When destiny become cupid ( Kanchi fs) by Niyu – Shot 2

Hii Kanchians,hope you all are fine. Niyu is back with next part . First of all a big thanks to all ff writers(including sanveer ff writers too) who done great job writing such a beautiful stories more better than original SDCH . Silent readers & commentors u guys need a big appreciation for support us in our writings. Let’s move to second part.


Recap – Sanchi bumped on Kabir


Kabir is still in shocked by her behaviour as nobody dares to talk with him like this. He brushed his thoughts & move toward his cabin after entering SDCH.

SanPraIsh found their name in intern list & roamed all around in SDCH. Suddenly, Veer throw toy lizard on them & PraIsh scream at the top of voice.

Sanchi : Ahh….Why are u shouting guys? It’s a toy lizard nothing more.

Pragya : Abe Sanchi tumhari aankhein kamzor ho gayi hai….

She kneel down & pick up the lizard on her hand.

Sanchi : See.. how cute toy lizard….if it’s real na, i will sure make my pet.

Isha : What! Are u going crazy.

Pragya : Baklol ho be tum…..Hume toh toy lizard dekh kar hi michmichi ho rahi hai….aur tum ho ki asli waali ko pet banana chahti ho.( Are u duffer…..I feel weird feeling while see this toy one & u want to make real one ur pet).

Isha : Who played this useless prank on us??

Veer & his gang still laughing on them.

Veer : Hahaaa…..Girls are really coward…

Sanchi stamped on his foot.

Veer : Ouchh……My leg.

Sanchi : Shut up ! For ur kind information i remind u i am not scared with this toy lizard.

Veer : Ohh….great….Miss Golgappa….you always become angry like that.

Pragya : Abe use chodo …..nalayak tumhari himmat kaisi ho hume darane ki.( Leave that….Idiot…..How dare u to scare me ).

Veer : Who are u ? Are u PM of India.

Pragya : Jaante ho be hum Pragya Yadav hai….naam to suna hi hoga.( You know who am i ….Pragya Yadav).

Veer : Maine nahi suna….Agar tum Pragya Yadav ho toh main bhi Dr.Veer hun.

( Author’s note : Guys, as u know veer didn’t reveal his surname).

Isha : Leave him na Pragya……He is duffer.

Veer : Then u all are three idiot……perfectly suited.

Sanchi : If u don’t stop your rubbish talks, then i will break ur mouth.

Veer : Jhansi ki rani…..You don’t talk about violence in hospital otherwise Dr . Kabir suspend you.

Isha : Dr. Kabir…..Now who is he.

Pragya : Ye horror film ki tarah ek ke bad ek entries kyun ho rahi hai yaar.

Sanchi : Kabir….Umm….i listen this name before.

Veer : He is our mentor. You know he is very strict & rude.

Pragya : Nalayak ek baat batao….bhoot jaise toh nahi dikhte na…( Idiot tell me one thing…..is he look like ghost).

Veer : He is handsome…

Pragya : That’s ok….then we have our fashion queen (isha ) for him .

Isha : Shut up !

Sanchi : I don’t care….who he is…He also want to understand our views. Sanchi Mishra never follow anyone’s order.

Pragya : Bas film khatam.. Ab waapis aa jao ……Pagla ho gayi be ab tumhe mentor se bhi ladai ladni hai.(Film is over…..now come in your real mode…..Are you gone crazy….now u want to fight with our mentor).

Isha : Sanchi…..Plzzz don’t back in your Jhansi ki rani mode otherwise Dr.Kabir will also throw us out of the hospital with you.

Sanchi : Never….I can’t tolerate this. Where is Hitler…

PraIshVeer :Hitler…

Sanchi : I mean mentor…..Both are very similar …..

Suddenly her eyes fall on Kabir who was busy in talking with Miss Fernandez.

Sanchi : Mr .Prankster…..Who is he ??

Veer turn toward him & a idea popped in his mind.

Veer : He is our Mentor’s P.a.

Sanchi (in mind) : He is assistant & ego is like that he is boss…..Today i will not spare him.

Pragya : Are jo bhi ho yaar tumhe kahe janna hai.( Whoever he is….why u want to know him).

Isha : He is handsome yaar Sanchi, I think u like him.

