When destiny become cupid ( Kanchi fs) by Niyu – Shot 3

Hii Kanchians, hope u are all fine. Niyu is back with next part. So sorry for late update guys.

RECAP – Sanchi misunderstood Kabir as P.a ( personal assistant).

Sanchi is still running behind Veer . Suddenly, she collide with Dr. Kabir. She is about to fall when he hold her by waist. They both lost in each others eyes.

Kabir : Can’t u walk properly..

Sanchi : Leave me…

Kabir : Are u sure ??

Sanchi : Ya, very sure.

Kabir : As ur wish…

He leave her on the floor .

Sanchi : Ouch….What you had done ??

Kabir : You only want this.

He ignore her & leave from there while She give weird expression to him.

Sanchi(in mind) : Ughh….Khadoos… He don’t know me…..agar mafi nahi mangwayi toh mera naam Sanchi nahi.

Sanchi patted on Veer’s head .

Veer : Ouch….Miss Golgappa.

Sanchi : You….Don’t tried to play such stupid pranks on me again…….Get it.

Veer nods her head while trio move from there.

In Morning :-

Pragya : Abe o mahaani…..we are getting late & You are doing make up.

Isha : This is for first impression….

Pragya : Kitna bhi make up kar lo shakal toh tumahi bandariya jaisi hi lagegi.

Isha : Tum toh jaise Miss universe lagti hun.

They both notice Sanchi is lost somewhere.

Pragya : Kon si duniya main ho be tum….do saal baad taiyar hogi ka

Isha : Sanchi…..Go get ready….You are getting late.

She move toward hostel washroom. After getting shower , she realized that door is stuck as it is not opened. She tried many time & her all efforts go in vain. At last, She get it that it is a prank of Veer who locked her in bathroom as she get late.

Sanchi : Veer ke bacche….. Chodungi nahi tujhe.

Sanchi banged the door but no one listen her voice.

On other side they both are sitting in class.

Pragya : Ye maharani kaha reh gayi….marwayegi ye paglet ladki.

Isha : I also feel same, if she didn’t come on time….Dr. Kabir dismissed her.

Sanchi continuously banged the door & at last sweeper opened it.

Sanchi start running with
bullet train speed. She clashed with Dr. Kabir & all the files fall down which is in his hand. Pages are mixed & all his effort go in vain.

He nods her head in disbelief with great irritation.

Sanchi : Oh Shit……Brake hi nahi lagaya(in mind).

Pragya : Bhagwaan ji, please sanchi ko single piece main hi bhejna….aapko na main apni chocolate chadaungi prasad main.(praying while closing her eyes).

Isha : There is no need Pragya bcoz she is gone now.

Kabir : Is this any manner to behave….If you don’t know how to walk, then how are u going to become responsible doctor…..i never saw irresponsible person like you.

Sanchi : Hitler…oops ….I mean Sir, it’s not my mistake……

Kabir : Then,it’s my mistake…right.

Sanchi : If u are accepted…then it’s yours.

Kabir : Shut up ! You are late & now u are not going to attend the class.

Sanchi : I am reached here before u……….

Kabir : I give u record room duty for today …..& u manage those files which u destroyed.

Sanchi make puppy faces while he enter in Class.

After some time –

In Kabir’s cabin :-

Kabir : Dr. Sanchi , here are ur files. I don’t believe who behave this much irrisponsible…….blah..blah

He continuously scolding her .

Sanchi : Ab Pani sir se upar jaa raha hai…..aisa kon sa atom bomb gira diya inke sir par ki itni der se bakbak kiye jaa rahe hai (in mind) .

Sanchi pick glass of water & throw on his face . Kabir is shocked & he don’t know how to react as he never experienced??.

He swiped away water & look at her who is smirking.

Kabir : What the hell is this !

Sanchi : Water….Don’t tell me u don’t know.

Kabir : You ……Why u throw on me.

Sanchi : Bcoz u are going to blasted like Volcano….Calm down.

Kabir : You silly girl….who told u to do this.

Sanchi : You know i have done favour on you…..if ur mind was blasted, then…..You should say thank u to me.

Kabir’s anger now reached on the cloud 9

Kabir : How dare u ?

Sanchi : I am always daring.

Kabir : You know what…..go to hell…

Sanchi : I am going in hell, than u only do ur record duty.?

Kabir is shocked as he have no answer.

Kabir : Dr. Sanchi ……Complete this files & go in record room.

Sanchi : Jaa hi rahi hu….itna mare kyu jaa rahe hai aap.

She leave from there while Kabir ?? give shocking look as how he tolerate her for whole internship period.

Kabir : Ohh God….jaan bachi is pagal ladki se.


Sanchi become unconscious in record room.


Hope u enjoy & don’t get bored with this…. Anyone want to show some pity on our poor kabir….how he going to tolerate her……Drop down ur comment & suggestions . Be happy & Stay safe.

One more question anyone wants Chantomain Riya’s interference in Kanchi’s life for twist…..I know i told u that i hate villains & this is a cute nok-jhok , sweet story but if u found it boring without villains , then add ur wish in ur comment. If u want to suggest anything & want some change in storyline, want romantic scenes ….just add it in ur comment . I will try to reach ur expactations…

Kindly Ignore grammatical & spelling errors. Don’t throw chameli on me. Keep smiling ?.



