it was destined to be (part 9)

It Was Destined To Be (part 9)…..

Recap:- swara’s performance and family coming to back stage to meet her.

Swara’s internal feelings
The loud cheering had dropped down by now as we have finished our performance yet I was high from the feeling of being on stage just few minutes back. It has helped me always to forget my problems and now that I am back in Kolkata I really needed it .

Angel :- omg guys we did it . yet another feather in our cap and starts rotating Swara.
They had hardly stopped their victory round when out of nowhere Swara was lifted and was being rotated yet again by kabir.

Kabir:- swaru yaar that was awesome girl we did it again.

Swara started laughing and trying to pacify her friends childish antics:- kabir put me down you idiot ,I know you guys are super happy but you don’t need to make me dizzy to show it come on pretty plz( with childish voice)

At that very joyous moment the maheshwari’s entered and were shocked to see Swara in kabir’s arm and him rotating her while she was laughing

Kabir :- swaru yaar you are seriously boring sometimes and puts her down but still holds her hands

Seeing this sanskar felt new found hatred for kabir and wanted to go and get his Swara out of his grip but was stopped by laksh but the other family were shocked and saddened to see their Swara like this.

Angel :- comes and side hugs Swara and says seriously my dear sister you are way too serious now plz let us go and party plzzzzz ( she is swara’ s aunt’s daughter hence her cousin)

Hearing angel saying sister to Swara the family and especially ragini are more shocked . She feels like she is too late in apologizing.
And before the friendly bantter could continue sujata unable to control herself calls ” Swara ”

Swara who was basking in the cheerful atmosphere freezes hearing the voice and turns hoping that the voice is just a figment of her imagination but alas this hope is shattered when she sees the whole family and her once upon a time sister and husband standing before her eyes, while she is facing her inner turmoil ,aarav enters and congrats every one and turns to see what they are all looking at and is equally shocked and embarrassed and tries to hide his face
but sujata notices this and taunts:- no need to hide your face boy we have already seen you and turns towards her husband and points out towards aarav and says a ji look he is the boy who misbehaved with me yesterday .

Ram prasad silences sujata and looks towards the boy and gives an embarrassing smile .
Hearing this Swara comes out of her statue likes state and goes ahead to wish them and take their blessings and says ” badi m- ” stops in midway and remembers that they had broken all relationships with her and staggers back but kabir holds her, she realizes this and composes herself and says ” sorry , aunty uncle aap log yaha”
The whole family feels guilty when Swara does not address them as bade papa and ma but holds themselves
Swara awkwardly introduces :- namastey uncle these are my friend angel and aarav who greets the family by folding their hands and then she introduces kabir and tell her friends that this is ragini and these are ragini’s in-laws .
Kabir who after hearing the introduction understands the situation and tightly holds swara’ s hand to show his support and to indirectly convey that he is here.

This gesture does not goes unnoticed by sanskar and he feels that the monster of jealousy is clawing his heart out and thus he moves forward and was about to speak but the awkwardness surrounding the backstage is broken by the sudden ringing of swara’s mobile
Swara:- excuse me I need to take this saying this she turns and mouths thanks to kabir n tries giving him a convincing smile that she will be fine.
The awkwardness again surround them but now both the side know who is whom .
To break the uncomfortable atmosphere aarav speaks up.

Aarav :- uhm hello everyone how did you like the show ??
Laksh too understands this and tries to make a convo in order to get some info about Swara:- yeah it was really nice especially Swara and you kabir.
Angel:- of course they are always the best when they are performing together BTW ragini ryt you are swara’s sister no that means you are mine cousin as well. Hi

Ragini :- hello so for how long are you here ?

Aarav :- oh we are here till the marriage of –

Before he could continue Swara comes running and goes towards kabir :- we have to leave right now

Kabir :- sees her huffing and gets concerned and ask is everything OK why were you running what happened swaru .

All gets concerned seeing her and sanskar too wants to talk but it feels like something is stopping him .

Swara :- ( to maheshwari’s in hurry) it was nice meeting you all here but we have to leave am sorry and takes kabir’s hand and drags him with her followed by angel and aarav.

Sujata:- jiji dekha aap ne this girl did not even talked to us properly and whose marriage were that shameless boy talking about?

Ap :- sujata now we do not have any right to question her and the way she addressed us shows she really took those hurtful words we told her years back seriously and I could clearly see the pain in her eyes when she saw us.
It’s just that she did not expected to cross paths with us so soon and that’s why she went so soon as she still believes that we still hate her and does not know the truth.

All gets teary eyed but sanskar suddenly realizes that Swara has left again and thus says :- I have to go and clear all misunderstandings I can’t loose her again.

Laksh and ragini :- we will also come with you and thus they all go towards the car.

Ap :- I just hope that everything will be alright.

The screen freezes on tensed faces of the family.

PRECAP :- kabir trying to cheer Swara and saskar’s misunderstanding to continue;)

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