When destiny become cupid ( Kanchi fs) by Niyu – Shot 6

His Kanchians?, Niyu is back with next part. Anyone miss me well i miss everyone??.I know it’s already too late but I am busy with my studies. A big thanks to all who comment on previous post .


Recap – Sanchi mix chilli power in Kabir’s coffee


He is still hold her by waist & both are lost in each others eyes. Suddenly, he realized what she had done with him & leave her on the floor.

Sanchi : Ouch….Girana tha to pakda kyun.

Kabir : That is my mistake….

Sanchi : It’s OK…..don’t be sorry …I have really big heart…I forgive u?

Kabir : Wait a sec….I don’t say sorry.

Sanchi : I know  … But u say na  that’s my mistake.

Kabir(smirk) : I mean that it’s my mistake to hold u ??.

Sanchi : How dare u ?

Kabir : This question is mine how dare u to mix chilli powder in my coffee??

Sanchi(with great innocence) : Oh God…..U accused on me without any proof…..I don’t do this.??

Kabir : Really….Am i looking fool to u.

Sanchi : If u say, then u are fool.?

Kabir is shocked .

Kabir : Shut up !

Sanchi : Don’t u have any work other than scolding me.?

Kabir (in mind) : Bachao koi mujhe is pagal ladki se.?

Kabir : I will give u these files to complete .

Sanchi : But why ?? ….This much work….i am not machine Hitler…i mean Sir.??

Kabir : Bcoz this is ur punishment for troubling ur senior.

Sanchi : Okk….I am going in record room.

He remembered last time incident.

Kabir : Noo….not at all…u sit here & do ur work infront of my eyes.

Sanchi : I am going in hostel…

Kabir : No, I don’t want that ur friends help u in any manner…..Just sit down & start ur work now.

Sanchi sit on chair & start doing her work while cursing Kabir. She look at him who is busy on his work.

Sanchi : Khadoos…..man to Kar raha hai gala daba dun?(in mind).

After some time –

Sanchi done her work & scream in excitement . Kabir’s all files fall down from his hand after getting a shock from her.

Kabir : What the hell is this . Why are u shouting like a maniac.

Sanchi : I am complete my work….so tell u.

Kabir : U have planned to tell me or whole hospital.??

Sanchi : Now i am going….

Kabir : Wait….i will drop u ….it’s not safe to go alone in night.

Sanchi : Bas kar di na aapne typical ladkon wali baat….kya akele nahi jana chaiye raat ko…..Meri life main kuch bhi karun…jeeun ya marun…??

Kabir placed his fingers on her lips. She look at him .

Kabir : How much u speak….Everytime u start ur chatterbox…..blah….blah.

She jerked his hand.

Sanchi : I am going….now i will challege u ….i don’t need ur help,..Get it….

She leave .

Kabir : O God….Where am i stuck,….She is impossible .

He followed her .

She walking alone in road when some goons start teasing her . She royally ignore them but they pass comment on her while singing a song. Now, this is unbearable for Kabir. He open his car’s door & come outside . He is about to help her but he become shocked after seeing scene in front of his eyes.Sanchi move toward the goons & sit beside them.

Sanchi : Bhaiya Aaap toh bhot acca gaate ho….Chaliye na Antakshari khelte hai??

Goons are shocked but they are confused more than shocked while Kabir patted his forehead.??

Sanchi : Are kya hua….Aapko gaana yaad nahi aa raha….main hi gaati hun.??

She start singing while closing her eyes.

Kabir move toward them & whisper in one of them ears.

Kabir : Agar bachna chahte ho is Psycho se toh bhag lo.?

Goons are really scared from her behaviour & fled from there??

Sanchi : Am i looking like Ghost, Why they become invisible….i mean why are they run like this.??

Kabir start laughing like a maniac.

Sanchi is confused.

Sanchi : Are u out of ur mind….Am i looking joker to u…Why are u laughing???

Kabir start laughing even more louder & this make Sanchi more irritating.

Kabir : You are this much horrible that goons are also scared from u .??

Sanchi : Hahaa….They are scared from ur khadoos face.??

Kabir : Ohh…okk….Let’s  sit in the car….u already done so much drama.

Sanchi : I never come with u Hitler….You stand here & continue ur lauging like Ravan??

Kabir : You are too stubborn….I asked from u last time….u come with me or not.

Sanchi : If u ask thousand times to me , then also my reply is NO.??

Kabir lift her in his arms & move toward Car.

Sanchi : Leave me….i said …Bachao….Ye khadoos se chehre wala Rakshas mujhe kidnap kar raha hai….anyone help me..???

He placed her on Car’s seat but she still shouting.

Kabir : Shut up Sanchi otherwise i will stick tape on ur mouth.?

Sanchi become silent  while he start driving.

Precap- Sanchi ignore Kabir…..but why ???

————————————————————-Sorry for late update guys….busy with studies & school  . I know many of u expect a action episode like Kabir come in rescue of Sanchi but i already told u that i am crazy girl who believe in women empowerment & non-violence. So always expect craziest things from my ff?.Kindly Ignore grammatical & spelling errors….Do comment & press like/dislike button. Be happy & Stay Safe . Keep Smiling?



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  1. Riru

    DI it’s ovio we all missed u a lot . coming back to epi it was awesome amazing fab fantastic etc etc. bye tc luv u

    1. Niyati

      Aww…thank u so much for ur comment lil sis…glad that u like this & miss me…ya, will update soon & lots of love to u

  2. Priyanshipp

    Di. …..how cum we won’t miss u…..I missed u a lot. ……ur ff is one my fav ff. It was awesome. ….superb. ……mindblowing episode di. U know what di what saanchi did with goons was someway similar to my bio ma’ams story. When I was in 7th she told about one incident. Everyday she used to go to tution when she was young. ….one boy sang a song whenever she passed from there. 2 3 days he continued. …and when she saw it became his habit so she went to him and said bhaiya aap bohot acha gaate ho. Or gaiye na. …..he was happy after listening this and he started singing. …then my ma’am called the nearby men. ….and they beat him very badly. ….and after that day that boy was never sighted again. .?????bohot bak bak kiya na. Kya karu aadat se mazboor.
    Luv u loads. Take care and update asap ab koi bahana nhi chalega.