Sanchi : Isha u want to see my JKR avatar….wait i will show u….listen , i have no interest in that idiot.

Pragya : Why are u so much angry ??.

Sanchi : He is the same guy who broke my phone…..Now , i will show him who is Sanchi Mishra.

Isha : Chod de na uss bechare ko.

Sanchi : Bechara…my foot .. U wait & watch today i will show him Sanchi’s JKR avatar.

She move toward him while Veer tried to stop him.

Pragya : Ye toh gaya….( He is gone).

Veer : Miss Golgappa has fully gone .

Isha : Why ! You don’t know Sanchi , She is toofan.

Veer : If Miss Golgappa is toofan ,then Dr . Kabir is bavandar.

Isha( in a relaxed voice) :Ohh….

She realized what he said .

Isha : What ! He is Dr . Kabir but u told us that he is P.a.

Veer : I was just play a prank.

Pragya : Nalayak…Pehle nahi bata sakte the…( Idiot….you didn’t tell before).

Veer : I don’t know Miss Golgappa have bullet train speed.

Isha : Pragya….Pack our bags yaar….it’s time to say Good bye to hospital very first day in this hospital.

Pragya : Baklol, Suitcases are already in our hands.

On the other side, she patted on his shoulder.He turn toward him & shocked to see her.

Kabir : Not Again….I already say sorry to u …. u then also u still follow me.

Sanchi : Follow & u….I think u are kidding. Do u think u are SRK that i follow you…..Continue ur daydreaming..

Kabir : Shut up ! What do u want & get out from here.

Sanchi : Ohoo….so sad….your peanut size ego is hurt. Look, i know u are assistant of our mentor….so stop showing off. I want my phone back..

Kabir : What are u talking ?? Really….Do u think that I open Customer care here for repairing mobiles.

Sanchi : Nice idea…I think you earn more money than your salary which that hitler was giving you.

Kabir : I am not anyone’s assistant.

Sanchi : I understand….u still want to show off.

PraIsh shout her name but she didn’t bother for anything,

Kabir : Who are she ? What is she doing in our hospital.

Miss Fernandez : She is new intern here.

Sanchi : What’s the need of telling him.

Miss Fernandez : Because he is ur mentor.

Sanchi :Okk….What ! Are u serious.

Kabir : Ya, she is very serious.

Sanchi (in mind) : Lag gayi lanka .

Sanchi : Ohh…so u are Hitler….oops I mean Mentor.

She bit her tongue.

Sanchi : I already know about it….i am just joking …..

Kabir : Shut up ! Better if u don’t do this again otherwise i dismissed u.

Sanchi nods her head while he leave from there. PraIsh move toward Sanchi.

Sanchi : Do u guys know before that he is our mentor.

They both nods their head while she give deadly glare to them.

Sanchi : Why u didn’t tell me before ??

Isha : We shout ur name but u don’t listen.

Sanchi : Why did u shout ” Sanchi , Sanchi” …….You shout” Dr. Kabir ,Dr. Kabir ”

Pragya : Ha toh humari bhi chutti karati tum.

Sanchi see toward veer.

Sanchi : Veer, i will not spare u .

Veer start running & she is running after him . Their tom & jerry fight start.


Sanchi throw water on Dr. Kabir


Sorry for late & short update guys as i am got strain in my leg . Hope u enjoyed it & don’t get bored. Pardon me for writing such a crap. Kindly Ignore grammatical & spelling errors. Do comment & Keeo smiling .Be happy & Stay safe.

With lots of love.


Niyu( dramaqueen)

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  1. Nice one niyu… It’s lakh times better than original sdch… Loved it from the bottom of my heart… Awesome …..

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thanks sweetie for ur comment .It really means a lot to me.Glad that u like my ff more than original SDCH .Luv u sweetie.

  2. Riyarocks

    Niyu yaar, ek dum faadoooo tha….khidkitod,darwazatod…kuch bhi kehlo….aur kya tashan hai kanchi ke beech…aisa lag raha tha abhi ek dusre ka gala daba denge…hehe…..too too too hilarious yaar……& dear, precap ko padhkar mujhe anika(ishqbaaz serial) ki yaad aa gayi…..osm, mind blowing……..luv u loads sweetieeeee………..

