of “a bit” with his fingers) quite unfair with her, running away from the hospital yesterday and leaving her alone. (laughs)

Seeing him laughing, she shows an upset face expression and lowers her eyes. Viplav gets back to a serious mode and sighs deeply.

Viplav : Emmm.. (holds the steering wheel with his both hands) Finally, (looks straight) you’re back. Back home. (sighs and marks a pause) Your friend is waiting for you. I have told her everything.

Dhaani looks down.

Viplav : She wanted to meet you at that second but I told her I would bring you straightly here.

She wipes her tears.

Viplav : And now, I hope, you can finally get to live your life forgetting all those bad vibes. Your mother’s blessings are always with you, and they will always save you from everything.

Dhaani turns her head towards him surprised of his words and looks at him. She then faces her shoes again and decides to get out of his jeep when she gets stopped being pulled back. She turns back and notices her veil being stuck around the gear and not letting her go. She goes to take it off but Viplav gets faster in that. Slowly his hand brought to the piece of cloth, Dhaani takes off hers in reverse looking at him. He finally frees her and gives her the veil.

Viplav : Now it’s ok.

Dhaani holds that part of the veil in her hand and slowly turns her head towards Viplav.

Dhaani : Thanks.

She then gets down of his vehicle and walks to the entrance slowly. At each of her steps forwarding her to the house, he was feeling the gap increasing. That was like strange but hurting. He was fearing for her a lot. She was not alone, but still he knew he had to keep an eye on her security. She was quite important to his eyes now. Well… that’s what his heart, and fast heartbeats seeing her make him feel.

Dhaani was walking with a heavy heart. She was ashamed to face her own best friend. After all, she cowardly left her alone in the hospital, and she didn’t attend her own mother’s funeral. How was she going to ask for forgiveness ? Was she enough deserving ?
She finally steps in front of the door and, taking a deep breath, eyes closed, slowly forwards her arm towards the doorbell. The distance reducing, her face kept sweating her fear. Will the world accept her? What excuses should she give to Priya and all those who attended her mother’s last rituals ? Won’t they blame her for leaving her own mother dying like an orphan when the daughter was still alive ? She finally reaches the bell and rings her presence to the world. She then looks back and sees the jeep there. She suddenly falls on that gaze waiting to be reassured she was indeed under safe arms. Suddenly the door gets opened and lets Priya appear behind, who look at that figure confused.

Priya : Yes! Who is this?

Hearing that familiar voice, Dhaani, all by sudden, turns her head to look at her, those eyes filled with pain. Seeing her lost friend finally in front of her, Priya widely opens her eyes and mouth, and lets some tears fall down on the floor.

Priya : Dhaani!

She doesn’t hesitate to hug her dost tightly and tries to make her pain evaporate in the consoling embrace.

Priya : (sneers) Where were you gone yesterday ? Leaving me alone like this.

Dhaani was not even having courage to hug her back and closing her eyes, lets her tears cover her red cheeks.
Finally reassured of seeing Dhaani accompanied, Viplav shows a smile looking at them, and decides to go from there. He starts his jeep and, changing his gear, presses on the accelerator and drives.
The sound of the vehicle moving wakes up Dhaani and she suddenly gets off her friend’s grip to look behind her. He was indeed going away from there forever. She follows the vehicle with her eyes and was feeling desperate, as she didn’t get one opportunity to thank him for all what he did, starting from saving her life, to bringing her back to her apnon, and not leaving her alone like an orphan. Priya looks at her and then at the vehicle that was going and remembered about talking to Viplav.

Priya : (looks at the vehicle) Oh no! I completely forgot it. (looks at Dhaani) See! Meeting you after all these tensions, (looks at the jeep) I forgot about Viplavji (Dhaani is shown hearing her words and looking on the side) who saved you (Priya is shown looking at her) and brought you safe at home.

Dhaani looks at Viplav going so far from there, leaving her. He was indeed unknown to her but, 20 hours were enough to made her know about him and how gentle he was with her, and can be. And these hours passed along with him, though sad, made her get a new friend, someone she could really trust on. Not like that Krishna. (Dhaani closes her eyes) Oh no! Why his talk ?

Priya : Acha let’s go inside.

She holds her friend by her shoulders and takes her into the shelter.
Viplav, driving for more than 15 minutes, finally reaches home and stops his jeep in front of his house, in that spacious area maintaining a large distance between the main gate and their “Ayodya Nivas”. Yes that’s how it was called. Ayodya Nivas !
Once the engine of his jeep gets turned off, he goes to get down when something stops him moving. He suddenly looks on his left and notices something brightening on the black background under the passenger seat. He bends down to look at it and takes it in his hands. A small white color pearl!

