Destined to be yours!!! intro

Marriages are made in heaven???? Is this true??? Does destiny have roles to play in life??? If so is that for good or for both……..
Will destiny let us live together happily??? Am I yours??????????????????
We will look about how destiny plays on these people life in our story….
Pragya – sweet traditional Tamil girl. Gives values and importance to families and people lives. Is ready to sacrifice anything for her closed ones.
Bulbul – sister of Pragya
Sarla – Mother of Pragya and Bulbul
Ranganathan – father of Pragya and Bubul [imaginary character]
Rockstar Dadi – Dadi for Pragya and Bubul
Daljeet Dadi – Dadi for Abhi and Aaliya. Sweetest Dadi
Parvathi – Mother of Abhi. Loves her family a lot. Will go to any extreme for the happiness of her children. Like to get Abhi married to Tanu (Her brother’s daughter). Will decide what is good to her Children herself [Imaginary character as I wanted to involve some play within family. partly antagonist ]. Lost her husband few years back.
Abhi – A sweet, handsome and more caring traditional Tamil guy. Gives importance to others feelings and very fond of his family. Settled in Mumbai. Famous Rockstar….
Aaliya – Sister of Abhi.
Purab – cousin of Abhi
Tanu – Purab’s sister. Loves Abhi a lot. Wanted to get Abhi at any cost. Obsession not true love.
Suresh – A Professor but smart looking as well.
My Intro…..
Hi friends I am a big fan of all your fan fictions and crazy about Abhi and Pragya. I am from Tami Nadu and I wanted to set up a story for them with Tamil as their base. Here at Tamil Nadu marriages between cousins whose parents are brothers and sisters are possible. So only Tanu is obsessed with Abhi and wanted to marry him…..
Please let me know your comments……………

Credit to: Krishnani


  1. Rose

    Ooooo u r welcome……..rock it ma………here more tamilians r there…….soooooo plzzzz go ahead……all d best for this ff……..and nice intro……..waiting for our next update……

  2. Vaishali

    Awesome Intel I am frm pondicherry nice to see my fav abhi and pragya as Tamil guys looking forward Fr ur episode my Tamil grind

  3. karthika

    krishnani nyc..intro….especially abhigya r tamilians…that’s realy awesome….

  4. Dimple

    Hey it is awesome I m also a Tamilian from Coimbatore really loving the intro omg Abhi-Pragya r Tamil gonna enjoy it very nice eagerly waiting for it and my wishes

  5. Aastha

    thangal ff men melum vetri pera audience agiya nangal manadara valthugirom. tamil panbadudan kudiya kadhayai terndeduthatharku mikka nanri. tamil dialogues ah anga anga include pannu krishnani

  6. Hey dr welcome to our ff family n here u could get a lot of frnds frm dif parts of the world n haan naanum t.n dhan madurai ponnu apram intro semma da pls go ahead

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.