I said to yuv- U had enough of it.. Now I wont tolerate this anymore.. Today u have shown how low u can stoop..
Prat aunty said- I’m sorry beta.. For whatever yuv has done with u.. Plz forgive me..
She said with her hands folded and eyes full of tears..
I held her hands and said- no aunty, its not ur fault..
Yuv was just staring at me without any regrets..
Prat aunty to yuv- u have done enough drama today.. Saurabh, take him to his room..
I gave him a look full of attitude and left from there and went out to the lawn..
Bh di came to console me..
I said- di I’m going home.. And I’m not going to suhagi..
Di- r u mad?? I know yuv has done wrong.. So u will skip the first contract coz of him??
I thought for a while.. And decided to go alone..

As my eyes opened in the morning, I had severe headache.. I realised I was too late to leave for suhagi.. I had my juice and went to maa..
She seemed upset when she saw me..
Me- maa, y r u so quiet? Did anybody say anything?
Maa- don’t say a word now.. U had promised me that u won’t ever play with any girl’s feelings.. But u have hurt suhani.. And I won’t forgive u for the scene u created yesterday and for whatever u said..
She left..
I couldn’t recall anything that happened..
I went to sharad.. He was also angry.. I insisted and he told me about the entire scene..
I fumed thinking they were angry with me coz of suhani shrivastav..
I said- it wasn’t completely my fault.. And how dare she slap me?
Sh- its ur fault and u will have to apologise..
Me- I won’t..
Sh- we will see..
He left from there..

The door bell rang.. My sis gauri returned from Bangalore after completing her studies.. All were happy.. She met everyone..

Maa- so now u can get married and settle down beta..
G- yes maa.. And I have found the love of my life.. Aditya..
Me- that’s nice gauri.. Call him here now..
She blushed and went to her room..
After sometime, we heard some noise coming from her room.. We went there.. She was crying badly and throwing everything on the floor..
Dadi- what happened gauri?
G- dadi wo…..wo adi…..
Rags bhabhi- what happened to adi?
She fainted..
We got worried and called the doc.. He came and checked her and told shez fine and needs rest..

I thought I should take adi’s num from her phone.. I called him but his phone was switched off.. We left from there so that gauri could rest..

After 2 hours, I went to gauri’s room.. She wasn’t there.. We searched for her, but didn’t get her.. We were worried..

I was on my way back to home.. I got a call from somu.. She has come to Allahabad for a week.. She wanted to meet me that time itself in a restaurant.. I was very happy..
I reached there.. We met after a long time.. We hugged each other and sat down..
Me- how r u my darling?
S- m fine.. I missed u a lot..
Me- me too.. And howz sambhav?
S- hez also fine and probably he will also come soon..
I thought of telling her about yuv later..
We had a great time together..

As we were heading towards the car, we saw a girl holding a guy’s feet and begging him not to leave her.. But he walked away.. She burst into tears..
We went to her and consoled her..
Me- where do u stay?
Girl- birla house..
I was stunned..
Soumya- let’s drop her there..
I nodded..

We entered BH..
All were worried seeing gauri..
Yuv- oh.. So u kidnapped my sis to take revenge.. Right?
Me- I don’t know what r u saying.. And I’m not interested in talking to u..
Prat aunty- shut up yuv.. Let her speak..
Yuv- no maa.. She will have to answer..
We got into a heated argument.. But I didn’t say what I saw..
Suddenly gauri screamed- plz keep quiet all of u..
She ran to her room and locked it from inside..

Yuv- tell me what did u do with my sis?
Su- go and ask her instead of arguing with me..
I left from there with somu..

We kept knocking.. She finally opened the door after an hour..
Dadi hugged her and asked her to sit down.. Then she asked her to say what happened..
Gauri- adi doesn’t love me.. Hez just a flirt..
I was stunned..
She continued- we have been dating since 4 months and now he said that he has many gfs and he won’t marry one after the other..
She cried..
I burst out- I won’t leave that adi.. How dare he do this with my sis? Gauri u should have given him 2 tight slaps..
Just then I had an eye- contact with maa.. I looked away..
Maa- suhani is also a sis, a daughter.. She slapped u only once.. And it hurt ur ego..
I left from there..

PRECAP: Yuvi apologises to Suhani.. She says she doesn’t need his apology and asks him to let her go..

Guys how was this epi? Should I continue with this ff?

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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