Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story (Episode 1)

Episode 1

A woman (the face is not shown), along with the darkness and the loneliness around her, walks fast. Even the sky was looking upset.

(voices that echo in her mind) “This girl is unlucky”

She rubs her face with her hand, cleaning her wet cheeks.

“Who would marry such a girl? Even if someone gets married, this girl’s fate will kill him.”

She keeps walking and stops suddenly reaching a place. Looking down, it seemed to be a fall. She stays there looking at that fall (still shown from the back).

“Born, she made her mother become a widow killing her father. And now, she even killed her mother. Such an unlucky girl.”

She slowly closes her eyes letting some tears fall from them.

“(with love) Dhaani!”

She suddenly opens her eyes widely and looks in front of her shocked (camera slowly captures her from her feet and goes backwards letting us see her entirely).

Dhaani : Mah! You are here somewhere, aren’t you ?

She looks around her and sees nobody. She then cries more.

A jeep is seen coming there. A man, lost in some deep thoughts, drives the vehicle.

“Woman voice : I am sorry, but I don’t love you anymore. Let’s part ways.”

He changes the gear.

“Woman’s voice : We were never made for each other.

Man voice : How can you this Kamini ? Don’t you know how much I love you?

Woman voice : But I don’t Viplav… Goodbye!”

He suddenly stops the vehicle and putting his two hands on the steering wheel, lays his head on them before leaning it on his seat.

Dhaani : You also left me alone. How will we live in this world now? (looks at the sky) I want to live with you.

She slowly looks down with fear because of the depth.

Viplav looks straight and sees the empty sky in front of him. He suddenly notices a figure standing there alone.

Viplav : Who can it be… at this time?

He looks at it concentrated and realizes it was not a safe place and that the person was looking down at the depth. He gets down of his jeep tensed and runs towards that person. Once close to her, he slows his running.

Viplav : (shouts) Who is there?

The sound of someone shouting makes Dhaani turn back shocked towards that voice. The way she turns back, her left leg goes backward and slips on the rocks.

Dhaani : (shouts) Mah!

Viplav : (sees she was going to fall, forwarding his arm towards her) Hey! Careful!

Dhaani falls on her back forwarding her arms in the air and closes her eyes. Because of fear and shock, she loses her consciousness not having the effort to open her eyes.

(The scene gets darker when she falls into unconsciousness.)

(voices heard while she is unconscious) “Oh dear! Oh madam! Wake up. Oh God!”

Sound of vehicle’s motor getting started… vehicles passing near them… ambulance… people talking… weels of stretcher running fast…

“Woman voice : She is now fine. There is no need to worry.

Man voice : Thank you doctor!”

Few minutes later, the screen gets open again as Dhaani’s eyes are getting open. She gets blinded because of the brightness in the place. Finally her eyes able to get open entirely, she looks around her confused and tensed. The room was silent and none was there, except her laid in a bed. She tries to sit on the bed when her hand slips. Suddenly she feels someone holding her arm and turns to look at that direction. She sees a man who was trying to help her. Finding it difficult to help her only holding her hand, he goes to hold her waist but suddenly stops himself. Realising what he was going to do, he looks at her embarrassed while she was looking down trying to sit on the bed. He then looks somewhere else and leaves her hand as she was finally able to make it by herself.

Viplav : Are you ok ?

Dhaani looks at him shocked as she would have never thought someone would have even asked her such a question to her after her mother. She, who was was badly treated by the people around her, is being questioned by care.

Viplav : I am asking you. Are you ok or not ?

She innocently and slowly nods her head which makes him get relieved. Suddenly, she reminds of her last moments and the state in which she was a while ago.

Dhaani : (looks down) How am I here ?

Viplav : Actually… Your leg got slipped, you were going to fall from there and…

Dhaani : That means I didnt fall?

Viplav : Hmm.. No. I caught you before you could even fall. And then suddenly you faint. So I brought you here.

Dhaani : Why did you save me ? Better have let me die.

Viplav : Excuse me ? Dont tell me that along with your consciousness, you even lost your senses there.

Dhaani was looking down sad.

Viplav : By the way… What were you doing there alone? What if something happened to you?

Dhaani : What could even happen ? And who are you to tell me what I should do or not ?
Viplav : For your kind information I saved you from death. Even if you don’t want to thank me, at least act like being thankful.

Dhaani : When someone spoils your work, do you thank him?

Viplav : (confused) Were you … really … going to suicide there?

Dhaani looks down when a tear falls from her eye. Viplav gets sad hearing this but also angry.

Viplav : Look! I don’t like interfering in people’s life. But still I ask you. Why such a decision ?

