Destined to be together (two shots) – a
Swara met Sanskar in high school..,

Swara was painfully shy back then, but Swara-Sanskar hung out with the same group of people at lunch.

Swara would sit with her best friend and watch Sanskar,

Sanskar would go on and on about the most random things and Swara loved to hear him talk.

But somewhat in her heart Swara felt something and she shared this feeling with her best friend Ragini..,

One day, Swara told Ragini “I’m going to marry that boy someday”. Ragini playfully responded with “You don’t even know his name till now n how can you say that very surely….”

Again, this was totally out of Swara’s character, but something inside in her heart,told her to go for it, so she walked over to Sanskar and said..,

Swara : “Hi. What’s your name?”

He said.. “Why?”

and without even thinking, Swara responded..,

Swara : “That’s interesting. Is that a family name?”

and he smiled and said “I like that, my name is Sanskar.”

At that time, Swara was casually dating someone else, as was Sanskar. Sanskar would talk about breaking up with said girlfriend, and Swara wasn’t too impressed with her guy at the time, but they were saying these things for different reasons, not because they were planning on being together their selves.

A few months passed, they casually talked when they saw each other and such. Sanskar was a senior and Swara was a sophomore, Sanskar was five years elder than Swara.., and Sanskar graduated early that first semester, so Swara didn’t see him at all after that.

Swara figured that was the end of it.

Then one day, Swara was talking to a buddy of her, and mentioned that she was having a party for her 17th birthday, and wished she could invite Sanskar.

Then her buddy said “Oh, I know him, let me give you his number.”

Swara was thrilled. she called him a few weeks later and invited him. Sanskar came and they hit it off instantly.

They were both single at that point..,

And after one month later they became official that means they were in relationship with each other.

They were become inseparable. they fell for each other hard and fast.

Sanskar was the one who actually said “I love you” first, and not in the way that most teen guys do just to get some fun, but it was random and heartfelt, and Swara knew he meant it.

Swara was so high from her feelings for him, she was a completely different person, but in a good way.

Although they were in relationship But Swara was avoiding to meet with his closeness..,

And Sanskar noticed it..,

One day evening Swara was in Sanskar’s apartment when his room-mates went for their home..,

Swara was sitting on bed and was involved in watching videos on lappy of their both when they used to have more fun and enjoyment with together.

Sanskar came into room and locked the room from inside..,

he didn’t smiled or showed his facial expression that cause her to misunderstand him that he is angry on something.She was unable to fig out his straight face’s readings

“Wha.., What r u doing?”Swara asked nervously when she heard the door been locked..,

“Need some answers today from u ‘Alone’!!!” when he say.. “Alone” she felt her heart in her throat..,

“Aann.. Answers???” she asked him innocently

“yeah.. tell me why r u running from me whenever I came close to u???” he directly asked her.

“Wo.. actually hmm.. just like ‘KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI’” she said after some time of looking here and there.

“What???” he asked frowning

“Wo.., Actualy when u come near me my heart starts beating very hard like dhak.. dhak….” she told him honestly placing a hand on her heart and acting like dhak dhak.

“hmmm.. let me see it’” he said and came closer to her sitting beside where she was sitting and grabbed her waist, she looked at him shocked at this sudden attack until he placed his ears on her left side br*ast.

She was right her heart was beating very fast.

“Calm down Swara, I’m not going to eat u” he said rubbing her shoulders quite seriously.

He seriously was worried that if her heart continued beating this fast, she will surely have a heart attack. She looked at him nervously when she felt him on her br*ast.

He was so near her that she could feel his breath on her neck.

He leaned closer once again and kissed her on the her strip of her top from where her left br*ast was started, while kissing the thin strip the rest of his lips touched the bare skin on her top br*ast.tht was too sudden for her that she gasped and tried to push him from his shoulders clutching his shirt.

“Sanky??” she said in moaning..,

when he finally left her and sat on his other side of the bed.

She looked at him strangely for some time, he didn’t wanted to continue himself as he knew she was too young for this.