Viplav : What is th…

Suddenly some pictures flash in his mind. Some pictures revealing the owner of it being Dhaani. Slowly, the flashback camera gets down to her ankles and exposes her anklets of pearl. Flashes turned off, Viplav is seen closing his eyes and sighing. He then opens them again to look at that pearl. He slowly gets close and holds it in between his index and thumb. He stares at it, a silent smile on his lips.

… : Viplav baba!

That old voice woke him up and he quickly puts that pearl in his jeans pocket. He then turns back and faces his dear grandfather.

Viplav : Dadaji! (hugs his grandfather)
Dadaji : (patting Viplav’s back) Betha, where were you for so long ? Your daadi and me were really worried.

Viplav gets off from his daadaji and looks at him.

Viplav : Daadaji actually…
Daadi : Leave him na ji. Poor boy! Let him freshen up first. (forwards her arm) Come betha!

He goes towards his Daadi and hugs her.

Viplav : I missed you Daadi.
Daadi : And we missed our grandson much more. (gets off his grip) Alright, go and freshen up, will warm up your dinner.
Viplav : Ok.

Precap – Viplav is at the temple, praying eyes closed, hands folded, when a smooth breeze disturbs him caressing his hair, and he opens his eyes. He looks at his Daadi who was still hands folded and praying. He gives a check around him. Suddenly he hears a sobbing voice.

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Ok basically I was really hesitating if I should post or not. It’s not that I mind having less comments, but I seriously feel the stories are getting boring and I feel not getting a good and honest response. But I will never force anyone to read my work, I just don’t like doing that. So you read or not, you guys are still my ViDha fandom people.
Thanks for reading once again.
With lots of love!

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Amazing as always! I loved the first part when her veil gets stuck in the gear and viplav removes it that was sweet then her friend part was quite emotional so finally viplav left him alone, not alone but he is no longer with him however he gets a pearl now he has her two things first one was her bridal dress and second one is that pearl.. Kahani pyaar ke shru ho chuke hai 😀 Last part was also good the way he greets his dada ji and dadi was too nice! Precap is exciting as may be that sobbing voice will be of dhani or may be there will be a new twist really excited to read further.. How can I forget to mention I loved the way u narrate each scene it seems like I am watching in real and don’t think about comments even I was getting less comments as many of our family members are missing so don’t worry we are enjoying ur story thoroughly
    Post the next one soon please as its a request from ur pyari se pari <3
    Love u!

    1. Shruthy

      Glad you liked that quick yet cute moment. I love those veil stuck scenes, either when the girl mistakes the guy holding, or when the guy realy holds it and romances. <3
      Haan he didn't leave her forever, he still cares and think about her but yeah he had to leave her at her friend's. 🙂
      Arey haan yaar! Bridal dress, and pearl. Well, soon something more interesting will happen at Tripathis' too. Anyways, cant say more… 😀
      Haha you are so sweet. Let's see, kab shuru hogi woh kahani.
      Hmmm let's see whose voice it is. 😀 I will probably write that part today too so let's see…
      Awww thank you so much. Trying to improve my writing skills, so can't say it's good yet. :p But I am glad you are able to imagine the scenes in real while reading, that's such a good thing. It helps reading so much.
      I dont get sad about having less comments. I just fear that comments reduced because they didn't like. I mean I wouldn't mind reading critics. But well, I don't really mind at all people not reading now. I kust don't like forcing and putting pressure. 🙂
      I will surely mind my pyaari si pari's request but have to write much more. And I might not only continue with one story na. SO will keep changing between the three of them.
      Love you more! <3 :*

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Yeah even I love those scenes and in background a romantic song plays.. OMG I have started imagining but this time I am imagining vidhani I am imagining myself?? well first time watched that kind of scenes in kahin tou hoga serial of starplus my God kashish and soojal sizzling chemistry was awesome though I didn’t watch that serial because I was too young may be of 8 years so that time I was not allowed to watch serials but I used to watch that hiding from my mom.. kashish was too beautiful yaar but I don’t like soojal .. Anyways this was an unnecessary part! My goodness u increased my excitement something interesting is going to happen may be dhani will going to live in AN.. u are not putting pressure on anyone as all are enjoying it yeah I am waiting for other fictions too (barish and AIFF)

    2. Shruthy

      Haan that’s way too romantic and lovely <3 LMAO karlo karlo, none wont stop you :p
      Sorry I neither know that show nor the jodi :/ Naughty girl! Watching shows hiding xD
      Keep the suspense alive. Will be back soon…

  2. Angel20

    It was not boring.. I loved it!!
    Everything was perfect??

