it was destined to be (Part 4)

Recap :- shekhar and sumi shocked hearing about Kolkata trip

Swara :- about that mom dad I was going to tell u but

Shekhar angrily:- when shona , when you would have reached their or when you would have finished your trip and returned back.
Swara:- no dad u know that I would never lie or hide anything from you it’s just that I could not get time to inform you.

Sumi :- relax shekhar plz listen to her once

Shekhar :- wat is there to listen in this sharmishtha ,she is not going to that place and that’s final.

Kabir :- uncle its not swaru’s fault please listen to us. The trustee of the charity for which we were going to perform had changed the venue of the fundraising at the last moment and since we had already committed and have also used the advance payment we cannot backout now.
Swara :- trust me baba I did not wanted to give you unnecessary stress and moreover I am not going to stay their forever. And weren’t we suppose to go their after this event for angel and aarav’s engagement and upcoming marriage functions.
Shekhar:- but Swara you are going early and that too alone.

Angel and aarav who had come their to talk about the flow of their performance had listen to everything and thus spoke
” don’t worry uncle we have heard everything u don’t need to take any stress for Swara we will be with her at every moment and moreover Kolkata is such a big place therefore their is no chance that she will meet the-”
Swara eyes angel n signs her to stop- baba plz say yes after all we will be super busy with practice and shaddi ki shopping and its the matter of some time only then you and maa will also join us na plz baba plz.

Kabir:-(goes towards uncle and takes his hand in his and says) uncle do you trust me and if yes then don’t worry about her. I promise to you that swaru will be fine, I take her full responsibility until you and sumi ma don’t arrive their.

Shekhar looks towards sumi who nodes and smiles in return:- ” of course beta i know that till u r with shona no harm can happen to her
And now that u all r requesting so much than what can I do. Go shona pack ur bags but b4 going u need to promise me that you will not revert back to your old self becoz i have found my true shona with very difficulty and we don’t want to loose her.
Swara and shekhar shares and emotional hug.
Kabir:- (in teasing manner ) arey why getting so senti everyone chill,now that uncle has given permission it calls for a celebration.
He looks towards sumi and bows and asks “wat say sweet heart wanna dance”
Sumi:- oh god u will never ,learn will you?
Swara :- you should remember that you are talking to a donkey for whom it is difficult to understand such things.
Kabir:- if I am donkey then u are a rat.
Swara :- han u called me rat how dare u…u monkey
Kabir :- look who is speaking a girl who is monkey herself.
Saying this they both start chasing each other
Sumi :- offo again they have started fighting like kids .stop it both of you if you will keep on fighting the dinner will get cold and so will the halwa which I had specially prepared.
They all stop laughing and fighting and scream “HALWA” and runs towards dinner table.

Meanwhile in Kolkata
Sanskar is in a meeting with the trustee of the charity whom his company is sponsoring
Trustee:- sir as per ur convenience programme has been shifted to Kolkata hope now u will attain the theatre act and concert along with your family
Sanskar :- Mr mehra we already are providing u with sponsorship then I don’t see any reason for me n my family to attend the play and a concert
Mehra:- yes sir we understand but we felt that it would be great moment for all of us if you n your family would come .
If u change ur decision plz do tell me
Sanskar :- Mr mehra I clearly have stated no and –

He was cut off by sudden interruption caused due to entering of laksh who came running to snskar’s cabin n said ” we will attend both functions Mr mehra plz do make convenient arrangements for our family n plz close the door be4 going”
Mehra :- oh OK thank you sir we will see to it saying this he leaves.

Sanskar angrily:- what is this laksh u know that no one in our house likes such things then how can u commit on their n especially my behalf.

Laksh :- bhai relax I have some reason behind this which I will tell u once we reach home .papa and adarsh bhai have already left for home and ragini has already called everyone to gather at the house.
Saying this he took him home.

PRECAP:- laksh’s revelation n swara’s comeback in Kolkata 😉

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  1. plzzz kabir is only a best friend of swara not boyfriend…. but I want to see a jealous sanskar also…..u can do this if u like…..waiting eagerly for swasan first meeting….. plzzzzz update fast n try not to take leave because we all love ur ff and can’t wait to read it….hope u understand…. sorry if I hurt u……

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