She was too shy but she liked the way he did this.but now he was sitting on other side of the bed.

She thought he is annoyed that she was pushing him when he kissed her there.

She decided to set his mood. Least did she knew he was not annoyed from her but was fighting his own desires.

She grabbed his shoulder for support and kissed his cheek.he looked at her for her act., shocked as it was totally unexpected.

“one time she seemed shy as hell and the other she kissed him herself”
he thought to himself,least did he knew that she was too soft hearted to see any one upset from her.

“Swara..???” he asked looking at her intensly and amused.

“I am sorry for pushing u Sanky,I knw I shdn’t have done this” she said

“Swara Listen!!!” he cutted her off but she cut him off again

“but u tell me na Sanky.., what shd I do??? Whenever I came close to u this dhak dhak starts and I feel like a minor heart attack,tell me is it my fault totally Sanky, I was just….” she started chipring like a bird nonstop not giving him a chance to say anything.

So he cupped her one cheek and locked her lips in his,kissing gently for some time and parted his lips from her.

Swara was first shocked at this and then she closed her eyes lost in the moment.

“Swara open ur eyes.u don’t like what I did??” he asked her seriously in a concerned but non cheesy tone.

She didn’t replied him back she moved forward and kissed his lips very lightly.he felt like a flower has touched his lips.she again came closer with eyes closed and hesitantly sucked his lower lip.
he didn’t believed that she was actually kissing him back.

He was in a shocked dream. He closed his eyes in case the dream shdn’t break. She sucked his lower lip very very gently and lightly, this was a sheer torture for him.
She moved back and innocently looked at him.he was frowning a bit as he still could’nt believe what she was doing.

“Sanky??u did’nt liked what I did.., I am sorry” she said innocently looking at him thinking that he was angry with her for doing this. She was too innocent to understand his situation.

He opened his eyes to see her innocence,she was too innocent for him,but when he looked into her questioning innocent eyes he couldn’t hold it anymore and he grabbed her from her nape and kissed her back.
This time they kissed equal passionately, he was aroused by her innocence too much as well.

He lie her down not breaking the kiss and started exploring her young petite body. His hands moved around all her body and when he touched her br*asts above her frock’s fabric she flinched a little.

he removed his hand thinking she has not liked that but as he removed his hand he found her hugging her back the same instance.

he was shocked to see his innocent gf trusting him in this matter and making him aware by her innocent acts that she trust him.

he hugged her back and kissed her earlobe she instantly reacted , then he came to her feets and started kissing her tinny toes, her toes shrinked inward on his kiss, he kissed her toes ,her feet and her legs all the way till he reach the end of her dress.

he slid his hand into her thighes removing the fabric on it and moved the fabric till her rib cage was fully visible.

he noticed she was very skinny, her ribcage was fully visible under her skin so that he can count each and ever rib which became some more visible when she breathed in and her tummy go down, and her tummy was super flat and her hip’s bone visible fully from the sides of her abdomens.

even after been so skinny her skin and body was so soft that he felt like touching a bunny.when he slid his hands inside her br*ast area to remove her dress she turned herself on her belly being shy not willing to show him her most sensitive part.he did’nt insisted her on it giving her a comfort zone.

He gently hovered over her and kissed her nape then kissed along her spinal cord and when he reached near her hips kissing all the way, he heard her chuckling into the pillow.he looked at her to find out what was so funny, he leaned again and kissed her lower abdominal area besides her spine.she laughed again moving a little,

“What?” he asked getting up

“It tickles Sanky” she said laughing slightly

He smiled at her and then kissed her there again and with that pulled off her dress above her head, she suddenly became shy again and tried to hide herself in the pillow she was laying parallel. But she knew her back was fully revealed to him. She was wearing a dress with within fitted bra so now as the dress was removed she was topless fully and just her panties on. Her hand’s movement caused her arm’s bones visible into her back’s skin.

