Su tells yuv about yuvan.. He too gets shocked.. They rush to the hospital..

At hospital:
Prat tells YuvAni that yuvaan was constantly crying and his body turned too hot.. They called the doc and he told them to get yuvaan hospitalised.. She also tells that shagun helped her..
Shagun takes yuv to a corner and apologises for her behaviour but he stays mum..
Su is crying badly.. Prat consoles her..
Su- I wana meet my son once..
Doc says ok..
Su goes inside.. Shagun too follows her..
Yuv goes to get medicines for yuvaan..

Yuv comes with the medicines and tries to open the door but finds it locked from inside.. He calls out suhani’s name.. Suhani and shagun come out and su takes him holding his hand..
Prat asks sha what happened to su..
Sha- aunty.. Su is a mother.. So she couldn’t see her son like this.. Let’s go and console her..
Prat nods.. Sha smirks..

Yuv asks su what happened..
Su yells at him- its all coz of u yuvraj.. My son is in this state only coz of u.. U r the worst father..
Yuv is shattered.. He can’t believe those words by su..
Sha and prat are at some distance and hear this..
Prat comes and asks su- what’s this su? Why r u blaming yuv?
Su taps her feet and leaves from there..
Yuv looks on..
Prat- yuv beta don’t cry.. She doesn’t know what shez doing.. She needs u right now.. Go and talk to her..
Yuv nods and leaves.. Sha smirks..

At BH:
Shagun is sitting with yuvani, deeply lost in her thoughts..
Yuv comes there and shagun follows him..
Sha- su plz don’t be upset..
Su yells- both of u get out.. I just don’t wana see ur face..
Yuv- suh…….
Su interrupts- didn’t u hear? Get lost..
She gets up and pushes both of them out of the room.. Yuv tries to talk to her but she slams the door at their faces..
Sha- yuv u…….
Yuv turns around and leaves for office.. Sha follows him..

Sha finds yuv lost in his own thoughts..
Sha- u don’t worry yuv.. I will talk to su.. I’m sure she will understand..
Yuv nods..
A staff comes and gives an envelope to yuv..
He takes it.. Its from suhani..
Yuv- what’s this?
Sha- may be, she has apologised through a letter or something..
Yuv opens it and is shocked..
Sha- what happened yuv? What’s it?
Yuv- divorce papers..
Sha- what?
Yuv askd sha to cancel his meetings for the evening and leaves from there.. Sha smirks and goes with him..

At BH:
Yuv comes calling for suhani angrily..
Menka- y r u so angry young man type today?
Yuv asks wherez suhani..
Su comes down..
Yuv looks at her angrily..
Su- y r u shouting? I’m not ur maid..
All are stunned by her behaviour..
Yuv throws the papers on her face and says- what’s this su?
Su- I hope u’r educated enough to read and understand..
Saurabh asks what’s it..
Yuv- suhani wants divorce..
All are taken aback..

Bhawana- su.. Have u gone mad? Have u thought about yuv? About ur kids?
Su- urghhhh.. I’m fed up now.. I can’t spend all my life working here like a maid.. I feel suffocated with yuv and those kids now..
Yuv is shattered!!
All are shocked by her words..
Su tells him a lot more of harsh words..
Yuv is into tears but there isn’t even a single tear flowing from suhani’s eyes..
Su- I’m too tired so I’m going to sleep.. And plz sign the papers before the sun rises..
Saying this, suhani goes to her room..

Yuv says he will sleep in the guest house..
Sha smirks..

Suhani locks herself in the room and bursts into tears..
Its late night.. Su is still awake..
She recalls what happened when she saw yuvaan..

As she went inside, she picked up the baby and saw his face.. She was crying miserably..
She felt hez not her son yuvaan..
She panics and murmurs- this is not my son.. Wherez he..?
A voice comes from behind- hez with me..
She turns and sees shagun standing..
Su is shocked.. She keeps the baby and asks for yuvaan..
Sha asks for yuvraj in return..
Su slaps her..
Shagun fumes and says- how dare u?
Suhani gives her another tight slap..
Sha puts her hand on her cheek and stares angrily at ishita..
Su (raising her finger towards her)- don’t u dare think that.. Yuv and my children are my life.. And if anything happens to yuvaan, I won’t spare u..
Sha- just shut up and listen to me.. Its 4pm.. And u have 24 hours in hand.. Give divorce to yuv otherwise ur son will be found begging on the streets..
Su is shocked..
Sha- and yes.. After divorce, u will have to leave Allahabad..
Su- r u mad?
Sha- I wanted to separate u only from yuv, but now u will be away from ur kids for slapping me..
Su- just wait.. I will call yuv inside..
Sha- u call him and till then I will call the goons and ask them to leave yuvaan on the streets..
Su requests her not to do that..
Sha- make sure nobody comes to see him before the divorce except the doc..
Su is taken aback as the doc is also involved in her dirty game..
*FB ends*

PRECAP: YuvAni sign the divorce papers!!

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