    1. Niyati

      Aww, so sweet of u prinku di.Thanks for ur comment . Glad that u love tashanbaazi between them…..Ab kya karun itni badi pagal hun main ki SDCH main IB ka tadka laga diya….hehe…hope u like it . Lots of love & kisses to u didu.

  3. Hii Niyu di….hope your leg was fine now…sach batao kisse ladai ladi ya phir kahi se giri ho…aap ko apne se bhi acche se zyada janti hu main….Thanks for answer those irritating question with so much patients & in a gentle way…..i am really sorry ….i hurt u so much by saying that i don’t like kauru’s character….wo kya hai na di…mujhe introvert log pasand nahi hai….but i agree to u kauru is different than Sanchi…..our kauru tolerate soo much , have a dark past in her life & she is addicted of sleeping pills…..how we expect that still she become happy….you know the best thing in your ff heroines charactersketch that they always fight back….i love sanchi in ur ff how u portray….poor kabir….pata nahi kaise jhelega iss toofan ko…..i read episode 34 ….but post next one soon ….it’s already become 3 days wen u posted ….ab wait nahi hota plzzz…..You know na i alwayse prefer silent reading…..never comment on any ff except ur ff…..i love Fenil bhaiya, Mansi di ,Harika di, Pui di ,Riana di , Aashi di & Sairish writings so much….i don’t say that you are best in writing but u are sweetest author di who reply negative comments too very politely…..You know i alsi read ur previous episods of Dastan for understand kauru’s character…..then i know how she help siya infact she danger her life too for her…..Apna email kyun nahi check kar rahi hai…..Vrishu di ne bhot sare email bheje par apne dekhe nahi…..jaldi dekh lo warna wo hitler didi nahi chodengi apko….Bye di…..bhot lamba comment type kar diya…..luv u so much di….take care & get well soon….don’t forget to update Dastan today only as i don’t wait now….aur haa ye sanchi waale ff ko bhi jaldi update karna….Di , do u write rahasya too….i don’t read that one ff but see ur name…so just ask for curiosity . Are wah didu SDCH ff main ishqbaaz tadka.

    1. Niyati

      Hii Ishi darling…..itna ladaku samajhti hai tu mujhe ,nahi yaar iss bar maine sacchi main kisi se bhi panga nahi liya lekin tu mujhe acche se jaanti hai….i slip from stairs . Don’t say sorry dear…it’s not ur fault , everyone have their own choice….i am so grateful to u thar for me u read previous episodes….Aur please yaar Babu meri bakwas story ko un sab writers se compare mat kiya kar….meri insult ho jaati hai…aww,so sweet of ishi . I don’t know i am sweet or not but u are the sweetest . Glad that u love Sanchi dear….Kabir k liye toh main bhi badi dukhi hun….bechara….Par soch agar Yagya Kaurwaki ka Mahakali avatar jhel sakta hai toh Kabir Sanchi ka JKR avatar nahi jhel sakta …hehe….Glad that u love the way i portray my characters darling….Yaar kya bataun mere greh kharab chal rahe aajkal….pehle so rahi ti tu, bata nahi pa rahi thi vrisha ne message bheje hai….aur maharani hai kaha…teen dinon se mere IB ff par na toh Vrisha ke comment hai aur na Ani ke….hai kaha ye donon paglet ladkiyan….mera gmail kisi ne hack kar liya…isliye reply nahi kar payi babu…ye bata dena us hitler ko….mujhe toh laga tu account bhi gaya….Ya, will post Dastan today only & this one also updated soon.Luv u too my jaan . Ab kya karein teri di itni pagal hai SDCH main IB ka tadka laga diya….Take care.

      1. Main tujhe batana bhool gayi ki rahasya mera hi ff hai….Maine tujhe, Vrisha,Ani ko isliye nahi bataya kyunki wo ff non serial related….aur horror hai…thoda thriller bhi….If u are intetested, then only read ishi. Vrisha ko main batana chahti thi par maharani teen dinon se gayab hai….Bata dena us hitler ko niyu ne tumhare kehne par horror ff likh diya….aur apni 2 rs notanki khatam kar ke chupchap read kar le aur comment kar de….Un donon ko bolo na tu par aaye….i miss them so much & u to ishi…..Ab email na karna….mere account ke chakkar main mein polly di se bhi baat nahi kar payi…tum sab registered member ban jao phir hum sab message main baat karenge.

