Its getting 3 am.. And inspite of being so tired, I’m sleepless.. Why?? I don’t have an answer.. All I know is I love to be with HER, and think about HER when shez not around.. What’s this? I had been with so many girls in my past.. But this feeling…..I’m feeling for the first time.. Is it coz we are good friends now?
I recalled our first meet and the incidents that followed..
Today I’m trying to gain attention of the person whom I once considered unworthy of my attention!!
Do I like her??
NO.. I shouldn’t think much about it.. I will talk to maa about it.. Or should I talk to suhani?? No no.. What will she think about me.. I will talk to maa only..
I should go off to sleep now.. Tomorrow its sharad’s engagement..

Next day:
All are getting ready for engagement.. A five-star hotel was booked..
As I got ready for the ceremony, I looked at the mirror and heard a voice from behind, “today u’r looking so handsome.. Is it for somebody special??”
I saw in the mirror.. It was HER..
I looked down and said smiling- yes.. For someone very special..
She asked- who?
I said- its…………
I looked up and saw its maa..
I turned back..
Me- maa aap?
Maa- whoz she?
I smiled and said- nobody maa.. Let’s go, we are getting late..
Maa laughed..
I tried to suppress my smile and asked- what happened?
She burst out laughing and said- nothing..

We reached the venue.. As I got out of the car, I looked around to see if the Shrivastavs have come..
We entered the hotel.. I heard rags bhabhi telling sharad that they are about to reach.. I was eager.. But for what?? I myself didn’t know!!
I looked at the entrance every now and then..
Sharad was also eager to see Bhawana.. Anybody could see that.. I teased him..
Suddenly menka came running and said- Bhawana jiji and all have come.. Sharad smiled..and me too..
I was about to go out when sharad held my hand and said- I’m too nervous and excited as well..
I laughed and thought- me too..

All of them were there except HER..
Sharad- beautiful..
I laughed and said to bhawana- sharad has just commented on u..
Bh blushed..
I left them to talk and went to soumya..
Me- hi soumya.. Suhani didn’t come?
Soumya- shez outside, talking over the phone..
I asked her to enjoy the function and left..

I went out.. And MY ANGEL was there!!
She was wearing red lehenga.. And looked gorgeous.. I was completely mesmerised by her.. She saw me and told me to wait through gesture..

After ten mins, she hung up the call and came to me..
Me- who was the unlucky person?
She gave a confused look..
Me- the unlucky person who was getting irritated by ur senseless talks..
I laughed and she frowned..
She beat me..
Me- by the way, y did u ask me to wait?
She- I wanted to say something..
Me- what…
While saying it, my heart started beating faster.. What will she say??
She pinched my nose and said- u’r looking cute today..
I smiled and thanked her.. I thought I should also compliment her without hesitation..
Me- waise, u’r looking stunning today.. For someone special??
Su- yes.. My di..

Ufff… Where m I then?? I thought..

We started to walk and she slipped and was about to fall and she held my arms and hugged me tight, locking her arms around my shoulder, without realizing it!!

I was getting carried away.. Couldn’t understand what to do.. I hugged her back.. She slowly broke the hug, opened her eyes and looked at me.. Then she looked down..
Su- sorry wo……..
Me- its ok…I can understand.. Let’s go..
She nodded..

We went inside.. She went to Bhawana.. She was teasing her..
I went to sharad..
They exchanged the rings.. All clapped.. Flowers were being showered on them from top.. They blushed..
I asked sharad to sing a song for Bhawana..
At first he refused but then he agreed saying Bhawana will also sing..
Bh blushed and MISS STUBBORN said yes on behalf of her sis..
Bh- su plz.. I won’t sing.. All are here..
Su- so what di? Don’t worry.. Nobody will laugh..
They laughed..

Shawana sang Tere mast mast do nain.. Male part by sharad and female part by Bhawana..
They danced as well.. A very romantic one..
All clapped..

Then sharad came near me and announced- now my bro yuv will sing a song..
I got nervous.. I took him to a corner and said- whats this sharad?
Sh- its tit for tat..
He left leaving the mike in my hand..
I thought- beta, ga le, izzat ka sawaal hai..
I looked here and there as I couldn’t understand what to sing..
As my eyes fell on her, I just lost myself into her.. All were saying- cmon yuv.. Including her..
I sang the song ‘Pari pari hai ik pari…..’
As I was singing, I went to my dreamworld where we were dancing romantically..
I didn’t even realize when the song was over..

As I left, maa called me..
Me- yes maa..
She was just smiling..
Me- y r u laughing?
Maa- did u tell her about it?
Me- whom and what?
Maa- to ur pari..
I blushed and said- what r u saying maa..
Maa pulled my ear and said- I’m ur mother and I know u better than u urself..
Me- arey it was just a song..
Maa- achha? Waise I have seen a guy for suhani..
I was stunned..
Me- maa plzzz..
Maa- what?
Me- I mean, u….
Maa- and the guy is u..
Me- maa plzz don’t……
Then I realized what she just said..
I smiled and hugged her..

PRECAP: Yuv goes to confess his love but returns with a heartbreak..

Guys I hope u enjoyed the epi… 🙂

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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