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Hi Friendz I M Roesy Some Of U May Know Me I M The Writer Of FF KABHI PASS KABHI DOOR….(SWASAN).
Today I Have Written A OS ON Swasan And I Hope U All Like It……..

**********DESTINY ALWAYS PLAY ITS GAME**********


Swara : Younger Sister Of Kavita Very Calm And Mature And Doing MSC In Physics…

Kavita : Step Sister Of Swara And Hates Swara And Her Step Mom Shomi And A Spoil Creature

Shekar : A Business Man And Loves His Daughter Kavita More Than Anything And Always Taunt Swara And Shomi For Not Behsaving Well With Kavita

Shomi : A very Kind Hearted Mature And Loving Lady.She Always Loves Kavita More Than Swara Her Own Daughter But All In Vain

STroy Starts From Shekar And Shomi’s Marriage This Marriage was Done On The Wish Of Shekar’s Mom(Parvati).After Marriage Shomi Gave A Birth To Baby Girl And Names It Swara.Shekar Didn’t Love Shomi Niether Swara.

After Five Years Shekar Falls In Love With A Women Her Name Was Kaveri.As Shekar Was Very Rich So Kaveri Manuplate Shekar And Marry With Him Just For His Money.After Marriage Kaveri Becomes Pragnenet.She Wants To Abourt Her Child But Shekar Didn’t Gave Her A Chace To Do That.

Then After Nine Months Kaveri Gave Birth To Kavita And Laft Shekar And Her New Born Child And Ran Away With Her New Lover.Shekar Put The kavita In Shomi’s Lap And Told Her To Take care Of Her As A Mother.

Time Passes And Swara Becomes 15 Years Old And Kavita 10 Years Old.Shekar Always Love A nd Care About Kavita And Gave Her what She Want That’s Why She Become Sturbbon And Always Misbehave With Swara And Shomi.One Day Kavita Goes To Shomi and SAid

Kavia : Mom I Want Mobile.

Shomi : Beta U r Too Youngr To Use Mobile When U Become 18 Then I Will Gift U Mobile.

But Kavita Doesn’t Pay Heed To Shomi’s Word And Starts To Cry.At That Time Shekar Comes There And Sees Kavita Crying.And asks Whats The Matter.

Kavita(crying) : papa See Na I Want A Mobile Ana Mom Said That I Can’t Use Mobile As I’m Younger And Scold Me.

Shekar (Angry) : how Dare U Shomi Scold Kavita ? I Told u To Take Care Of Her But Today U Show That U R Not Her Real Mother.

Kavita And Shomi Both Becom Shocked To Listen This And Shomi Has Tears In Her Eyes

Shomi : Shekar At Least Listein To Me Once.

Shekar : Enough U May Leave Now.

Shomi Goes From There While Crying And Swara Was Watching All These From Her Room And Becomes Sad seeing Her Mother Like This.

Time Passes And Swara Always Sees Shekar Taunting Shomi For Not Taking Good Care Of Kavita.Now Kavita Has Also Known That Shomi And Swara Are Her Step Mom And Step Sister So She Always Trouble Them.Swara And Shomi Silently Bears Her Every Taunt.This Made Kavita More Bold And Now She Always Abuse Shomi By Saying That She Is Not Her Real Daughter.

After 10 Years Now Swara Become 25 Years Old And Kavita 20 Years Old.

Kavita is Modern Stylish And A Spoiled Girl.She Always Do What She Want.She Didn’t Care About Anyone Even Not Abot Shekar.

Swara Is A Simple Mature And Silent In Nature.She Always Do What His Mother Says To Her.

Now Swara And Kavita Both Are In College Swara Is In Her Last Year Of Msc And Kavita Is In 2nd Year.They Read In same College And Go In Same Car.

From Now A Days Kavita Goes College With Swara But Didn’t Come Home With Her Instead She Come home Late at Night.When Shomi Tries To Ask Her She Always Starts Her Melo Drama And Asks Shekar That Mom Scold Me.And Result A Fight Between Shekar And Shomi Oh Sorry not Fight Shekar Keeps Out His Frustation On Shomi And Swara Always Sees This And Becomes Sad By Thinking Her Mom’s Condition.

One Day Shekar Sees Kavita With A Boy And goes Home Angrily When Kavita Comes Home Shekar asks Her About That Boy.

Shekar : Kavita Who Was That Boy in resturant with U?

Kavita First Becomes Shcok Then Said Confidently

Kavita : That Boy His Name Is Rahul And He Is my Boyfriend

Shekar Becomes Furios At Her Answer And Slaps Her Harder.Both Shomi And Swara Becomes Shock By Shekar’s Act.

Shekar: Do U Know Him He Is a Spoilt Brat He uses Girls Like Tissue Paper And Throws Them In Dust Bin.

