I never thought that such a day will ever come in my life.. Is my sis punished for my doings? I love my sis a lot..

I never played with any girl’s feelings…..

Maa came and added- except one..
I turned to see..
She explained me and made me realize my mistake..
I thought of punishing adi first.. I got to know from gauri that he has left India..
I went to the house temple and prayed to God for my sis’ recovery.. As I closed my eyes, I recalled everything I did when I was drunk..
I left to meet her.. My phone rang..
Me- yes rajan..
R- yuvi today therez a party and many girls will be coming.. Would u…….
I interrupted- look, from next time don’t call me for all these..
I hung up the call..

I told somu about yuv..
Somu- did u love him?
Me- no.. And thankfully I got to see his real face so soon..
Somu hugged me..
Bhawana di came and said- suhani yuv has come.. He wants to meet u.. Hez in the garden..
I thought he came to create another issue..
I went to see.. He saw me and came closer..
I said- just stop there.. And u have just a minute.. Say fast and leave..
He started- suhani plz forgive me for all my misbehaviours with u..
Me- r u done? Now let me go.. I don’t need ur apology..
He knelt down and folded his hands.. I couldn’t understand whether it was real or just another acting..
He said bursting into tears- today when I saw my sis, I could feel the pain she went through.. And thats y now I have realized my mistake.. Therez no difference between me and adi..
I said- therez a diff..
He looked on..
Me- u get up.. U’r prat aunty’s son.. And I can see genuine apology in ur eyes.. That’s y I’m forgiving u.. But don’t even think that we can ever be friends again..
Saying this, I left..

I couldn’t understand.. Did she really forgive me? Or is still angry? I left from there..
At home, I was looking for maa.. I told her everything.. She told me to win her trust.. Only then she will accept me as a friend..

Next morning, I saw 2 missed calls.. It was suhani.. I got up in excitement and then got back normal and called her back..
Me- good morning suhani..
Su- gm.. Say..
I waited..
She hesitated and said- wana say something or should I hang up?
Me- su I got 2 missed calls from ur num..
Su- what?? I didn’t call..
Me- bye..
She hung up without even saying a bye.. M I that bad??

Di came and said that she called yuv from my phone as she had some work..
Mummy told dadi and prat aunty have come with sharad jiju and yuv..
Di blushed..
We went to greet them..
Di was to get engaged next week.. She was very happy.. And jiju too.. Di took me out in the garden.. I hugged her.. Just then sharad jiju and yuv came there..
I congratulated jiju.. He thanked me.. I looked at yuvi.. He looked at me..
Jiju asked me- if I ask u for something, can u give it?
Me- ya sure jiju..
He said that he wanted me and yuvi to become friends before their engagement..
Di also demanded the same..
I forwarded my hand and said- friends?
He nodded.. We shook hands and smiled..

I was very happy.. I was feeling off a burden.. Sharad suggested we could go for a movie.. She suggested Wazir for her Bachchan sahab.. We laughed..

While watching the movie, the chatterbox started.. There wasn’t a single scene on which she didn’t provide her VALUABLE COMMENT.. Valuable?? LOL.. I was thinking whether we were there to watch the movie or her..

After the movie:
Me- suhani y do u come to watch movies? Neither u watch nor u let others do?
Su- what do u mean?
Me- u spoke so much, do u even know the story of the movie we just watched??
Su- yes I know..
Me- oh ya.. Ur hero was there..
Su- yes.. Hez not like u, halki dadhi bikhre Baal..
She messed my hair while saying that.. I smiled..
She started again.. Her bachchan sahab.. Ufff..
Shawana- cmon now let’s go..

At home:
I was very happy.. Anuj asked me the reason.. I just said- coz sharad is getting engaged..
I went to my room and freshened up.. I was standing in front of the mirror and combing my hair.. Just then I saw her in the mirror, messing my hair.. I turned back.. Nobody was there.. I thought to myself- what was this? Suhani…..

PRECAP: Pratima tells yuvraj to sit down, she will give him hair massage.. He sits down and closes his eyes, he sees suhani..

Guys how was this epi? Did u like it?

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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