When destiny become cupid ( Kanchi fs) by Niyu – Shot 1

Hii my lovely readers & silent readers, hope you are all fine. A big thanks to all commentor who comment on previous post as this was a honour for me to listen those words from great writers & supporters like you guys.

I have one more important message for u guys from my sweet friend Annie . Though she post on activity wall but she say to me post this message in my next article. So ,I post her words here.

(Hi people!!! I know many readers will be sad at the decision but I have to do this. I won’t be able to continue my #kaanchi ff due to too much busy schedule.“

“But I promise I will keep posting OS’s and one is coming up really soon!!! I am so sorry..” From Annie)

I know many of u feel bad but she promise Os …..Waiting for that & wish her luck . I also feel bad as she is my inspiration about yours choice i don’t know but i think she is inspiration for all. So support her in her decision & she also say me that she start her ff maybe in November.

Let’s move to my first shot-


A girl is sleeping peacefully .The sunlight that was entering through windows was making her shine & disturb her sleep.Her mother come in her room to wake her up.

Jaya : Sanchi, Get up beta .Today is your first day in SDCH & u planned to become late very first day.

Sanchi : Ma, five minutes more.

Jaya : I said get up now otherwise i will throw water on you.

Sanchi : Ufff Ma, How many times told you that don’t watch these melodramatic daily soaps . You get these blackmailing ideas from there.

Jaya : Go & Freshen up & stop your bakbak.

She nods her head & lazily move toward washroom while Jaya leave from there for preparing breakfast for all . She come downstairs wearing white Anarkali with minimal make up .She look elegant & beautiful in that.She touched Dadi’s feet.

Dadi : Where are Isha & Pragya ? They don’t come with you.

Isha(from behind) : We are here…..

Pragya : In maharani ko akele chodna koi musibat se kam hai kya.
( Leave her alone is not at all less than a problem).

Sanchi : This is enough beizzati(insult) of me….Let’s go.

Jaya : Sanchi , This was your father’s dream to be a doctor…..So , don’t show any irresponsibility toward your carrer.

Sanchi : Ok, My melodramatic ma. I remember everything & How should i forget this?

She hug her & they trio leave for hospital on scooty. She drive very fast.

Isha : Sanchi , Why are u driving like jet plane speed.

Sanchi : Just chill & become some daring.

Pragya : Abe o maharani daring ke saath caring bhi hona chaiye.

Isha : Drive in slow speed…..First time Pragya said anything right.

Pragya : Kya kaha tumne Isha…..Tum to jaise Einstein ke ghar paida hui thi.

Isha : You are right i am more intelligent than you.

Pragya : Ha , sapnon mein.

Sanchi : We reached very early with fast drive.

Isha : Yaar Sanchi tumne mera make up kharab kar diya apni fast drive se.

Pragya : Abe o Fashion ki dukaan aur make up ka makaan. This is hospital not your ramp walk.

Sanchi chuckels her statement while Isha make faces. Suddenly her phone rings.

Isha : Let’s go & we are getting late.

Sanchi : You guys go , i will come in five minutes.

Pragya : Abe ab tum kaha jaa rahi ho.

Sanchi : Ma is calling….So, I want to talk with her.

Pragya : Theek hai….Jaldi aana….Kahi gayab na ho jana maharani.

She nods her head & leave from there while they enter in SDCH. She is talking on phone & suddenly she bumped on someone . He phone fall & broke down.Her anger is reached on Cloud 9 as she didn’t talk with her mother.

Sanchi : Excuse me….You have no eyes.See….What you had done?

Man : I am sorry but it’s a mistake of u.

Sanchi : You have button in place of eyes…..This is not my fault at all.

Man : I am sorry & it was a both of us mistake.

Sanchi : Listen Mr…..Umm…..whatever you are I never done mistakes….Get it.

Man : First of all , I am Kabir kappor & why u didn’t accept that it’s a mistake of both.

Sanchi : I have no interest in u & ur name .

She pick up her phone & keep on his palm.

Sanchi : It’s your fault only, So you only going to rectify this.

Kabir : Ahh…..You are too stubborn.

Sanchi : You called me stubborn . I am not that but you are so egoistic ……Your ego is much higher than sky. I want my phone like before.

Kabir : I say sorry to u . Are you gone crazy? Now i will travel from time machine to getting your phone like before.

Sanchi : Sorry….My foot. I never give up. I want my phone that’s it….

Kabir : Ahhh…..You are damn irritating…..How could u behave like this.

Sanchi : You are double irritating & ur views go to hell…..I don’t care.

Kabir : I am getting late & i have no time to waste on useless people especially like you.

Sanchi : How dare u to call me useless ? I will see you later idiot.

She leave from there while he is shouting from behind.

Kabir : O hello….Miss….Your phone. She is so much dumb . How her parents tolerate this girl . Leave her….I am late for sugery.

Isha : Where is Sanchi ?

Pragya : Pata nahi kaha hai maharani.

Sanchi : I am here guys.

Pragya : Kaha thi be tum….Kab se pagleto ki tarah intizaar kar rahe hai tumhara.

Isha : Ha Sanchi….Where were you busy.

Sanchi : I was busy in teaching a lesson to a idiot.

Isha : Not again…..You start fighting again.

Pragya : In maharani ke pas toh ladne ka copyright hai.

Sanchi : You are my friends na…..Then, take my side . Lets’s go ……

She both nods their head in yes & trio move from there.


Kabir & Sanchi fight again…….Veer play prank on trio.


Hope u guys like it & you don’t get bored. This is my last post on TU …..Hehe…Just kidding. Anyone get 440 shock .

