it was destined to be (Part 5)


It Was Destined To Be (part 5)….

Recap:- sanskar n laksh going home

In mm house in Kolkata

Ap:- what is all this laksh ? Why you and ragini have call all of us urgently.

Sujata:- kyu re chore what is the meaning of this .I have heard that you have said yes on all family’s behalf to go to that what you today’s people call that han kancert.
Ragini :- chachiji that is concert and we have already taken permission from papaji.

Sujata:- jiji what is this . how did Bhaisa agreed for this.

Dp enters and says with full authority” I have already agreed for going and I expect that you all will not oppose my decision and will be there you to sanskar.”
Sanskar agrees half heartedly n leaves.

At airport
Shekhar:- is it really important for you all to leave now . I seriously don’t get it that why you all are going 2 days before your scheduled day.
Angel:- actually uncle since dad wants my marriage to happen in Kolkata I want to spend some peaceful tym also want to explore it .

Swara :- chill dad aap tension mat lo everything will be fine I promise .

Saying this they board the flight .

The flight lands n they all come out of airport n hires a cab
Swara in a low voice “it feels like nothing has changed. ”

Kabir :- smiles knowingly and says” it shouldn’t change as well since we haven’t change as well ”

Angel:- finally we r here ,swaru now it’s your responsibility to give us a free tour .

Kabir :- oh hello madam no one else can call her swaru as being her bff , only I have this license, saying this he winks at Swara.

Aarav :- oho ! you guys start anywhere at least see tym and place before starting your fight.

Swara :- if you guys will keep on fighting then we won’t be able to complete our tour and shopping.

After some more insistence from them the fight stops n they reach at angel’s house.
Swara holds kabir’s hand and takes him to the garden area :- thanks kabir

Kabir acts oblivious:- thanks for wat??
Oh for saving u from the old man’s snoring torcher in plane .
Chill , since when did thank you and sorry started coming between us hmm.

Swara:- no thank u for trying to lighten the mood with ur nonsense bickering at the airport .u understood that I was remembering past na n BTW thanks for the plane wala incident as well .

Kabir :- seriously girl you become senti at anytime and hello Miss I did it for rinni not you since I promised her that I will take care of her mom.
Come now stop your waterworks otherwise you will face shortage in bidaai , saying this he hugs her tightly .
Swara feeling protected takes deep breath n thinks that it’s high tym she really enjoyed an outing n this tym she won’t miss any chance at fun.

Mm house
Ap and dp’s room
All are their except for sanskar

Ap:- ji you seriously want to attend such function ??

Laksh :- mom not only papa but we all will go their as Swara will be there.

All are shocked hearing this.

Ap n sujata together :- what Swara but how? Laksh.

Ragini :- yes ma swara and even I got to know about it yesterday after seeing the guest list .

Ap :- then why didn’t you tell anything infront of sanskar ?

Ragini :- actually ma Mrs Singh told me that from Swara’ s side no confirmation call has been received therefore we did not want to give sanskar any false hope and then we thought that if Swarawill be really their then everything will be solved easily.

Ap:- you both are right ,now this is only our last hope .

Screen freezes on hopeful face of ragini n ap

(*b4 anyone ask how ragini got the guest list the ans. is she also works for the same charity house ‘s branch in Kolkata and often helps in organizing such events although she is yet unaware that Swara is their special guest)

PRECAP:- date with a twist
Kabir meets sanskar 😉

Credit to: deepti

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