Kavita : But Papa I Love Him And He Is Changed Now.

Shekar : I Am Warning U Kanta From On wards I don’t See U With Him.Do U Understand?

Kavita : No {Papa I will Not Leave him And I will Meeyt Him U Don’t Have The Right To Stop Me As Its My Life.And I Have full Rights To Enjoy My Life.

Shekar Furiously Slaps Her And Held Her Hand Hardly And drags Her And Locks Her Inside Her Room

Shekar : Shomi Don’t Open This Door Untill I Got A good Proposal For Her

Shomi : g

Shekar Leaves From There Angrily Leaving Shomi And Swara Shocked And Sad

On The Other Hand Inside The Room Kavita Is Throwing The Things and Taking Out Her Frustation

Kavita : How Dare He Behave Me Like That? I Will Not Marry With Anyone expect Rahul.I Have To Do Something.

After One Week Shekar Brought A Proposal For Kavita ……..

The Groom And His family Came To Shekar’s House To see The BRide? But Kavita Didn’t Come Out From Her Room.Shekar Like The Boy And His Family Very Much

Shekar : So Ram Parsad G And Sujata G We Like Sanskaar and We Want This marriage in One Week as I have To Leave For London After That

RP : ok Shekar G we Have No issue With It.Now we Should Leave Now

After Leaving Groom’s Family Swara Goes To Kavita’s Room And Said

Swara : U Know U r Very Lucky To Have A Husband Like Sanskaar He Is Very Mature And Sincere About His fAMILY.i’M sURE hE wILL kEEP u hAPPY.

Kavita : If u Like Her So Much So Why Not U Marry Her.I have No Issue

Swara Becomes Shocked By Listeing Her Nonsence And went From There.

All The Rituals Taking Place Perfectly As Kavita Didn’t Do anything Yet Shekar Thought May Be Kavita Has Accepted The Reality

But Shomi was Becoming Worried day By Day With Kavita’s atitude.She Thinks Its The Silence Before Strom And His Feared Proved Right When At Marriage Day Kavita Ran Away From Her House.


The Groom’s family Arrived At The Shekar’s Hose And Got To Know That Kavita Has Ran away.

SHekar : I am Sorry RP G I couldn’t Protect Ur Pride (folgs his Hand infront of Ram & Sujata) Please Forgive me

Ram(holda Shekar’s Hands) : What R U Saying Its Not Ur Fault So Plese Don’t Do That.

Sujahata Who was seeing All this with Anger says

Sujahata(Angry) : Waise Shekar G Its All Ur Fault If U Had Already Know That She Loves Someone else then why do u all do this? Now What will We Tell To Society Hey Mara Ram g …..

Shekar first think for sometime then said

Shekar : This Marriage will surely Happenes Today

Everyone present in the room shocked

Shekar (to Swara) : Swara Will Marry Sanskaar

Swara becomes num what to say

Sujhata : If She Repeat What u Younger Daughter Did Than What Will Happened? Tell Shekar g

Shekar : Sujhata G I Ca Assure U Swara Is Very Mature And Obident Girl She Will Never Do Something which Can Ruin Ur Pride.

Shomi : No This Can’t Happened Why R U Doing This With Swara.I Didn’t Say Any thing till Now But I can’t Let U Do This With Swara.

Shekar : Shomi Try To Understand it is The Only Way (to swara) Please Beta Save Ur Father’s Pride Please

Marriage Rituals Done And Swara Gagodia becomes Swara Sanskaar Maheswari.

Now its Time For BIDDAI

Shekar (to Sanskaar) : Please Beta Take care of her she is very Innocent.

Sanskaar simply nodes his head and gromm’s Family leaves from there



After all the Rituals Sujahata Take Swra to Sanskaar’s Room And Make Her Sit On The bed Which Was Beautifully Decorated With Roses.While Leaving She Said

Sujhata(tauntingly) : Hey Chorri Be Careful Don’t Do The Act Which Ur Sister Did With Us.Afterall U R Her Elder Sister

Swara who was sitting hears Sujhata ‘s words And Become Sad Aftersome Sanskaar Comes Inside And Sat On The Bed.Swara Was Feeling Very Nervouse

Sanskaar Tauntingy) : I don’t Belive that Kavita has Ran Away I Think Might Be Someone Helped Her So That Her Way Got Clear(indirectly Belaming Swara)

Swara who was listeing Sanskaar’s Talks Get Up Fro THe Bed And Goes Towards The Drassing Table And Starts To Reove Jewellery.

Swara ( Calmly) : U R Trying To Say That I M The One Who Helped Kavita So Fine Think What U Wanna Think I Don’t Give Any Explanations(Sanskaar becomes shocked at her behaviour) Ok Lets Make A Deal Mr Maheswari…..

