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She was slashed against the wall. He was so close to her that she couldn’t even breathe. He gently started, “It’s not just you, iam against everyone every people. Iam opposite to HUMANS.” He stressed.

Her throat wobbled.He brushed her hair and continued, “sweetheart do you know what is the opposite of DESIRE? ”

Tears dwelled out of her eyes. He told, “its DESTINY. Iam your Destiny. Get used of it”. He smiled.

That smile of him. That wicked smile she wished it could have reflected his darkest soul before his broken heart cause one small answer as ‘yes’ had bestowed her worst nightmare.

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She bowed to him. He was pale and unconscious. She gently brushed his fingers that were laid still. She waited along his head to open his eyes but it didn’t. She placed her head on his chest and covered herself with his hands. Though he is not awake she felt his warmth. She felt secure. She slowly closed her eyes and tears told what she couldn’t to him…

“Did you notice, swara and laksh are growing strong but don’t know why they dont admit they are couple.”

“Cause we are not nancy! ” swara stopped her.

“I love laksh but we are not in relationship. He is my lifeline. He is my best friend thats it”

“Whole college is in love with laksh and see you! ” said Nancy.

“Does that whole college includes you?”asked laksh behind her smiling.

Nancy blushed.swara looked at that and dragged him to her. He laughed.

“Ok swara when whole college is in love with me, to whom you are waiting for? ”

“For some different man. You know attractive. ”

“Like sanskaar… ” came Kiara with big eyes.

” who” asked swara.

“That weirdo one!  how is he attractive? ” laughed laksh. Nancy couldn’t take her eyes of him.

“sanskaar is not weird, he is real. He dont smile or talk much but when he does he is irresistible. One of his indispensable factor is his killer looks”

“Thats enough kiara, or swara would get feelings for him! “He again laughed.

But he is late, swara is already waiting to meet him.

“That day hope it never came, wish I never heard about him. I never thought my desire would get me to this turn.” She silently cried.

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That’s sneak peak from my new rom thriller DESTINY and DESIRE. It has lot of mystery mixed into it. Meet Sanskaar the dark greyish soul who is the main protoganist and antoganist as well. laksh the regular yet charming protoganist and atlast swara the female protoganist. So yeah thats it for more switch to this book and dont forget to like comment and share this with your bookties(book+besties). That’s dark rumour of me dont mind it. ??. Stay loved and blessed

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