Next morning:
Suhani prepares juice for yuvraj as he must be returning from jogging.. But to her surprise, shagun too comes with him..
Yuv and sha wish gm to su.. Su wishes back only yuv and not sha..

Su gives him the juice..
Yuv- su.. Learn something from sha.. Jogging is good for health..
Su looks away..
Yuv- give juice to sha also..
Sha smirks..
Yuv leaves from there..

Su unwillingly brings juice for sha..
Anger, jealousy, etc are visible clearly on her face inspite of the fact that she has full faith in their love..
Su is about to leave when sha says- u didnt wish me gm.. But i wished u.. Do u know y..
Su looks at her angrily clenching her fists..

Sha- what happened? R u feeling insecure from now only?
Su smiles and replies- if u think that just by jogging with yuv, u can make ur way to his heart, then u’r wrong..
Su leaves from there tapping her feet..
Sha grins..

Su goes to her room, deeply lost in her thoughts regarding shagun..
Yuv- su wherez my towel?
She doesnt hear.. He asks again.. She gives it to him..
Yuv- why r u upset?
Su- y did u go for jogging with ur p.a.?
Yuv (smiling naughtily)- oooohh.. Thats y i was thinking whatz burning here..
Su frowns and looks away..
Yuv (to cheer her up)- u should be thankful to God that I didn’t have shower with her..
Su looks at him angrily and says- what did u just say? Wait..
She takes the towel from his hand and beats him..
Yuv- ok ok.. Calm down.. Lets have shower..

Su blushes and says- have some shame.. U r the father of two kids..
Yuv drags her to the bathroom and locks it from inside..
Su feels shy as he walks towards her.. She steps backward.. As they reach under the shower, he turns it on.. They have an intense eyelock.. They are completely wet now..
Yuv- so what were u saying? 2 kids? The 3rd one hasnt come yet..
Su- i dont want any more.. I’m happy with 2..
Yuv pulls her closer and says- y? R u scared that the 4th one will also come along?
Su feels shy and embarassed.. She tries to suppress her smile/blush and looks down..

Bgm begins (Saans from Jab tak hai jaan)
Yuv slowly passes his fingers through her wet hair.. Su is looking down and smiling.. Then he cups her face and closes his eyes.. She too closes hers and they have a passionate lipkiss for some 2 mins..
After that, they open their eyes..
Su- i need to leave,. Maa must be calling me..
Yuv- ur sis is there to handle her.. U just focus on me..
Their eyes meet and faces sparkle.. He puts his hand on her shoulder and moves her hair to one side and buries his face in her neck..

Su too feels the moment and forgets about her greatest headache.. But her headache returns when she hears sha calling yuv..
Su looks at the door and frowns..
Then she looks at him and asks him- y is ur pa calling u? This isn’t office hour..
Yuv- I don’t know.. Shall I ask her?
Su- no need..

As sha receives no response, she thinks yuv is having shower as she hears the sound of water.. She waits for him and sits on the bed..

Su turns the shower off and asks yuv to leave her as she will see sha..
Yuv leaves her and says- ok.. U go and send sha.. I will talk to her..
Su slaps him cutely.. Then she grabs his t-shirt and says pulling him closer- never.. U’r mine.. Only mine..
Yuv (widening his eyes)- achha? Ummm.. Suppose a young and beautiful girl starts falling for me.. Then??
Su (putting her finger on his forehead and slowly moving it down his cheek)- y should I care? I know u would not fall for her..

Yuv- suppose I do.. Then?
Su (punching softly on his chest)- u will do that with me?
Yuv- no.. But if my heart says shez better than u, then?
Su- I will eat u..
They smile.. She messes his hair and leaves..

Sha is still waiting for yuv.. She gets up seeing su coming out of the bathroom all wet..
Su- what are u doing here?
Sha- if u were in the bathroom, then wherez yuv?
Su- that’s none of ur business.. Hez my husband.. Do u have any work?
Sha- I had to give this pendrive to yuv..
Su takes it from her hand and says- I will give it to him.. Anything else?

Sha- no.. By the way, y r u all wet? Even ur kurti is all wet.. Is this the way u have shower? And that too for so long?
Su (crossing her arms and smiling)- yes.. That’s my style.. I enjoy it.. Now will u leave or shall I show u how I do it?
Sha grins and steps out of the room but stops when she hears su knocking at the bathroom and saying- yuv, sha has given a pendrive for u.. I have kept it in the drawer..
Yuv replies- ok sweetheart..
Sha fumes and clenches her fists as she understands what happened a few mins ago..

Yuv yells at her while telling about losing the contract and blames her for that..
Sha tells him that su had checked the presentation, may be she formatted the pendrive by mistake..
Yuv looks on and leaves from there..
Sha (in mind)- now u’r gone suhani..

Suhani slaps Shagun..
Shagun fumes and says- how dare u?
Suhani gives her another tight slap..

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