      2. Hey di…..i will tell her that ur gmail account is hacked……. Vrishu di ke na exams chal rahe hai isliye apke ff nahi pad rahi hai…..aur anu bechari ka toh phone hi cheen liya hitler didi ne….Anu bhi nahi padh sakti ff, jab tak vrisha di nahi padenghi.Seriously di, u fall from stairs….dekh kar chalna chsiye tha na….abhi zyada lag jaati ……is it paining……get well soon otherwise humare i mean apke ib ff ki o my maata ho jaegi apki language main bolu toh…..Di , i am 11 year old girl….that’s why parents not allowed me for registration…..vrishu di.aapka whatsapp no. maang rahi thi….wo de dena unhe plzz. You don’t tell me rahasya is ur ff .

      3. Kya tu gir gayi wo bhi seediyon se….tujhse yahi ummed kar sakte hai….abhi bataya mujhe ishu ne….kar kya rahi tu stairs ke upar ….dance kar rahi thi waha pagal ladki…..main tujhse pareshan hun niyati….bhot mahan kiya aapne ……charan kaha hai aapke ….privacy nahi lagayi tune apne account pe…..had hoti hai bewakoofi ki…..Hitler….dekh tere ff tak toh theek kam se kam yahan toh chod do tum donon …..ishu baby tujhe toh main baad main dekhti hun……bhot udne lagi ho…..aur tu Niyu man kar raha tere phone main ghuskar do thappad baja dun tere kaan k niche….chalna nahi aata toh chalti kyun hai….aur stretching ki jagah fracture ho jaata toh….lekin apko kya farak padta hai… Main yahan teen din se nahi hu toh tu aur ishu milkar burai karne main lage ho…..mazaak apni taraf yaar….plzz take care Niyu….hope u are feeling better now…..i love this one also , i don’t read but i know if u write this then it’s dhamakedar like Dastan….I promise after exams i read all three Dastan, Rahasya & Kanchi fs……Thanks darling u start horror ff for me….that’s so sweet….main registration kar leti tu par lekin 10th ho jaye phir…..Jaldi se account theek kar…itne message karein tujhe, lekin tu jaane kaha soti rehti hai….Anaya urf teri Ani bhi tere ff padh legi….keh dungi usse….bye…ab pura essay likh dun isse pehle…..par yar plzz dhyan rakha karo Niyu…..bacchon jaisu harkatein karna chod de.Luv u too & miss u so much.

    2. Ishu baby bada reham aa raha hai na tujhe Anu par….zyada bakbak mat kiya kar….warna tera bhi ff padna ban ….samajh gayi….ik baat bata ye niyu kis polly di ki baat kar rahi thi…..aur tujhe aaj tak Kaurwaki ka character samajh main nahi aaya …..itne dinon se ff padhe jaa rahi hai….aankhein bad kar parti hai …..Plzz Ishi don’t compare our Kauru with Sanchi…..beizzati ho jati hai kauru ki…..Niyu very well portray Sanchi role in her ff….lekin phir bhi kauru se kisi ka muqabla nahi…..Pata nahi iss Niyu ke pas itna dimag kab se aa gaya ki itna accha character likha…..aur tu kauru ko samajhne ke liye bacchi hai….Introvert, rude, egoistic,stubborn….aise describe kiya tune uske characeter ko….ishu baby yaar plzz kauru ke bare main kuch na kaho karo….warna phir ladayi ho jayegi….just joking darling….Niyu, tu kya pure do saal legi Kauru ke past ko reveal karne main….itna suspence rakhti hai ff main….mujhe toh dar lagta hai ki kisi ko heart attack na pad jaye teri wajah se.

