Next morning:
Yuv is working in his cabin.. Sha comes and tells him that a new and trustworthy client wants to offer them a big contract..
Yuv- that’s great..
Sha- they are outstation clients so they told me to send them the address of our meeting place..
Yuv- call them here..
Sha- I think meeting at a hotel would be better as they can also stay there..
Yuv- sounds better..
Sha- shall I call them at Hotel Blue Pearl?
Yuv nods smiling..
Sha smirks and takes her phone.. She pretends to have no network in her phone..
Yuv gives his phone..
She msgs some fake clients calling them at 1 pm and then msgs suhani, “see u at 2pm in Hotel Blue Pearl, room no. 214”

Su reads the msg and calls him.. Sha disconnects the call and msgs her, “I’m busy, see u there..”
Su smiles..
Sha deletes those msgs..

At 1pm..
Yuv and sha are waiting for the clients at the resto of the hotel.. Time passes by but nobody comes.. Its 1.40 now.. Yuv calls them but the no. is switched off..
Yuv- I think we should leave.. They won’t come..
Sha- let’s have coffee, if they don’t come by then, we shall leave.. Yuv nods..

Sha orders two coffees..
Sha- I will just come..
Yuv nods..
Sha bribes a waiter and gives him some powder.. She asks him to add it in one cup and keep it infront of yuv while serving.. He nods..

As she comes back, she doesn’t find yuv there.. She looks around and sees him coming..
Sha- where did u go?
Yuv- to attend a call.. Network issue..
Sha (in mind)- just a few more mins yuv.. And u will be all mine..
She smirks..

After having coffee, yuv starts to feel dizzy.. Sha holds him and takes him upstairs.. Just then, su enters the hotel..
Sha takes yuv to a room and doesn’t turn on the lights.. She makes him sit on the bed and sits beside him.. He slowly interwines his fingers with hers.. Sha cups his face with the other hand.. Then she opens a button of his shirt..
Suhani is waiting for yuvraj in the room beside..

Yuv removes her hand and pushes her.. She falls down.. Yuv turns on the lights and stares angrily at her.. Sha is shocked..
Yuv- have u gone mad shagun? What were u upto?
Sha- yuv.. U were drunk na?
Yuv- y did u feel so? Did u mix something into my coffee?
Sha shakes her head..
Yuv tells her that he had seen her giving that powder to the waiter and he threatened him that he would lose his job if he does her work..
Sha is stunned..
She asks- then y did u pretend?
Yuv- to know ur plan.. Y did u do this?
Sha- coz I love u..
Yuv is shocked..
Sha starts her nonsense..
Yuv- stop it.. I’m married and I love my wife.. And I have two kids too.. I’m happy.. Infact, very happy with them..

Su sees the time.. Its 2.20.. She steps out of the room thinking wherez yuv.. She calls him..

Sha holds his feet and begs him not to leave her.. But he doesn’t listen to her and steps out of the room.. His phone rings.. He sees suhani’s name flashing and picks it up..

Su- hello yuv.. Where r u?
Yuv (stammering)- woh….
Su- u’r already 20 mins late..
Yuv- what? What r u saying?
Su- offo.. Don’t act smart.. U msgd me and called me in Hotel Blue Pearl, room no.214 and now……
Yuv recalls shagun using his phone and understands everything..

Just then he turns around and sees her standing at some distance facing the other side in a lovely pink and white saree..
Su- say something..
Yuv slowly walks towards her and says- I love u..
Su blushes and says- u’r mad..
Yuv- Ok.. I won’t come then.. U come back home..
Su- fine.. I won’t talk to u.. Bye..
Yuv whispers into her ear- bye..
Su turns and smiles seeing him..
Yuv gets mesmerised by her.. Her hair passes through his face.. He too smiles..
Su- where were u? And y is the button of ur shirt open?
Yuv recalls shagun’s mad behaviour and says- actually I saw a beautiful girl and so I opened it..
Su raises her eyebrows and asks buttoning his shirt- oh really? that’s good..
Yuv- don’t u wana know whoz she?
Su- fine.. Say..
Yuv- I have got boss and p.a. relation with her..
Su frowns and says- I’m leaving..
She turns to leave.. He holds her hand from behind and she smiles..

Shagun wipes her tears and says- I won’t give up so easily.. I will make u kick suhani out of ur life.. U will have to come to me..
She steps out of the room to leave but stops seeing YuvAni romancing..

Su- leave my hand.. Somebody will see..
Yuv takes her inside the room and locks it from inside..
Shagun clenches her fists and leaves fuming..

Yuv- nobody will see now..
Su- leave my hand.. U’r too bad..
Yuv pulls her closer from behind and touches her bare waist, sending shivers in her body.. He places his chin over her shoulder and says- u’r my boss and i’m ur p.a.
Su looks at him sideways smiling..
Yuv- so.. Madam.. How may I serve u?
Su turns around.. She locks her arms around his neck and says- praise me Mr. P.A.
Yuv- u have become too flirty..
Su lifts up his chin and says- only for u.. Now do ur job.. I’m waiting..
Yuv- to begin with, ur eyes.. So deep and beautiful.. I feel like drowning in them..
Suhani, who is busy listening to him and admiring him, says- anything more?
Yuv- and…….
Just then therez thundering and light goes.. Su gets scared and hugs him closing her eyes..
Yuv hugs her back and again recalls shagun’s madness..
Yuv- suha…….
Su- don’t say anything..
Yuv- breaks the hug and cups her face..
Su blushes..
Yuv- ok I won’t say anything.. Now u praise me..
Su thinks and asks- r u sure?
Yuv nods smiling..
Su bites her lower lip and smiles..
Yuv- start fast madam..
Su- to begin with, ur nose..
Yuv frowns and looks upwards as he knows what she will say..
Su- ur long nose is cute and unique.. But I hate it when it bulges out and turns red..
Yuv- what did u say? Just wait..
Su runs and collides with a table due to darkness.. Shez about to fall when yuv holds her from behind.. He helps her stand..
His hands are on her shoulders and her hair over his face.. He moves her hair aside and kisses her bare back above her blouse.. Su closes her eyes as she forgets the whole world..
Yuv’s phone rings..
Su- yuv.. Pick up the phone..
Yuv frowns..
He sees shagun’s name flashing and cuts the call..
Yuv- madam.. Ur pa’s pa is disturbing us..
Su takes his phone and switches it off..
Just then, su’s phone rings.. Its pratima..
Su- yes maa..
Pr- beta both of u come home fast.. Yuvan is hospitalised..
Su is shocked..

Suhani slaps Shagun..
Shagun fumes and says- how dare u?
Suhani gives her another tight slap..

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