Kindly Ignore grammatical & spelling errors. I know it’s too short but next one will be long. There is no villians in my story as u know i hate villians. I am sorry to say but i update in two days .Do comment & drop down your suggestion in comment box . Like it & Keep smiling . Be happy & stay safe . Thank you so much beaing my stupid talks .

With wishes & lots of love



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  1. Khamoshi

    NIYA it was amazing…and literalky i got 440 watt shock ? .. fabulous yaar.. sanchi’s confidence is at a new level..what an attitude u gave to her..while i think Kabir os more patient in this story..loving it.
    And missed Pranks of Veer in serial..but now we will get to see his pranks on ur ff…so i am more excited for it..
    Lots of love and amazing writing by an amazing writer.. RESPECT

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank you so much my sweet friend for your lovely & sweet comment . Glad that u like this . It really means a lot to me. Glad that u like Sanchi’s attitude & i too miss veer’s prank in serial .Cvs destroyed his character make him serious & much sensitive.Ya, will update soon & glad that u are exited. Lots of love to u sweetie.

  2. Khamoshi

    NIYA it was amazing…and literalky i got 440 watt shock ? .. fabulous yaar.. sanchi’s confidence is at a new level..what an attitude u gave to her..while i think Kabir is more patient in this story..loving it.
    And missed Pranks of Veer in serial..but now we will get to see his pranks on ur ff…so i am more excited for it..
    Lots of love and amazing writing by an amazing writer.. RESPECT

  3. Veryyy nyc di….loved it…loved d concept

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u so much sweetie for your comment . Glad that u like tho concept dear.

  4. Niyaaa

    Hey my dramaqueen sanchi ko dekhkar aisa lag raha tha tumne apni sari kasar puri kar di.. Pura epi dramaqueens se bhara pada ho…hehehe..just kidding nd pragya k dialogue kamaal h be fashion ki dukaan or makeup ka makaan hilarious nd kanchi fight super se uper nd tumne to 440 volt ka jhatka diya wo bhi jor ka jhatka joron se laga haye… Post nxt asap lovvv u my cutie pie stay safe gud ni8

    1. Niyati

      Hey my sweet didu , thanks for your comment . Mere saare currently ff me girls ke character introvert , reserved , sensitive hai ……toh socha Sanchi ko apna jaisa bana loon…..hehe…..hun na main intelligent….just kidding. Glad that u like pragya dialogue ….i too like fashion ki dukaan & make up ka makaan….hehe. Ya, will update soon & lots of love & kisses to u di .

  5. Riyarocks

    haha………1st of all Happy Gandhi jayanti dear…………coming to episode………1st episode(entry) ek dum dhamaakedaar style se hua hai………humne apni seat belt baandh li hai……tumhare story ko full fledge mein dekhne(I mean padhne) ke liye……..haha…………luv u dherrrrrrr saaraaaaaaa……………

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u di for your comment . Glad that u like this .Maine bhi apni seat belt baandh li hai full fledge main likhne ke liye …..hehe…….Glad that u love first episode. Ya, will update soon & lots of love to u . Happy Gandhi jayanti to u di.

  6. Very nice……. Update soon

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear for your comment . Glad that u like this . Ya, will update soon

  7. Aafiya

    Update soon…
    All the best for your future episodes

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank for your comment & wishes sweetie . Glad that u like this. Ya, will update soon.

  8. Neha7873

    Its awesome
    Loved it
    It’s. Amazing
    Ek dum masaledaar and dhamakedaar
    Continue soon

    1. Niyati

      Aww,thanks didu for your sweet comment . Glad that u like this . Ya, will update soon.

  9. Superbb

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thanks dear for your comment . Glad that u like this.

  10. Trisha139

    Oho miss drama queen apki post pdhne ke baad I was about to praise u a lot but now firstly h will listen to me ! How could you ? How could u say about last post I mean itni acha likhti ho ab jaogi to pitogi ????acha good mangyi ! No coming to ff
    “Dhamakedar ”
    U nailed it totally what a fight ! Dialogues awesome !
    Love uh loads keep going

    1. Niyati

      Aww,thank you so much trishu di for yur comnent . Glad that u like this .It really means a lot to me that u praise me . Ab jaane ki baat to sapnon main bhi nahi aayegi……itne acche se samjhaya ki main jhat se maan gayi….hehe…..Ya, will update soon & love u too.

  11. Awesome super fabulous fantastic hey update soon can’t wait

    1. Niyati

      Hii sweetie pie thanks for your sweet comment . Glad that u like this .Ya, will update soon dear.

  12. Miss-Golgappa

    Ufff kya takkar ti…..aag aur pani ki tarah hai yeh Dono…..last one? I just got a 440 volt shock….agar nehi likhongi to mei tumse baath nehi karoongi…bestie manthi ho agar Hume to aage likh Na zaroor…..hume indzar rahengi..
    Apki bestie

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u so much bestie for your comment dear. Glad that u like this sweetie…..Ab aapne jo bola hai toh likhna hi padega……hehe……Itne acche se request karogi toh main jhat se maan jaungi……Ya, will update soon & luv u sweetie. Post ur ff also soon.

  13. Jessicca

    It was mind blowing… Amazing.. Kaanchi nok jhok was amazing… Saanchi and Jaya’s convo was hilarious … Loved it..

    1. Niyati

      Aww,thank u soo much sweetie for your comment. Glad that u like Kanchi nok-jhok & Sanchi& jaya’s convo. It really means a lot to me. Lots of love to u & Keep reading dear.

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