      1. Hahaa….Vrishu my jaan….how much i miss u….itna kya suna rahi hai tu mujhe….zara si moch hi toh aayi hai na…..are yaar ib ki nagini ki tarah stairs par selfies le rahi thi,isliye gir gayi…hehe…just kidding.Yaar dhoke se leg fisal gaya aur phir kya ek hi jhatke roller coster ka maza le liya.Chantomain ladki tune bataya nahi tere exams chal ahe hai….aur Ani par itna zulm.paper tere hai aur ff wo na padhe..Privacy lagana bhul gayi thi yaar…sorry …baba…ab kabhi aisi bacchon jaisi harkatein na karungi. Thanks yar vrishu ….read my ff after ur exams. Tu Naymaz di ko nahi janti…unka asli naam Polly hai…mujhe bhi kal pata chala….Why are u scolding Ishi….Use nahi aaya samajh main toh nahi aaya pagli…aur tu kyun bodyguard ban rahi hain mere ff ki….matlab ff mera, character bhi mera aur bura tujhe lag raha…Kya kaha main brainless hun, then u also dumbo….Kauru ka charater maine hi likha hai shayad,..,.mystery reaveal karne main time lagta hai vrishu.LUV U SO MUCH VRISHU.

      2. Vrishu di…..u know….niyu di have great talent in writing & she is one of those person who bring smile on anyone’s face.She is hurted in her leg till then she want to make others laugh.Di,mujhe ab samajh main aa gaya hai karu ka character….kitna alag hai…..aur use samajhne ke liye kauru ki p.o.v. se dekhna hoga….agreed Niyu di revealed this reason after two years…….haha….Niyu di, maine pada rahasya…..bhot ineresting hai…..ab ye batao ki usme spirit kon hai Megha or Naman.

      3. Ishi bas yahi sunna reh gaya tha….pehle se hi mystery khol dungi…..toh ff kon padega pagi….aww, so sweet u also have the power to bring smile on anyone’s face from cute talks babu.

  4. Khamoshi

    Niyati dear… fab episode yaar..
    All the dialogues are my fav but especially i like this part much..
    Veer : I don’t know Miss Golgappa have bullet train speed.

    Isha : Pragya….Pack our bags yaar….it’s time to say Good bye to hospital very first day in this hospital.

    Pragya : Baklol, Suitcases are already in our hands.
    Hahah it was hilarious.. well done sweetie..i am learning some comedy from u.. i badly needs this.. lots of love dear

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thanks sweetie for your comment. Glad that u love all dialogues dear. You are not at all bad in comedy…mujhse seekhne ki koi zarrorat nahi hai….everyone have own way to write….u too done great job infact i am trying to learn from u how to bring twist sweetie. Ya, wil update soon & lots of love to u sweetie.

  5. RuCh23

    ??? awesome…!!! How fun it’s to read these ffs other than the original serial…… Wish all the ffs turn into serials so that we could watch them instead of the crap their showing right now ???. Love your ff dear waiting to see the ishqbaaz scene in next part ??☺️

    1. Niyati

      Hey thanks Ruwani dear for your comment . Glad that u like my ff & waiting for next one dear….Ya, u are right tu ff are more better than original SDCH .Ya, will update soon & lots of luv to u sweetie.

  6. Niyaaa

    Wah niyati aisa lag raha h jaise sdch k boring track me ishqbaaz ka tadka lag gaya i love kanchi’s tashanbazi,, superb loved sanchi JKR avataar nd ye kya tumne sach me tang tudva li itna gussa mat kiya karo or anika ki tarah pange mat liya karo thoda shant raha karo bachcha warna hamara kya hoga.. Lovv u my choco pie nd post nxt asap tc

    1. Niyati

      Kya didu…ishi ka comment padkar laga ki maine tang tudwa li…ha thodi ladakun hun main…par main tang todne walon main se hu tudwane waalon main se nahi….thanks for comment didu….glad that u love IB tadka in SDCH.Glad that u love tashanbaazi & Sanch’s JKR avatar….ya, will post very soon.Lots of love to u my lovely di .

      1. Niyaaa

        Ohh thank god u r allri8 per ye kya kiya pagli ye tumhe tab pta chalega jab mere nxt ff ka part post hoga jisme tum bimar praniyon me samil ho gayi sry per meri koi galti nahi h tumne bhi kahan or ishi ka commnt dekh kar laga sach me tumhe chot lagi ab bhugto sab tumse puchenge to meri koi galti nahi… Bye my nautanki ki dukaan lovv u dherr sara sachchi muchchi

  7. hey niyu darlng super and amazing ff I like sanchi charactr in ur ff serial mein toh gangaram kardiya……….
    I like especially these lines “u still follow me follow & u
    do u think u r SRK and I follow u”
    and “I want my mobile back
    do u think I opened customer care center here for mobile reparing”
    dnt say sry it’s really amazing…….. darlng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Niyati

      Hey sweetie….aww, thanks for ur comment dear.Glad that u love sanchi in my ff….ya serials main toh bilkul raita phela kar rakha hai…hehe…Glad that u love dialogues.Ya,will update soon & lots of love to u.

