So finally Mr. HDBB confessed today.. But y was he scared of me? Do I look like a ghost? Obviously no.. I’m Suhani Shrivastav..
I went back to my room.. Di was reading a magazine.. I came and hugged her and danced with her as well..
She was very happy for me..
I asked her y didn’t she tell me about it before..
She answered- if I had told u earlier, how would I get to see this happiness on ur face..
We smiled and went to sleep..

I was home.. Maa opened the door..
I said- maa……maa…….
I just couldn’t control that too much of happiness.. I hugged her..
She smiled and asked- so when are u bringing her home permanently??
I was kinda surprised.. I looked at sharad..
Maa- don’t look at him, he didn’t tell me anything.. I knew what could have made u so happy..
I just smiled and said- u’r the best mom in the world..
She smiled and I went to my room.. I freshened up and went to sleep.. I checked my phone.. There was no msg from her..
I waited and finally sent a msg..

We were sleeping, fully covered with the blanket.. But I wasn’t feeling sleepy..
My phone beeped.. I took the blanket off my face and quietly picked up my phone..
It was his msg saying- r u missing me?
I smiled and replied- y will I miss u..?
Yuv- oh.. Ok.. Goodnight..
Me- goodnight..

Is this the way to reply?? Huhh.. I kept my phone beside my pillow and tried to sleep.. After ten mins, my phone beeped again.. It was her msg- I miss u..
I smiled and replied- I miss u too..

Suhani and soumya help bhawana in getting ready.. The trio are teary-eyed..
Bh- don’t cry girls.. We will meet from time to time..
Sou- and suhani, u will be going to the same house in a few days..
They tease her and smile..
Lata and pankaj come and they have some senti convos..

At BH:
Sharad is ready and is admiring himself in the mirror..
He says- today Bhawana will faint after seeing me..
Yuvi comes and teases him..

A five-star hotel was booked for the sangeet ceremony..

I texted her- what have u put on today? Which colour?
She replied- see at the venue..
Me- I’m asking so that we can put on similar colour..
She- oh.. Then put on yellow..
I frowned and replied- how will I put on yellow?
She- its simple.. Shirt, trousers and coat, all yellow.. Then smileys..
She was making fun of me..
I replied- fine, I won’t talk to u..
She- as u wish.. Well, u can put on red shirt with black trousers and coat..
I read her msg but didn’t reply.. I was angry with her.. She must apologise..
I got ready..

We left for the venue..
Sharad was too happy.. I said to myself- my day will come soon..
Sh- guru its my wedding and u’r looking happier..
Menka- next is ur turn yuvraj bhaiya..
I blushed..

We reached the hotel.. The weather was cold and a lil drizzling as well..
Shrivastavs were already there.. My eyes looked around for her in the crowd..
Suddenly I got a glimpse of her..
She looked stunning in that green and yellow designer suit.. She was looking at me.. I followed her and she disappeared..
I said in mind- so u wana play hide n seek with me.. Ok.. I will find u out.. And then u save urself if u can..

I hid behind a statue.. He was searching for me.. I was enjoying it.. My phone beeped.. It was a blank msg from him..
I looked for him but he wasn’t there.. Where did he go??
Suddenly somebody came from behind and closed my eyes with his hands and whispered into my ear- Hi gorgeous..
I removed his hand and said without turning to him- hi handsome..
Yuv- whom are ur beautiful eyes looking for?
Me- someone who’s very special for me..
Yuv- oh..
He turned me towards him and said- I’m very nervous about the dance.. Can we have a rehearsal?
Me- oh really? Don’t worry.. Suhani will manage.. U don’t know me..
He widened his eyebrows..

Just then, pratima aunty came there.. She saw us behind the statue and burst out laughing.. We moved apart and tried to suppress our smile..
Prat aunty- what r u both doing here? Shawana r looking for u..
Before I could say anything, yuvi said- maa, see this girl.. Sometimes she calls me behind the statue, sometimes behind the bushes.. God knows her intentions..
I frowned and said- what? When did I…..??
They laughed.. I made an upset face.. Prat aunty saw and said- I know she can’t do this.. U must have done something..

I wondered if shez my mom or hers..
I said- ok fine.. U trust her and not me..
Maa- yes..
I looked at suhani.. She gave me a look full of attitude..
Maa- let’s go now..
I frowned and said- I will come on my own..
Su- let’s go aunty.. We won’t pamper anyone..
I looked at her..
She left with maa..
I looked at them as they walked away.. Su turned back and showed me thumbs down.. I smiled..

PRECAP: Shaurya’s entry..

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