Hi friends i’m pari. I’m writing stories on swaragini serial. But after swalak separation i stopped watching that show now just watching yrkkh. But I’m very sad after seeing yesterday episode. So guys here is one shot from me.

After gayu told everything to akshara. Naitik and akshara talk with whole family and thought to talk with kartik. But when they called kartik doesn’t pick his call as he doesn’t want to go through that past again.

Natik -he wasn’t picking my calls.

Akshara – may be he was busy.

Naitik -bit what we’ll do now.

Akshra -may be naira knows something about him. Let’s ask her.

Gayu -haan mami may be she knows. And they all go and ask naira.

Naira tried her best not to show her feelings.

Naitik -princess if you know where is kartik.

Naira -no papa i don’t know.

Akshra -beta please if you know anything about him na then just tell us.

Rama-i know she knows everything about kartik but she wasn’t telling.

Naira -why i’ll do that dadi.

Rama- because you are jealous of gayu. You never wants that she’ll get kartik.

Akshra -what rubbish. You are elder that’s why I’m telling you anything. She was my daughter. And i know her more than you.

Naitik -Haan till now no one had said about my princess. Like gayu for you she was just that much close to my princess. Don’t even try to tell again.

Naira -dadi you know all the truth but you support gayu di. You never cared for me when the truth was i also love kartik and he also loves me. You know this. I told you thatday. Then how can you tell that i was jealous. If that was truth na then i have already told my parents the truth. I hide it from them because of gayu di happiness.

Akshra -you also love him but when and how.

Naitik -how do you know that he also loved you.

Naira -papa you remember that day in dandia i told you that i fought with him. But that was not truth. That day he went because i said no to him. After that i realised my love but that day only i came to know about gayu di. I told the truth to dadi but she started giving false hopes to gayu di. I was going to told you truth but i stopped after seeing her condition.

Akshra -at least you could tell me about the truth.

Gayu -why you are lying naira kartik doesn’t love you. He loves me. Hai na dadi. And if you had doubt then ask kartik.
Naira -yes papa ask him.

Naitik -just stop it both of you. Now I’ll do something. And you both have to be prepare because in between you to kartik loves only one. So ones heart is going to break.

Rama- you need not worry about gayu because she was right. Give me your mobile now I’ll clear your double and she snach es his mobile and messaged kartik that if you love my daughter gayu?
I had send him the message let’s wait for answers.

Naira -okay then let’s wait because I know what will be the result.

After sometime kartik replies back.

Naira -what happened papa? What he had written in it.

Gayu -I know that was written my name.

Akshra -what happened? Naitik answer us.
Naitik -he saw towards them and tells he had written yes in it.

Gayu -I told you na. Just saw naira you are so mean chi.

Rama-i told you na. Actually she was jealous.

Naira -no this can’t happen. Kartik loves me. And saying this she runs to her room and closes the door.

Akshra -what happened Natik now what we will do.

Naitik -just give her sometime. She’ll understand.

In room

Gayu – dadi you saw na.

Dadi – we have to do something because naira may became dangerous for us.

Gayu – but what.

Dadi – I have a plan. Let’s send her to mental asylum.

Gayu – what but why?

Dadi – because she will definitely snach your kartik from you. Then at that time don’t tell me anything.

Gayu – no dadi I’ll do whatever you will tell. I can’t lose kartik.

Naira is in her room. She was crying hard.

Naira – why you are crying .I know kartik loves me those moments can’t be wrong. May be some misunderstanding had happened. I trust you kartik and I love you. Please come back soon .Your naira needs you.

After some days

It’s morning

Akshra, Naitik and all family members were  standing infront of their house. A vehicle is seen where it was written that mental asylum. Gayu and Rama were smiling evil.

Akshra – Naitik how it happened? No this can’t happen .Our naira can’t be a mad.

Naitik – I know that Akshra. I also want to stop her here but she needs treatment.

Akshra – how can i see her going.

Naitik – we have to Akshra. Because after she will get cure we’ll get our daughter back. Keep stone your heart.

Just then they hear naira shouting no please leave me. I’m not mad. Leave me. Finally the asylum people took her to out side .Naira saw everyone.
She managed to free herself and runs near Naitik.

Naira – papa i’m your princess na please stop them. I’m not mad papa.

Naitik – beta just go and come after getting cure.

Naira was heartbroken because her papa doesn’t understand. Then she goes near every family member but no one stopped her. She closed her eyes. And thinks of kartik. Kartik where were you. Please come here .I need you kartik please. Don’t let me go away from you.

Mental asylum people again started forcing her. And naira tried her best. Just then kartik comes there. Seeing him gayu became very much happy. And she runs to him and hugs him. Kartik became shocked. He pushes her.

Kartik -what is this gayu. And then he saw towards naira. He saw her crying. He doesn’t understand. Then he saw the people were forcing naira. He became very much angry. He went and started beating them. Naitik and akshara became shocked .kartik was beating them and he was telling only one line that how dare they to take his naira . Naira became happy because her trust wins. After beating them kartik came near naira and hugs her. Naira happily hugs him.

Kartik -i’m sorry naira. If i was here then you shouldn’t go through this Turture. I’m really sorry.

Naira – no you shouldn’t sorry because i know you will came and stop me. Kartik I love you and I missed you.

Kartik became very much happy hearing that and she hugs her more tightly.

Kartik -I love you too.

Then he release her and went near Akshra.
Kartik -how can you let them took naira.

Akshra – I know she wasn’t mad but from last some days she was behaving like a mad person. After the day when you replied us that you love gayu not her. She went and closed her room. Next day she put a dead lizard on gayu ‘ s breakfast. Thak god Rama aunty save her. Then she loses electric wire in gayu room. She got saved. Then she can’t talk more and cried.
Naitik – then one Dr was came to her house he checked her and tells us that she was in stroma because she loves you truly. And before she became completely mad we should started her treatment. That’s why. .

Kartik was shocked to listen that. He saw towards naira. He saw naira was crying and sign him that she didn’t.

Kartik – he goes near naira and holds her hand. The first thing my naira wasn’t mad and the second thing I never loved gayu. I had always loved naira. When she said no to me i went near my house because my father’s health wasn’t good. And i don’t know about any message. To day ireturned because i want to ask naira for the last time that she loves me or not. But she loves me.

Gayu – how can you tell like this. You loves me. That day when dadi messaged you you replied that you love me. And i did everything because i was in fear that maybe naira will snach you from me. That’s why i did whatever dadi told me. Naira wasn’t mad i did all these to prove her mad.

Akshra -Akshra – she slapped her hard. And aunty I’ll not tell you anything because you doesn’t have that… chi aunty.

Naira – just a minute if kartik doesn’t message then who did that message.

I did one voice from background said that.
Everyone turn and saw a girl. She was kirty.

Kartik – kirty you but why. Naira she was my sister. I’m sorry i lied everyone about my family.

Naira – it’s okay.

Kirty – bhai i’m sorry that day when you went near papa i saw that message and i thought you love her. That’s why i replied yes. Sorry bhai. Sorry naira bhabi

Naira – it’s okay because you didn’t know.

Then everyone comes near kaira and ask forgiveness so as gayu. Then after some days. ..

Kaira gets married and lives happily after that.

So friends it was my os hope you all like it. Please reply dena yaar I’ll wait for your comments. Eggs and tomatoes are also accepted. Bye and take care.

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