    1. Niyati

      Hey ….thank u lil sis for ur comment…Glad that u like this….I also miss u a lot sweetie….I know I am also this habit of bak bak??…..I really like that u share ur feelings….ya, will update soon & lots of love to u.

  3. Aafiya

    Awesome… I missed you and your ff… Post soon.. All the best for your studies..

    1. Niyati

      Aww…thanks my sweet friend…glad that u like this….miss also u a lot & thanks for ur wishes….ya, will update soon & lots of love.

  4. It was awesomm…..love u

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear for ur comment….glad that u like this…love u too.

  5. Reebamathew

    Awesome cutiepie 🙂

    1. Niyati

      Aww…thanks di for ur comment….glad that u like this….lots of love.

  6. Amazing…. Loved it …… I couldnt stop laughing

    1. Niyati

      Aww…thanks dear for ur comment…glad that I brought smile on ur face…lots of love.

  7. Neha7873

    Nice one Niyu ! Love you

    1. Niyati

      Aww..thanks di for ur comment…glad that u like this….love u too.

  8. How are you yaar…… . please yaar update soon…………..So so beautiful and amazing episode yaar………kabir and sanchi’s fight is fantastic…….

    1. Niyati

      I am fine dost….what about u….thanks for ur comment…glad that u like this…ya, will update soon & lots of love.

  9. So so beautiful episode

    1. Niyati

      Thanks again dear.

  10. studies are important dear
    you are taking time and giving this which makes us smile sometimes tears
    but today i can’t stop smiling dear
    love u loadsssssss

    1. Niyati

      Aww…thanks for ur such a heart-touching comment dear….Glad that I brought smile on ur face….Thank u for understanding me….Ya, will update soon & lots of love to u.

  11. Oh ho damn. Good I also not like Larai jhagra. It’s really funniest update. It’s make me smile otherwise I m dishearten that many member of kanchi family are quitting the show. Please everyone do come back soon.

    1. Niyati

      Aww…thanks di for ur comment…glad that u like this & u don’t worry our kanchi members will be back soon…I trust on them.. Ya, will update soon & lots of love.

  12. Riyarocks

    hey bhagwaan…….abhi tak mere iss pett mein dard kar raha hai has haske…….Dr.Niyu ko bulaao…….mere iss chotu sa petu ke ilaaj ke liye…….haha………yaar….kamaal ka tha……ek dum teri tarah;)….& ye line…”Bachao….Ye khadoos se chehre wala Rakshas mujhe kidnap kar raha hai….anyone help me”……kamaal hai…..& main samajh sakti hoon…..padhai se fursat mile, tabhi toh koi likh payega naa…….but haan……tere updates ke liye…..intezaar kar paana…..mushkil hi nahi……naamoomkin hai;P……luv u dherrrrrrrrrrr saara choti………gud nt…….tc……

    1. Niyati

      Aww…thanks for ur cute comment…glad that u like this….agli update se theek kar dungi dard? ….Ya, will update very soon & lots of love to u….Take care di.

  13. Dhruti

    my my my what an episode dear it was just superb, mind blowing ff
    i just wanna hug you for this ff
    how sanchi sing a song with goons and how kabir react,he he i also react same and make o shape face what an episode dear!!!!
    dear after this i will not able to comment because of my exams starts on thursday so i hope u understand me…………………
    love you and a lots of hugs and kisses for you…………………

    1. Niyati

      Aww …..thank u so much di for ur comment…glad that u like this….I understand di…All the very best for ur exams….lots of hugs & kisses to u .

  14. Hey niyu maine tumhe sachchi miss nahi kiya…… Kyunki tum mujhe bhulne hi kab deti ho…hehe… Btw epi is super duper excited just like u… Arrey harr barr hero heroine ko bachaye aisa t nahi tumne aaj qubool hai show ki yaad dila di.. Aaj to main bahut khush hun pehle match IND vs NZ dekhkar or ab tera ff.. Aaj ka din mera safal ho gaya..haha.. Lovv u chotti.. Post ur another ff rahashay… Tc and all the best for ur studies..

    1. Niyati

      Hey Niya di thanks a ton for such a sweet comnent….glad that u like this….I also love Qubool hai & Asya too…..Ya, will update soon & lots of love & a very big hug to u.

  15. RuCh23

    Oh god!!! I’m still laughing ???. Amazing epi Niyu ??? so good. It was really entertaining to see (well read) that goons scene without fight. The way you turn the whole scene in to a comedy scene was so awesome!!! Missed you so much lil sis ???

    1. Niyati

      Aww… Thanks Ruwani dear for ur comment…glad that u like this & I become reason for ur smile….It realky means a lot to me….thanks a ton…ya, will update soon & lots of love to u.

  16. Super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely niyu?????? kabir and saanchi’s fighting is awesome and sooo funny ?????

    1. Niyati

      Aww…thanks for ur comment dear…glad that u like this…ya, wilk update soon & lots of love.

  17. Just lv it dear and plz update soon nd be4 epsd give a recap plz..

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear for ur comment….glad that u like this…..ya, will update soon & I add recap dear in top column….

  18. Wow amazingly written .?? i loved it

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Cadbury for ur comment….glad that u like this …..luv u a lot.

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