Hi guyz….
Its me, NAPSHa J, and I’m back with my 2nd ff..

The characters are all the same, except

>Dadi and ragsmen are good at heart. Not like they are in the real show.

>Suhani is a modern and beautiful girl, like she is in the current track.

>Shrivastavs are also living a lavish life.

>Bhawana and Gauri are not yet married.

>Sambhav, Suhani and Soumya are childhood friends. They are besties.

The following new characters will also be there.

>Goenka family having
-Rajnath Goenka: The head of the family; and a businessman.
-Sakshi Goenka: His wife.
-Shaurya, Tarun & Karan: Their spoilt brats.
Goenkas are family friends of Birlas and stay in Lucknow.
All of them have the same character as in the show ‘Ek Hasina Thi’.. Shaurya is proud of his looks and is too egoistic. He feels no girl can reject him. He is used to betting on girls and getting them on his bed. Shaurya has spoilt his bros too. The trio have ruined the lives of many girls, especially Shaurya.
Birlas have no clue about their deeds as Rajnath and Sakshi always cover up their crimes using their power and money.

>Any other new character will be introduced in the epi itself.

So how was it? Do u think it will be an interesting one? Better than my previous ff “Tera hone laga hoon”? Do comment. 🙂

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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  1. I am sorry to say including many characters can bring confusions but it s good not better than d other one..

    1. Some evil characters were reqd so I have introduced them.. Their role will begin later..

  2. Its interesting. Continue

  3. Nice continue it

  4. First of all I loved that pic whivjbu added with u R ff and pls continue a eagerly waiting ,…

    1. Thanx.. It took a lot of time to search and then combine.. 🙂

  5. Nice intro. Why didn’t u introduce Durga in this ff? Anyways I just love ‘Ek Hasina thi’.So keep writing..

    1. Even I love that show.. If need arises, I will introduce Durga too..

  6. Will I need to know the other show to understand this ff? Bcos again i dont watch any other serials other than SSEL… And when the ff carries on we will c if it is better than ur 1st ff 😉

    1. No.. Watevr i have written here about them is enough to understand this ff..
      After a few episodes, there will be twists and turns and then a leap in the ff.. For that, characters were reqd and so i have chosen them..

      1. Oh ok thats aryt then Ty NAPSHaJ you have always been a great pleasure nd help

  7. Sorry I couldn’t comment on ur last ff / last part. But I was crying whn I read it. This ff please don’t give a sad end. Me too only watch SSEL hope other characters will not confuse me. All the best with the new ff I knw it will rock like ur last ff.

    1. Thanks.. This one will have a happy ending.. 🙂

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