He kissed her bones and then removed his shirt.
she was looking at his sides and sensing him remove his shirt she hide her face in her pillow.

he make her face him by turning her on her back and started kissing her lips , she was closing her eyes shut.After he kissed her he paused for a second,caressed her cheek with the back of his hand and asked seriously..,

“Swara…??” he said in a slightly horrase voice but there was a kind of seriousness in his voice.

When she didn’t replied he kissed her cheek and rubbed her hard stubble with her cheek and caressed the other cheek with the back of her hand and asked again

“Swara.., answer me” he said into her hairs softly but in a serious tone

“hmmm?” she asked her eye closed

“We can stop if u want??? R u sure u want it???” he asked her seriously looking at her face and she nodded in a yes with her eyes still closed,soon after getting her answer he kissed her cheek and started doing his work on which she opened up her eyes and looked at him in nervousness.

“r u still sure???” he asked once again and she looked into his eyes for a couple of sec and then closed her eyes again and nodded in a yes.

“then just be relax.., calm down” he said and removed all hurdles between them, she has crossed her legs in shyness.

she starting breathing heavily..,

“Sanky???” she said in a nervous and shy tone

“hmmm?” he said

“please…, please put the blanket first please…..” she pleaded him as she was too shy and he did as she said to make her comfortable.

And he started thrusted her slowly without warning her,placing his hand on her abdomen pressing a little to sooth the pain she’ll feel suddenly and she opened her eyes on this sudden push as she felt pain. she was not mature enough to adjust to his body easily.

“Ahh..Sanky No…., No.. Noooo’” she cried as he pushed himself inside, she was too tight and small against him..,

“that’s it..that’s it.., just.., just relax.u’ll be fine within sometime only…” he patted her cheeks as he entered her,

he stopped when he was inside her once, to ease her pain he kissed her on her neck when she was breathing hard as she needed some time to adjust to his body.

She was still clutching bedsheet..,

After some time she felt her pain go away as he slowly started moving inside her..

“how are u feeling how?” he asked her

“it.. it feels ..its paining as it is first time” she said shyly looking into his eyes

“we shd stopped if its paining..shd we?” he stopped moving inside her and asked her..

“noo… noo ..i mean its paining but I am liking this pain, I don’t want u to stop!!!!” she said looking away from his eyes, inside she was a kind of irritated that he has stopped what he was doing.

“if it’s paining then how r u liking it?” he looked quite serious but was actually naughty inside determined to tease his shy, childish gf.

“I mean.., I don’t know Sanky,please don’t stop I am liking it” she finally said irritated looking away and he smirked a little on her innocence.

He kissed her on her jaw line and increased his speed.

“no.. No.. go slow please.. slow” She pleaded him digging her nails in his arms muscles and he slowed his speed patting her cheeks. She was now in great pleasure and moaning, even her moans were innocent like her but a hell turn over for him.

“Swara don’t try to move if u don’t want pain..!!!” he said while holding her waist firmly..,

and she moaned loud as she felt a strange gust of pleasure ran through her whole body and he lay beside her for some time facing the ceiling.

After some time he looked at her and she was still struggling for her breath..,

But through all this he didn’t asked her to show him and made her comfortable in whatever she was.

he smiled at her and then slid the back of all his fingers except thumb from the area between her ribcage, to her stomach, then to her belly’s pit, and slightly above her sensitive area, back and forth gently.

He looked at her flushed face and closed eyes ,he knew she wasn’t sleeping at all but shy enough to match his eyes, smiling at her innocence that he was in love with madly.

She turned towards him with the same closed eyes and entangled her legs into his and he kissed her forehead and pulled the cover above them till their necks, hugged her back and they both fell into a deep sleep.

They started getting very close after this..,

One day both were seated on bench in garden..,

Swara : Tell me… who do you love most in this world..?

Sanskar : You, of course!

Swara : what am I to you?

Sanskar thought for a moment and looked intently in
Swara’s eyes and said

Sanskar : “u r the missing part of my heart”

Swara smiled..

And within some couple of secs she gave him kiss on his lips..,

Both had a sweet and happy life for a while.


Precap : Sanskar marry kavita and Swara marry Laksh.

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