When destiny become cupid ( Kanchi fs) by Niyu – Shot 5

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RECAP – Sanchi become unconscious while saving Kabir from boxes.


Kabir become tensed after seeing her state. He hold her in his arms & move toward ward. He gently place her on bed & call the nurse. PraIshVeer are shocked after listening that Sanchi is injured.

He start cleaning her wound . PraIshVeer entered there.

Pragya : Sir ,What happen to Sanchi ?

Kabir : She get injury on her head .

Isha : But how ?

Kabir : Boxes were fell on her in record room. She get consciousness after some time till then u all three do ur duty.

Veer : But we take care of her.

Kabir : No need to do this….I am here.

They trio move outside after giving weird expression to Kabir.?

Pragya : Hitler….Khadoos…hum log kya Sanchi ko jaan se maar dete to hum log nahi ruk sakte.

Isha : Shut up Pragya ! Hum kar bhi kya sakte hai.

Veer : Exactly…..Let’s go to our duty otherwise that Khadoos give record room duty…..oh God , if next time boxes are fell on me, then my handsome face.???

Isha & Pragya nods their head in disbelief .

Pragya : Nalayak,Abhi tumhara chehra kon sa SRK jaisa hai .??

Isha : Continue ur day dreaming Veer.

Veer : Hahaa…..You both say like this ur faces is looking like miss world….??

On other side –

He is still sitting beside her holding her hand.Sanchi is unconscious from last an hour & this make Kabir more worried. After ten minutes, she finally become conscious .

Sanchi : Hitler….oops ….i mean Sir…u here.?

Kabir : First u take medicine, then we talk.

Sanchi : No way….i am fine.

Kabir : Shut up ! Just take it.

Sanchi stand on bed.

Sanchi : Do u think that i am sick….just look at me i am fit & fine.

Kabir : This Girl na….Sanchi, sit down now. How could u behave like a child.

Sanchi : Bas shuru kar diya aapne apna tape recorder.???

Kabir is hell irritated with this.He hold her hand & pull her down. As a result she fall on him & they both share eyelock. She get up.??

Kabir : Now, enough of ur drama….take it otherwise i will give record room duty.

Sanchi : Bas aapko brahmastra hi use karna aata hai??

He keep medicine on her hand & give her water glass. She take it & Kabir take a deep breath after done this impossible task.

Sanchi : It’s bitter.

Kabir : Medicine hai chocolate nahi jo meethi (sweet) hogi.

Sanchi : There is no difference between this medicine & you….both are bitter.?

Kabir : Ya, there is no difference between this glass & ur mind….both are empty.??

Sanchi is burning in anger while he leave from there.??

Sanchi : Khadoos .. U have to pay for this.

Next morning –

Sanchi : Are u guys ready .

Pragya : Tumhe marna hai toh maro , hum logon ko kyun marwa rahi ho.

Isha : We don’t do this.

Sanchi : You guys are my friend…..You have to agree otherwise….

Veer : Otherwise What…

Sanchi : Pair pakdu kya tum logo ke.??

Veer : I am ready…first touched the feet , then only i will help u.

Sanchi (smirk) : Hmm….Why not.

She stamped on his foot.

Sanchi : Now, anyone of u have confsion regarding my help.

They trio move their head in negative.

Veer : What’s the need of doing this.

Sanchi : I want to teach him a lesson.

Pragya : Ye toh pakka humara ram nam satya karwakar chodogi.??

Isha : Right…..

Sanchi : You guys know about our plan…i remind u one more time….our mission is mix the chilli powder in Hitler’s coffee.

Veer : I am going to take him out of the cabin & u do ur work.

He move toward his cabin.

Veer : Sir, Plzz come with me. I want ur help in my patient’s case.

Kabir nods his head .They both leave .

Sanchi enter in the cabin.

Sanchi : Khadoos….Now u know Who is Sanchi mishra.

She smirk & mix chilli powder in coffee. She start dancing in happiness.??

Veer tried to stop him but he move toward his cabin after scolding veer .

Veer : Now i am gone from both the sides…..if i don’t stop him , then Miss Golgappa kill me or if i tried once more time to stop khadoos, the n he kill me.??

Isha & Pragya saw Kabir moving toward his cabin. They tried to warn Sanchi but she is busy in her dreams .

Sanchi : Haye…jab khadoos is coffee ko piyega,toh kitna maza aayega.??

Kabir(from behind) : Dr .Sanchi, What are u doing here.

Sanchi : Man main shanka….lag gayi lanka.(in mind).

Sanchi : I am here to give u files which u gave me to complete.

Kabir : Umm…Files…Where are files ? There is no files in ur hand or files are invisible like ur brain.?

Sanchi : I forget…?

She run outside in hurry & peeping from outside the door. He sit on his chair & hold his coffee mug. He take a sip of coffee.

Kabir : Itni mirchi…..I need water.

He move here & there in the whole cabin.He start drinking water from jug while Sanchi start laughing .

Kabir sighed .

Kabir : I don’t spare that person who do this prank….??

He realized that someone on door while she is busy in laughing after seeing his condition. He open the door with a jerk & Sanchi fall. She is about to touch the floor but he hold her by her waist.

PRECAP – Some goons teases Sanchi.


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  9. Niyu yaar it was tooo funny episode…. Aur sanchi toh apni hi duniya mai kho e rehti hai!! Aab kabir usse chodne wala nahi hai!!! Amazing part yaar! Waiting for next part dear… Love u loads…

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  10. Riyarocks

    Niyu yaar……..tussi bade kamaal kitta……….too good……sooooooooooo hilarious & the lines…
    Sanchi : There is no difference between this medicine & you….both are bitter.?
    Kabir : Ya, there is no difference between this glass & ur mind….both are empty.??……& veer,ishprasan convo regarding the plan………has haske lott pott ho rahi thi…………too good choti……..a badi waali jaadu ki jhappi………luv u dherrrrrrrrr saaraaaaaaaa………..

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  14. Super good yaar…guys I saw today episode sanchi tells the truth to kabir BT he was In bang effect so he laughing in episode BT I am really bad for kabir after bang how will he react oh my god my heart is broken…. Kash kanchi pair ho…..

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