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Maria! <3 Glad you did. But well you can't say it was perfect :p

  3. Lakshmi

    hai shruthy….first of all it was an amazing one….well written…and yep i was wandering to read all the ffs here for 2 weeks…missed u all…ab exams sab khatham ho gaya….now I will be active again here….and ya mine will also post tomorrow…..

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Laki! <3 Nice to know. Hope you did well on your exams. 🙂 Yeah reading yours daily though I am unable to comment properly :/
      Btw where have you found your DP? THey look so cute

      1. Lakshmi

        welcome…exams toh bohat acha tha..its all becoz of ur prayers…its ok..I know u all can’t comment… but whenever u get time just send a private msg..I will be very happy…
        oh my dp..i just type remo songs on google images..then only I got this cover pic is just amazing and super cool than this…first I selected that one as dp but their faces r not coming properly so I changed…
        tell me if u r in fb I will send u the pics..

    2. Shruthy

      Happy to know that <3
      No it's just that Tellyupdates on phone is quite horrible to comment :/
      Oh nice <3 Oh yeah I have seen it too. They look so adorable. *__* In fact, along with Sri Divya and Priya Anand, Keerthi is really a nice pair for Siva <3 Oh well you could have squared the picture 🙂
      No I am not :/ but it's ok I will find one day xD

      1. Lakshmi

        yeah its very difficult to log in frm mobile…so I prefer computer..
        haan love the pairing with sri divya and keerthy…priya anand is ok ok..but in all love the actor sk….
        shruthy its a lenghty can’t include their faces..but I am finding a new one to replace it…

    3. Shruthy

      I love the three of them sith SK. But yeah, I am a big fan of him since his anchoring days. He was outstanding as an anchor. Damn funny…
      No yaar. Squaring means you can add a white background so that you can have a square pic.
      The one you have now is way too cute also. OMG they look so adorable *___* Going gaga!!

  4. Aiswarya

    Di it was not at all boring
    Sorry for not commenting in the previous episodes but I used to read it
    Di when I come to the comments section I used get blank nothing used to come in my mind ??
    Don’t worry di u got a new commenter na

    1. Shruthy

      Thank you Aiswarya <3 Don't worry, I don't mind when people don't. I just felt myself that my stories were becoming so boring. That's all.
      Lol that happens to me sometimes. I wish to write a lot but then, no idea. –'

    It was not boring at all…….. It was really awesome dear…… Go on ……. I don’t have to repeat FFs on IKRS has always been on my heart….. No matter how many stories come up and confuse me….. But all are in my heart and mind……
    Keep going dear…..
    Love you for the lovely story ???

    1. Shruthy

      Thanks Sujie <3 You are so cute really.

  6. Areeb

    Hey Sruthy! Gosh! You write so well! ? And it really makes me crazy when suddenly the episode gets ended. ? Khair, as they say; Patience is virtue. ? So overcoming my emotions. Hmm. So, start was good. That Dupatay wala part was good. Though I thought Dhaani will misunderstand that Viplav is holding her stroller. ? My favorite scene was that, Viplav waiting to reassure Dhaani’s state till he found her with her friend. That was so well written! ? The precap.. I hope it’s not Kamini returning back! * fear of kamini * ? Excited to know who that person is. If Dhaani then also!
    Ah, yaar. Don’t say that you are not getting genuine response. Here everyone is enjoying each fiction same goes with yours. We are loving it. But ya, the number of comments are decreasing as many members are busy these days. But you don’t worry ( I’m sure you are not worrying, tho. ? ) we are enjoying it! ?

    1. Shruthy

      That’s really sweet of you Areeb <3 LOL I write long episodes you know. xD More than 1200+ characters. Yeah, I cut my episodes depending on the number of characters too…
      True say! But honestly telling, even I cannot get patient for long.
      LOL she is maybe quite innocent, she believes him :p
      Aww glad you liked that part <3 I was even in dream mode while writing that part. But haan, though you guys think it is well written, I think I have to make more effort to write better :/
      Haha Kaamini has such an effect kya? xD
      I don't mind getting less comments, because I just share what I feel, what I imagine whenever I see ViDha. But I just fear that people don't like it and so I feel I might not post anymore. That's all…

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