    1. Niyati

      Thanks for ur comment dear.Glad that u like this.

  8. Moonlight25

    Niyu di it was a splendid epi…such a great start…i wish this happens in real serial….all the Ffs are better than the serial itself…you are a great writer…love Kabir and Sanchi’s small and sweet fights……love you loads and post ASAP??❤❤

    1. Niyati

      Aww, moonie thanks for ur coment sweetie. Glad that u found it more better than serial dear.It really means a lot to me sweetie….u too a fantabulous writer.Ya, will update soon& lots of love to u sweetie.

  9. Trisha139

    Ufff too good ! Such an awesome nd rocking episode infact I agree wd tania serial arenjust worst nowadays nsnlook at the ffs just superb !! Keep going sweetie ! U totally nailed it ! Nd yeah sorry for typo mistakes

    1. Niyati

      Di,plzz don’t say sorry as typo mistakes are usual with everyone.Thanks for ur comment….Glad that u like this….it realy means a lot to me…that’s so sweet didu.Ya,i am agree to u & moonie….ff are more better than Serial.

      1. Niyati

        Lots of love & kisses to u didu.

  10. Dhruti

    superb niyu……….it was amazing, mind blowing…………….nice starting……update next one soon……

    1. Niyati

      Hey didu , thank u so much for ur comment . Glad that u found it amazing. Ya, will update soon & lots of love to u di

      1. Dhruti

        love you too dear …..and update next one soon…………..

      2. Niyati

        Aww… love u too didu soo much.

  11. Aafiya


    1. Niyati

      Hey Aafiya, thanks sweetie for ur comment . Glad that u found it awesome . Lots of love to u & one more thing , hope u don’t mind sweetie…..are we become friends???

      1. Aafiya

        Definitely friends….
        Why doubt in that?
        And one more thing can I know your age don’t take it wrong ,because I want to call you according to your age???
        Take care of your yourself….

      2. Niyati

        Hey….Ya sure dear…i am 16 year old…i don’t mind anything…koi meri harkatein dekhkar keh sakta hai ki main mind karungi ….luv u my friend….glad that u are my friend.

  12. Nice …… I couldnt stop laughing

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thanks for ur comment dear . Glad that i brought smile on ur face with my so called writings.Luv u sweetie.

  13. Sajnana900

    Hey niyu di hru dear ???
    Hope u r fine and also ur leg
    Cmng to the epi that was fantastic fabulous amazing best ever
    Kepp writing dear post nxt par asap

    1. Niyati

      Hey Sanju dear…..hope ur name is sanjana & this is typing mistake…..Thank u so much swetie for ur comment .It really means a lot to me. Glad that u like the episode .Ya, will update soon & lots of love to u . One more request swewtie…..so are we friends???

      1. Niyati

        Ya, my leg is better now but it’s lil bit paining….that’s ok for me . Thank u for so much care.

      2. Sajnana900

        Plsr is all mine dear
        Ya ofcourse we r frnds as well as kanchi family’s member so as well as sis
        And this is a spelling mistake
        Actually i was in hurry so jzt type (sanjnana) instead of (sanjana)

      3. Sajnana900

        Hope u ll get well soon

      4. Niyati

        it’s so sweet of u sanju dear……this is a honour for me to have friends like u….btw u coud change your username ….just go in account settings.

      5. Sajnana900

        I tried many tyms but no use as useless???

  14. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t wait

    1. Niyati

      Hey sweetie thank u so much for ur kind words.Glad that u like this. Ya, will update soon & lots of love to u.

  15. Jessicca

    Awesome… Mind blowing… Super amazing… Loved it to the core..

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u so much sweetie for your comment…..glad that u like this…..next part is already published….real that too & lots of love to u dear.

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