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  1. wow ammmmmmmmaaaaaazzzzzing…

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Meghu …..hope u don’t mind sweetie . Glad that u found it amazing. Lots of love to u.

  2. RuCh23

    ??? Kabir would rather go to hell and live with Yama Raaj than tolerating Sanchi ??? oh gad Niyu it was too good yaar!!! I was dying laughing ??? Sanchi surely has lot of courage to talk back to Kabir ???

    1. Niyati

      Hey thanks sweetie pie for your comment . Glad that i become the reason for your smile.Ya, u are right Kabir would go to hell & live with Yamaraj than tolerating this toofan…hehe…Keep reading & lots of love to u sweetie.

  3. Wow,fntstic epsd.. Dn’t u dare to call it boring..plz Want 2 see jealousy kabir,,kanchi lots of romance scens,,kindly dn’t want that idiot ria.. Lv u dear..

    1. Niyati

      Aww, so sweet of u dear. Thanks for your comment.I wil reach ur expactations & lots of love to u dear,

  4. Wow,,fntstic epsd.. And,dn’t u dare 2 call that outstnding ff boring.. Plz want 2 see jealousy kabir,, lots of kanchi romance,,kindly dn’t want that idiot ria..#

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Tumpamoni.

  5. So so beautiful story

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear for ur comment . Glad that u like it .luv u dear

  6. when sanchi water throws i just remembered shivika*ishqbaaz)
    loved it alot dear
    amazing fab plz update asap next one
    eager to read dear

    1. Niyati

      Hehe…..Shivika & Kanchi both are my favourite . Thanks sweetie for your comment. Glad that u like this.Ya, will post very soon & lots of love to u.

  7. Neha7873

    Nice one niyu

    1. Niyati

      Thank u didu, glad that u like this .Lots of love to u.

  8. Dhruti

    niyu it was superb, comedy kind of ff but i love it….kabir and sanchi’s sweet fight i missed a lot their fight…..noe kabir knows who is sanchi ( i mean don’t panga with her kind of)!!! he he……..yaa you can add ria because story me villain na ho to maza nahi aayega!!! and also add some romantic scenes if you want………………please update soon can’t wait for it…………..love you sweetie……tc……………

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thanks for ur comment didu…..i write comedy only as i want to make laugh everyone…..glad tht u like this…..Now Kabir know who is Sanchi……hehe…Ya, i will sure add some romantic scenes & update very soon. Lots of love to u my didu.Good morning & tc.

  9. Flyingfatty

    Jhakkas episode dear swteee
    *Sanchi threw water on his face*

      1. Niyati

        Hey Alia thank u dear for ur comment . Luv u dear & glad that u like this.

    1. Niyati

      Hey my latest friend, thank u sooo much for ur comment . Glad that u love this. Lots of love to u sweetie.

      1. Flyingfatty


  10. Priyanshipp

    Gazab .??it was hilarious episode dear.
    Kabir in dilemma how’s he going to manage our rocking shocking saanchi??? nd ya I don’t want riya coz this story is tooooooooooo much interesting without riya. Post as soon as possible dear. Can’t wait anymore for next episode.

    1. Niyati

      Aww, so sweet of u dear . Thanks for your sweet comment . Glad that u ove this & Ya, i feel pity on Kabir how he going to tolerate sanchi…..kabir shocked & sanchi rocked….hehe…just kidding . I try to reach ur expactations . Ya,will post very soo & luv u too dear.

  11. Niyaaa

    Awsome niyu ek dum toofani epi.. Kabir ki toh bolti hi band ho gayi soch raha hoga isse better to main hell me hi chala jaun.kya bala h… itna hasate h sanchi to anika se bhi two kadam aage nikal gayi.. Nd mujhe nahi lagta ria ka koi fayda h bechara kabir ek ko jhel nahi paa raha do ko kaise sambhalega sanchi hi kafi h uske liye.. main has has k bed se gir gayi nd mummy unka reaction puchcho mat.. Nd btw agar ria ko lana chaho to la sakti ho kyunki mujhe pata h sanchi usse bhi nahi jine degi bechara kabir jab pani feka hoga wo reaction main soch soch ke hi pagla gayi lovv u soooooo much nd thanks for an amaz ff… Bas post nxt asap..can’t wait any more

    1. Niyati

      Hey didu, thanks for ur lovely wala comment….ab sanchi toofani , toh episode toofani…Ya, di Sanchi is more daring than Anika…hehe….kya bed s gir gaye, agli baar aisa na likhungi mujhe jail ho jayegi didu logon ko bed se girane ke liye….hehe…just kidding. Glaf that u like this…..It really means a lot to me . Luv u sooo much didu & a bg hug to u. Ya,will post very soon.

