I thought to myself- what was this? Suhani…..
God knows what’s wrong with me.. May be its due to some guilt of doing wrong with her..

Maa came to my room and said that she was very happy coz I had apologised to suhani.. I was happy too..
She asked me to sit down, she would give me hair massage.. I sat down and closed my eyes.. I saw her again.. I opened my eyes as I couldn’t analyse it..

As maa left, I went to sleep and checked my phone.. There was a msg from her.. A smile came on my lips on reading her name.. I read the msg..
“What r u doing Mr halki dadhi bikhre Baal? Did u have ur dinner?”
I replied- yes boss.. And u?
She didn’t reply.. I waited and checked my phone after every 5 minutes.. It was getting 2 am..Y is she not replying? I got up from my bed..
Is she ok? Or her phone is running out of balance? Then I thought I should call her..
No… What will she think if I call her late night.. May be she slept..
I should call or text her in the morning..

Next morning, I called her and she didn’t pick up the phone.. I was worried.. I called Bhawana and got to know that suhani has got high fever.. I told her to let me know when she gets up..

In the afternoon, she called me..
Me- hello suhani.. How r u?
Su- m fine.. Waise u…..
Me- I got to know from bhawana that u r not well.. U should have informed me na.. Yesterday also u weren’t replying so I got worried..
Su- shall I speak now?
She laughed..
Me- yup..
Su- m alright..
Me- no u need rest..
Just then I heard Bhawana telling her that they were all going for shopping to get the engagement ring..
Su- di I will also go..
Bh- no.. U need rest..
Su- what will I do alone at home?
Bh- call soumya or yuv then..

I thought- bhawana u’r really very intelligent..
I waited for her to tell me to come..
Su- di soumya has gone out with Krishna..
And she asked me if I could come.. I agreed..
She said in a low volume- and listen, bring 2 samosas for me..
I laughed..
Bh- yuv u won’t bring.. She shouldn’t have junk food now..
Both of them argued..

In the evening,
I went to her place.. She asked actively- give me my samosas..
Me- o shit.. I forgot about it..
She got angry and looked away..
Bh- well done yuv.. We are leaving..
I waived them but suhani didn’t..
After they left, I said- I have something for u..
I went out and came back in 5 mins.. She got up with the smell of samosas.. She snatched the packet and hugged me.. I smiled and was about to hug her back when she broke the hug..

She had it and said- it’s yummm….. From where did u get it?
Me- I told maa to make it for u..
Su- y did u trouble aunty?
Me- coz u’r not well and I didn’t want u to have it from unhygienic place..
Su- again u started.. Waise I’m very happy for di.. She got the love of her life.. Unlike me..
I thought she was taunting me..
Just then, it started raining heavily..
She screamed- woww… Baarish……
She got up and went out..
I called her but she didn’t stop..
I followed her.. She was drenched to the skin and was enjoying the rain.. I was just standing under the shelter and watching her.. She was so full of life..
She called me too through gestures.. And I refused as I hated rains!!
She came to me, held my hand and took me out..
Me- suha…..wait suhani..
But shez Miss Stubborn.. Didn’t listen to me..
I was nervous under the rains.. And she was laughing at me..
Me- y r u laughing?
She- u look so scared like a kid..
Me- haha.. Very funny..
She- offfoo.. Now don’t become sadu.. Just have fun in the rains..
She messed my hair.. We smiled..
I forwarded my hand for a dance.. She gave hers..
We had a romantic dance.. I was completely taken away by her.. Her touch sent shivers in my body..
After the dance, I told her to go inside.. She denied.. I held her hand and dragged her..
She screamed..
I turned back.. She got hurt by a stone on her foot..
I said sorry and made her sit.. I put some water and rubbed the wounded part..
Me- r u ok?
She- yup.. But I won’t be able to walk right now..
Me- so I must be punished..
She looked on..
I looked at her and lifted her in my arms.. She was shocked and I was smiling.. We had an eyelock..
We went inside.. I laid her on the bed..
She pinched my nose and laughed.. I frowned..
Bhawana and all came.. She scolded suhani for getting out in the rains.. They argued..
Me- I think I should leave now..
Bh thanked me for cheering up suhani..
I left from there..

PRECAP- Engagement day.. Yuvi sings a song for suhani.. πŸ™‚

Guys how was the epi? Hope u like it.. Do leave a comment.. πŸ™‚
And also guess the song I have selected.. Hint- it starts with P.. πŸ™‚

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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