God knows what the hell is wrong with me.. Why do I feel so happy when he is around?? Why do I like to spend time with him?? What do I receive shivers whenever he touches me??
No.. I have to control my feelingsss… No, I don’t have any feelings for this sadu.. It may be infatuation; and in a few days, I will be over with it..

All are enjoying the party.. And hez just flirting with other girls.. Let him go to hell.. But y m I looking at him from the corner of my eye from time to time..

Menka di’s hubby just arrived.. She scolded him for being late.. And then she cut the cake..
Yuv took up a piece and applied some cream on my face.. I smiled..
Prat aunty announced Bhawana di and sharad jiju’s engagement on the spot.. He knelt down and said, “will u be mine forever?”
Di blushed..
All said – say yes..
She said so and he made her wear a beautiful ring..
Yuv said to di- bh tell ur sis not to marry.. Her hubby will have to feed her so much that he himself will die of hunger and starvation..
All laughed..
I grinned and walked fast towards him and he suddenly started running.. I followed him.. He went to his room and I chased him.. As soon as I entered the room, he closed the door.. I was feeling ackward..

He was coming closer to me and I was moving back and reached the wall..
Me- I need to go..
Before I could leave, he blocked my way..
Yuv- why were u running after me? To beat me na? Cmon.. Beat me.. I’m here..
I looked at him, he was already looking at me and smiling..
Then he closed his eyes and tried to kiss me on my lips.. I too closed my eyes.. We had a short lip-lock.. Having him so close was a completely different feeling.. We slowly opened our eyes.. I looked down..
Yuv- shall we move forward in our new relationship?
I got back to my senses and pushed him away..
Yuv- su what happened?
Me- wo….
Yuv- don’t u like me?

This question made me think a lot as I had no answer at that moment.. Do I really like him?? No.. Never.. But I can’t say him no when he has approached first.. GOD KNOWS WHY!!

Me- its not like that yuv..U’r a nice guy.. But….
Yuv- even u’r a nice girl.. And today u’r looking so hot, now u’r my girlfriend!!

The way he said those words.. It seemed he was trying to say something else..
Me- I didn’t get u.. Girlfriend?
Yuv- ya.. I like u..
I blushed and tried to leave, but he pulled me towards him.. I was getting carried away by him.. He put his finger on my forehead, and slowly he lowered it.. It finally reached my neck.. He moved my hair from my neck and was getting close to kiss me there.. I felt a lil uncomfortable so I freed myself from his grab and left..

Menka di called me and said that prat aunty has called me.. I went to her room..
P- beta, this is for u..
Me- wow.. The necklace is beautiful.. But for what aunty?
P- for whatever u have done for my son.. U helped him to recover so fast.. Also, I think he has finally found the love of his life!!

The words “LOVE OF HIS LIFE” left me stunned.. Y did she say so? Does he love me? If yes, will I accept him? I was confused..

I said- aunty, what did u just say?
P- I think he loves u.. Do u too……
I blushed and turned to leave.. I thought of talking to Sadu Kumar about it.. I looked for him.. But he was nowhere..
I asked anuj bhaiya.. He told that he had seen yuvraj going to the kitchen just 5 mins before.. I wandered and went to see..

I entered the kitchen and said- yuvraj wo……
I saw he was kinda drunk and flirting with a girl.. They were too close and he was about to kiss her on her shoulder.. But hearing my voice, he turned to see me..
I was too angry.. And jealous too..
I left from there.. He followed me..
He pulled me and asked- what happened?
Me- what were u doing with that girl?
Yuv- nothing, we were just…..
Me- u said that u like me, right? Then…..
Yuv- ya I like u..
Saying this- he again tried to do the same infront of all..
Me- yuv leave me.. Get back to ur senses..
He didn’t listen.. I said again..
He said- no.. U didn’t let me kiss u in the room.. But now I won’t stop..
I tried and got rid of his hold, pushed him and shouted- yuvraj!!
Yuv- how dare u suhani? Girls die to be with me, and u.. Just go away from here..
I couldnt understand what was happening.. I realised he doesn’t feel the same way for me.. My eyes got teary..

Yuv (angrily)- plz now stop crying and all.. Tell me what exactly is on ur mind.. What do u expect from me? I just wanted to kiss u and u pushed me away.. That means u don’t trust me, right?
I was shattered.. Was he having timepass with me??
I looked around.. All were staring at us.. I was feeling embarrassed..
Me- oh.. So u will go to somebody else for ur pleasure?
Yuv- of course.. That’s what I’m.. Yuvraj Birla.. If she has no prob, y do u have? And y r u making an issue? Did I do anything with u forcefully?
I was stunned.. And tightened my fists..
Prat aunty came near us and said- yuv what nonsense is this? Just stop it..
Yuv said laughing- maa, u don’t know, shez so shy that I think she shouldn’t marry.. Coz she wont let even her hubby kiss her on her first night.. By the way, today I got to know that ur lips are so….
I bursted out and slapped him hard and shouted- Just shut up Yuvraj Birla..
All looked stunned..

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