  12. Sajnana900

    Niyu di its not at all boring but its even more interesting
    Poor kabir yar dooo some mercy on him
    And I also dont like villain in luvly story
    And plz dont bring ria in thier cute
    Lived it to the core

    1. Niyati

      Hey Sanju dear,thanks for ur comment . Glad that u like this sweetie…..OK my lil sis, next time i do some mercy on our bechara kabir….hehe….Ya,will try to fulfil ur wish…..Luv u too sweetie & a big jadu ki jhappi for u in prinku di style.

  13. Riyarocks

    Niyu…kyun na for a change Ria ko cupid ka role de do……hamesha vamp ka role hi kyun???? somewhat….like a silly girl, playing a cupid role in kanchi’s life……what say???…. aagey tumhaari marzi……… but bechare kabir ke liye thoda boora laga…..sanchi ne ye theek nahi kiya…..ek glass bhar paani daalkar…..rather usse toh……bucket full paani dalna tha kabir pe, mahashay ek dum thanda pad jaate……& gussa kam hojata, so alag….haha………….luv u loads sweetie………..

    1. Niyati

      Are wah didu, kya idea hai…hmm i am trying to make Riya cupid.Thank u soo much for ur comment didu. Glad tha u like this…..Ya, i also think next time puri bucket daal denge…hehe….lots of love to u & a big hug to u didu.

  14. Its outstanding

    1. Niyati

      Hey Amna thanks for ur comment dear . Glad that u like this. Lots of love to u dear.

  15. Riyarocks

    Niyu dear, I’m giving this comment on behalf of Anu….Awesome dear… Darwazatod episode… U r amazing dear… Fabulous writing…

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u so much didu & say thank u to Anu behalf on me . Get well soon Anu . Luv u & miss u soo muh. A big hug for Anu.

  16. Aafiya

    Amazing and awesome

    1. Niyati

      Hey Aafiya, thank u soo much dear fir ur comment . Glad that u found it awesome dear. Lots of love to u sweetie pie.

  17. Wow awesome saanchi is like toofaan my stomach is painning because u made me laugh soo much dear

    1. Niyati

      Hey thank u sweetie for ur comment . Glad that u like this. Ya, sanchi is toofan . Lots of love to u dear & glad that i become reason for your smile.

  18. Miss-Golgappa

    Im speechless bestie…… kaha se laati ho ithni achi kahani….. mujhe to iss bat ki dar hai ki koi mujhe utakar pagalkaane na bejdhe…. kyu ki mei bina ruke has rahi thi padkar aur meri cousin ne mujhse poocha ki meri screw deeli hai kya…. omg….. kabir ke moopar sanchi ne paani phek di? I just cant even imagine that…. Riyu is right puri bucket ki paani dalni chahiye thi…. Ab kabir do baar sochenge sanchi se baath karne keliye…. Gd ni8, sweet dreams and sleep tight bestie

    1. Niyati

      Hey bestie…..ur comment made my day dear.Aur ye sare ideas maine tumse hi toh seekhe hai……Tumhare cousin ka reaction…..hehe… Thanks for ur soo much valuable comment dear . Luv u soo much & a jadoo ki jhappi for u in prinku di style…..Good morning sweetie.Have a sweet day like u & post ur ff soon.

  19. Khamoshi

    Sorry for late reply dear.. my network had some issues thats why i was not abled to read ur articles before…now no bakbak..
    You Article was amazinggggggg dear.. anika ki language main bolo to khudki tod dhasu faadu article tha..mazaaaa aa gaya.
    And yes Bichare Kabir pe daya aa rahi hai..
    RIYA ki entry tumhari marzi..bcoz hume pata hai tum kuch bhi karo…achha hi hoga.
    Good luck

    1. Niyati

      Hey mitu…..don’t say sorry dear…..It’s alright dear.Thanks for ur sweet comment sweetie. Glad that u love this…..Hehe….Poor Kabir.It really means a lot to me sweetie……Lots if love & a big hug teddy hug to u.

  20. Abhilasha

    O my mata …..my stomach is aching due to excessive laughing ….ROFL …..oh God yr so funny mtlb mera to has has k jabda dukh gya pr sach me amazing …..yr ye to kapil sharma k show se bi zada phadu ta …..loved it sooooo muchhhhhh!!

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u soooo much didu for ur cute wala comment.It really means a lot to me…..OMG you compare this from Kapil ‘s show…main mar na jaun kahi khusi ke maare….Glad that u like this & i brought smile on ur face…itna mat hasa karo…kya pata Kanchi family mujhe marne lage ki Abhi di ko phir se bimaar kar diya….aur humara ff…hehe.. just kidding….Lots of love to u & take good care of urself didu.

  21. Ruhanika188

    Aww!! Niyu di it was superb. I was watching all the scenes in front of my eyes. Update soon please. Love u loads

    1. Niyati

      Aww, sweetie thanks for ur comment..it really means a lot to me dear. Glad that u like this & Ya, update very soon….lots of love u sweetie.

  22. Jessicca

    It was amazing… Outstanding… Brilliant… Superb one… Keep going sweetie ❤

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u so much sweetie for your comment. Glad that u found it Superb…..If u have time, then read next one which is already published sweetie….Ya, will surely keep writing & lots of love to u sweetie.

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