Dhaani gets shocked hearing such words from someone’s mouth. She would have never expected someone else than her mother being so caring with her. She stares at him while Viplav looks at her confused. He suddenly wakes her up waving his hand in front of her face.

Viplav : What? Tell me what happened. Because of what you took such a decision.

Dhaani : (looks down) What will you do knowing ? And … I dont want to talk about this to anyone.

Viplav : Sometimes when you share your pain with someone, then your mind will get relief. That’s why I am telling. Whatever it is, don’t keep your inside shut to the world.

Precap – Dhaani is reading a letter and looks shocked.

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  1. Yuckkkkkk old gf is kamini…. Hmmm let’s see what happens next……. Good start … Suspense….. Keep going..

    1. I needed a name and this one flashed in my mind xD
      Thank you! <3

  2. Wow good one Shruthy and kamini his girlfriend ewww!!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I wanted to wait that I finish my first story but dont know, ended posting it :/
      Haha I just needed a name. If you want you can imagine Tanya in it :p

  3. Brilliant shuruthy.. loved it? keep rocking!!

    1. Thank you Maha <3

  4. Shrutty u have written superb like a professional writer n yr style matches to my dear kavya. Had i not seen yr name would have credited this to her only?

    1. Oh this is so overwhelming <3 Thank you so much Renu! But I dont feel being worth for such praises 🙂
      Oh that's ok. I wouldn't have taken it wrong btw

    2. Renu dear I can see how much you like my ff and missing my ff through your comments, I want to come back soon with new ff for u, so wait for few days will meet soon…..☺
      And shruthy it was amazing and your narration was too good….. And I love the way you shaping the character of vidhaani…. looking forward your up coming episodes…..☺

      1. Oh thanks a lot 🙂 trying my best to write well!
        Thanks a lot! Hopefully you will like them as well

  5. shruthy….fantastic….. go on….

    1. Thank you Sujie <3

  6. shruthy awesome……good start….more to come…..and the cover pic its aww…..

    1. Thanks Vimi!
      Oh thanks. Tried something that could suit to the story, dont know how it came actually. But glad you like it 🙂

  7. Hai shruthy awesome and good one. Written superbly and it is something touching????

    1. Thank you Latha <3

  8. Awesome start.. Yaar you write sooo well… How can you?? Can you tell me whats your age and currently studying or what??
    I could feel as if i am actually not reading but watching it on the camera showing her back…then finally her face..everything brilliantly described
    God bless you..!! Keep rocking 😀

    1. Thank you Arshi. 🙂 Oh no that’s wrong. I dont write well man ?
      I am 19 and studying accountancy ? What about you ?
      Awww that’s so sweet of you! Glad you like it.
      God bless you too ?

      1. I just turned 18 on 5th june
        Preparing for medical entrance exams.
        Live in haryana.
        Where you live??

    2. Oh that’s cool. So it was your birthday? Oh man i didnt know that! Belated happy birthday dear!
      I am turning 20 on Oct 3rd 🙂
      Well are you on insta or twitter? Will send you a gift 🙂
      I live in Paris (France)

      1. Thank youu soo much shruthy for the wishes??
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      Well I cant watch it on TV unfortunately but yeah watching online. Which is quite helpful as I can easily take caps and manage my fanpages and stories being online. Anyways… Do you ?

      1. I actually got a gift from UK on my bday..From nimisha didi..we became frnds or can call us sisters here only?
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    4. I was telling about about edit ? But anyways …
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      I sometimes read the updates before reading. Like when Dhaani and Viplav were arguing and all, I used to read because I dont like seeing them fighting. ? But now I am watching with lots of excitement ?
      And yeah, not forcing you, but I have an Insta page dedicated to the show. So if you have time and if you wish to, you can go through it 🙂 (link in my name)

      1. I think i misunderstood ? sorry
        How interfering..??
        And you did not get me even…dont say kabab me haddi please..everyday many new join us in our family…and we are always glad to have them…
        I am sure once you will comment everyone will whole heartedly welcome you. I will be very happy atleast to chat with you too daily over there
        Please do it once.,please?

        OMG i did not know theres a link attached to your name.. How you do it?
        Loved the pics????❤
        And downloaded your cover pic too???
        Thank you?

    5. No problem! And ok if you wish, I will comment once ? that’s so sweet of you to welcome new fans so 🙂 will be glad to meet some also 🙂
      Oh it’s simple. You just have to add the link in the case “website” and your done will be tied to a link?

      1. And glad you loved the pics ?❤️

      2. Okay got it.. 😀
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  9. Awesome epi….. u write soo well and plz upload the next part soon

    1. Oh thanks a lot! Glad to know though i know how bad my writing is. ?
      Yeah sure. May be tonight so tomorrow morning for you all

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