it was destined to be (part 7)


It Was Destined To Be (part 7)…..

Recap :- aarav’s date crash and sankar and kabir’s tashan meeting

Day of the event
It’s evening time the whole arena is filled with loud cheers for the MISFITS ( swara’s troop).
They are going to perform a musical play and then the concert will take place.
The maheshwari’s have already arrived and are sitting in the upper wing of the arena in the vip section

Sujata :- look jiji what has happened to today’s people, when it comes to classical music and decent functions we will hardly find any youngsters but when it comes to concerts and such shor sharaba the whole arena is filled.

Ap :- silence sujata and remember for what we are here.

Sujata:- but jiji in this circus where will we find our Swara and moreover we are not sure that she will be here or not.

Ap :- sujata we can just hope and pray for her being present here and plz talk in low voice we don’t want sanskar to hear us and give him false hope.

Sujata:- yes jiji .I just hope she comes soon so that we can go from here fast.
( since they got to know later she is an important guest they believe that she will be in the VIP section)

The lights dim the host comes on stage and speaks
” I alongwith our whole chariity foundation will like to thank you all for donating such huge amount for a good cause and coming forth to help people suffering from cancer across the India.
Now without much to speak I once again welcome you all and now put your hands together for(loudly) ” THE MISFITS ”
The play starts on the song :- O khuda from movie HERO
Aarav and anjali are the once performing the musical play

Tere bin jeena hai aise
Dil dhadka na ho jaise
Yeh ishq hai kya duniya ko
Hum samjhaaye kaise

Aa dilon ki raahon mein
Hum kuch aisa kar jaaye
Ik dooje se bichhde toh
Saans liye bin marr jaaye

O Khuda..
Bata de kya lakeeron mein likha
Humne toh..
Humne toh bas ishq hai kiya…

Sujata:- hey bhagwan this girl and shameless boy are the one whose play we will be seeing and listening to their songs
Now only God can save us.

Ap :- calm down sujata they are not coming here so relax.

Sujata:- relax jiji but how if these two are like this then only God knows how the other two members will be.

Sanskar was meanwhile has got entranced by the song and reminces his sweet moments with swara.

O Khuda..
Bata de kya lakeeron mein likha
Humne toh..
Humne toh bas ishq hai kiya..

Pyaar ki inn raahon mein
Milte hai kitne dariyaa
Laakh tufaano mein bhi dil ko
Mil jaata hai zariya

Iss dil ke irraadon mein
hai itna asar
Lehron se kinaaron pe
karta hai safar

O Khuda..
Bata de kya lakeeron mein likha
Humne toh..
Humne toh bas ishq hai kiya..(2x)

Aaj apne rangon se
bichhdi hain yeh tasveerein
Haathon mein kahin toot rahin hain
Mil kar do taqdeerein

Duniya yeh jeet gayi
dil haar gaya..
Nahi socha tha mil kar
kabhi honge judaa..

O Khuda..
Bata de kya lakeeron mein likha
Humne toh..
Humne toh bas ishq hai kiya..(2x)

The play end and the crowd cheers loudly . all of a sudden the chats starts ” WE WANT KABIR, WE WANT AAROHI (swara’s on stage name) “aarohi , kabir . kabir ,aarohi”
All of a sudden we hear drum rolls and guitar ‘s sond and on stage is none other then kabir

Sujata :- hey bhagwan yeh ladka ,he is also here now no hope is left we all are doomed , I am also sure the fourth member will also be a devils reincarnation.
Sanskar angrily :- enough mom , I had already told that this concert will be a waste of time and god only knows why bade papa agreed for this .
I can’t tolerate that guy and this concert anymore hence I am leaving

Ragini and laksh :- no bhai, no saskaar plz wait its just matter of some time.
Sanskar was not ready to listen and was about to leave when he hears the guitar tune and turns towards stage and is hell shocked in seeing the face which had haunted his thought day and night ,the face of his love
“Swara” he wishpers slowly.

The whole mm wasis who heard this turns and are shocked to see Swara in such look.
She is wearing a white knee length dress with boots and a black leather jacket with dark eye shadow and long curls lookin killer with her angel like smile .
The screen splits in two parts showing shocked faces of the family and smiling face of Swara 😉

PRECAP:- swara’s performance and family’s reaction.;)

Credit to: deepti

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