Sanskaaar (confuse) : Deal?

Swara : Yah Deal.I Will Find Kavita and take her infront of U If She said That She Done All This just because of me So As A Punishent U Can Give Me DIVORCE But If She Said That She Did All This On Her Own Then As A Reward I Also WAnt DIVORCE.So Good Night Mr Maheswari

Sanskaar Becomes Shocks At Swara’s Boldness And Later He Jerkes The Thought And Go To Sleep.

Days Are Passing Like This There Behave Perfect Married Couple Infront Of World But In Room They Are Just Stangers Who Didn’t Even Bother To Talk To One Another.Sujhata Always Taunts Swara By Saying “she will Also Ran Like Her Sister” Swara Listein All These Taunts And Bear Them.She Was Just Waiting For Kavita.There Are Only Two Persons Who Behave Good With Her One Her Father In Law Ram And Second Her Sister in Law Uttra Sanskaar’s Younger Sister.

Days Are Passing And There Is No Sign Of Love Between Them.Just Then One Day When They Were Returing From Some Dinner Party Sanskaar Was Driving And Losts in his Thoughts Ans Swara Is Also Looking Outside From Car Window Just Then She Saw A Truck Coming Towards Them

Swara(worried And Shooks Sanskaar) : Sanskaar!!!

Sanskaar Heard Her Scream And Saw The Truck And Trun The Car Which Stops By A Jerk.He Sees Towards Swara Who Has Still Fear In Her Dark Brown Big Eyes.He Starts To Notice Her. Her Rosey Pink Lips Silky Hair Shiny Eyes

Sanskaar (in Mind) : She Is Really Beautiful Why I Didn’t Notice This Before.

Swara : What Happened Why R u Looking Me Like This? Please Start The Car And Let’s Go Home.

Sanskaar : yah Lets go

Saying this they drove towards the MM.

Now Sanskaar Starts Noticing Her.Whenever He Was At Home He Tries To Talk To Her But She didn’t Talk uch And Keep Herself In A Shell.

One Day Swara Comes Out From Washroom After Taking A Bath She Lay Down On The Bad And Scatter Her Hair On The Pillow Just The Sanskaar Comes Inside The Roo And Sees Swara In Red Saree With Wet Long Silky Hair AnD gets Meserised.He Goes Towards The Other Side And Sat There And Starts To Run His Fingers In Her Wet Hair.At First Swara Didn’t Feel Anything Just Then She becomes shocked and was about to leave but Sanskaar hold Her Hand and Pull her Towards Him.She Didn’t Maintain Her Balance and Falls On Sanskaar.Her Hair Are Floating On Sanskaar’s Face He Tuckles Them Behind Her Ear And They Have A Short Eyelook.Just Then She Came Into Sences And Pushed Sanskaar And Stands Up Fro Bed

Swara : What R U Doing Here At This Time And What Was All That?

Sanskaar (romantically) : I Came Earlier From Office And when i Came inside I see u and lost in ur beauty.I was just romancing with my Wife.

Swara (shocked & Tauntingly) : Sanskaar R U Forgetting Something Let Me Rimind U That I Am Not Kavita That Was Just A Incident Which Bound Us In An Unwanted Relatin

Before Sanskaar Could Say Anything She Leaves From There.Sanskaar Becomes Sad and Thought about His behaviour of First Night.

Now Sanskaar Starts To Fall For Swara Whenever He Was At Home He Tries To Spebt His Maximum Time With Her.Swara Was Also Feeling For Her But Her Igo And That Challenge Which She Gave To Sanskaar At First Night Is Stopping Her From Accepting Her Feelings.

One day Sanskaar Was Working In Her Office Then He Recives A Call From Home He Picks Up The Call

Sanskaar : Hello

Swara : Hello Sanskaar Come Home Fast

Sanskaar(worried) : What happened Swara Is Everything Fine please Tell Me

SWara : Everything Is Fine Sanskaar U just Come Home

Sanskaar : Ok Im Coming

Sanskaar Reached Home And Goes Towards THe Room Where Swara Was Already Waiting For Him

Sanskaar : Swra What Happened Why U Call Me Urgently

Swara : Sanskaar We Have To Go To My House

Sanskaar : Swara Is Everything Fine Uncle Anuty Tell Me

Swara : Sanskaar Everything Is Fine U Just Come With Me

They Leave For GM And Reached Ther.After Parking The Car They Go Towards The Door And Sees A Girl Crying Sitting There.Swara ignore that Girl and Goes Inside.Sanskaar Also Follow Swara And Goes Inside Where Shekar And Shomi Are Talking

Swara : Maa Baba

Shomi : Swara Beta Its Good U Came Here Please Tell Ur Dad That Give Her Chance

Shekar (angry) : No Shomi She Already Ruin My Pride Now I Will Not Trust Her

Sanskaar Was Looking Towards Shekar And Shomi With Confused Expression.Just Then They Heard A Voice From Door And Sanskaar Sees That Girl Who Was Sitting At The Door

Girl Goes Towards Shekar And Sit In Her Feet

Girl : Please Papa Forgive Me Give Me Another Chace U Were Right Baba HE Doesn’t Love Me He Just Loves My Money Please Forgive me

Shekar (anger) : ENOUGH Kavita (yes the girl is Kavita) U R No More To Me Get Out From My House

Swara & Shomi Tries To Talk To Shekar But He Doesn’t Give Them A Chance To Speak

Kavita (crying) : I M Sorry Baba Please Forgive Me. If U Say Then I Will Marry To Sanskaar (looks towards Sanskaar) Papa If Sanskaar Give DIVORCE to Swara Then I Will Marry Him

Sanskaar Feels Disgust By Her Words While Swara Becomes Furiose By Her Words Its True That She Doesn’t Love Sankaar But This Girl Is So Shamless That She Is Saying Her Sister’s Husband To Leave Her Sister And Marry With Her

Sanskaar : Excuse Me Miss I M Already Married And I Have No Intrest To Marry U

Shekar Dragged Kavita And Throw Her Out From His House.After ThAT sWARA aLSO lEAVES fROM tHERE aND sAT iN tHE cAR.sANSKAAR aLSO cO,ES aND SAT iN cAR aND tHEY Drove Towards The MM The Whole Way Swara Didn’t Utter A Word.When car Stops At MM Swra Comes Out From Car And Runs Towards Her Room Leaving Sanskaar sad Because He Knows That What Was Going To Happened

Swara Starts Her packing Just Then Sanskaar Comes Inside AnD said

Sanskaar : Swra Please Don’i go I Can’t Leave Without U I I LOVE U PLease

Swara : But I Don’t And I Told U At First Night That I Want Divorce Now Kindly GIve Me My Reward I M Going

Saying This She LEaves From There Lefting Everyone In Shock Sujhata Also Relaise Her Mistake How She Alwayas Taunts Her She Bears All This Silently.

Swara Come Back To GM Niether Shekar Nor Shomi Ask Her Somthing She Takes Admission In M Phill And Starts Preaparing For Exams.Whenever She Open The Books She Always Remember His Words ” I LOVE U”

Then One Day She Recives Uttra’s Call

Uttra : Bhaabhi I Didn’t Expect This From U.Why U Left Us bhai Is Also Missing U But U U Just Care About Ur Ego And Left Us Without Ever A Single Word,

Saying This She Cuts The Phone Leaving Swara Guilty.She Starts To Think about Sanskaar

Days Are passing And its Going To Be One Year To Their Marriage.She Sees The Calender And remember His Acts And Smiles Unwillingly


At First Marriage Aniversery

Swara Goes To Take A Bath And After Taking Bath She Comes Out And sees The Whol Room Is Dark She Thinks That I Have On The Lights Then Who Shut THem Off She Was About To On The Light Suddenly Someone Caught Her Before She Could Shout The Person Kept Her Hand On Her Mouth And From Other Hand He Showers Flowers On Her And On The Lights Making Her Suprise.She Becomes happy To See Sanskaar Ans Was About To Hug Her Just Then She Remember HIs Taunts And Said

Swara : What R U Doing In My Room And Why U Don’t Ubderstand I M Not Kavita I M Swara That Was Just A Incident Which Bound Us In An Unwanted Relation

Saying This She Was About To Go But He Caught Her

Sanskaar : Why U Always Compare Ur Self With kavita And Said That U Come Between Me And Kavita Why U Can’t Consider This Like That It Was U And Me Who Was Suppose To Get Together But Kavita Come In Between Us.Swara I LOVE U Please come back into My Life And Ya Happy Aniversery.

Before Swara Say Something She Heard Some Voice Fro Outside

Swara : What R There Voices?

Sanskaar : Oh That Was Mom Dada And Uttra Must Be

Swara (shock) : What Mom DaD Also came Why Don’t U tell Me Before What Must B They Thinking about Me I have To Go

She was About To Go But Sanskaar Holds Her And said

Sanskaar : They Didn’t Mind Because They Know That Their Son Is Convincing Their daughter In Law So Chill Dear Wiffy

Saying This He Was about To Kiss Her But She Pushed Her And Ran Outside Sanskaar Also Follows Her.THey cut The Cake And Make It Eat To Everone And Sujhatsa Also Apologize For Her Behaviour From Swara

And Theu Live Happily Ever After


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