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Sharad calls Bhawana and tells everything that happened.. She laughs.. πŸ˜€
Then he says- suhani also said that u madly love sharad..
She feels ackward..
Sh- so now I should also confess that I love u too.. :*
They smile.. πŸ™‚
Prat comes there and pulls his ear and says- u r such a chhupa rustam.. where is my would be DIL?
Sh- Bhawana my mausi wants to meet u..
Bh- ok I will come one day..
Sh- tomorrow is menka bhabhi’s bday party so u come.. I’m inviting u.. πŸ˜‰
Bh- ok..

Yuvraj is resting..
Prat comes and tells them everything..
Suhani is about to leave the room with prat..
Yuv- su m getting bored.. Plz give me that magazine..
She turns and sees two long racks on the table, each having 30-35 magazines..
Su picks up the one at the top and gives him.. :p
Yuv- not this one.. I want the one at the bottom.. ;p
Su- what? I know u’r doing this to trouble me..
Yuv- u may think so..
Su gets up with a frowning face and manages to take it out.. 😐
She sees the title.. Its “Who is more dangerous- girls or ghosts?” πŸ˜€
She grits her teeth and gives it to him..
Yuv- time is not good.. Girls are becoming a threat to us and we have invited one and the other has already entered.. πŸ˜€
Su- what did u just say?
Yuv- nothing to u..
Shez about to leave when he says in a pathetic tone- paani….paani….
Su- stop this acting..
Yuv- the jug is empty.. Fill it and bring..
Su- y should I?
Yuv- coz I can’t and credit goes to u..
Su gets up unwillingly and goes to the kitchen..
He smirks.. :p

Su comes back after sometime..
Yuv- wow.. I asked for water and u have made Mexican salad too..
Su- aunty made it..
She gives him water and then serves the salad..
He tries to eat but due to pain the spoon falls down..
Su- eat properly.. U’r a grown up now..
Yuv- m trying..u don’t irritate me..
Su comes to him and sits beside him.. She takes the plate from his hands and feeds him.. Eyelock.. Saawre plays..
Su laughs..
Yuv- share the joke with me too..
Su- vegs stuck beside ur lips..
Yuv makes faces as his hands won’t reach there..
Yuv- clean it.. :p
Su- what?? R u mad?
Yuv- u don’t know how to feed.. And I can’t clean…….
Su- coz of me na.. No need to taunt again and again..
She gets a tissue paper and cleans it..
Su- now u sleep, m leaving..
Yuv- oh hello.. U are not here to rest.. Help me to get up.. I wana dance in the party tomorrow..

She helps him.. He tries to walk but loses his balance and he holds her hand.. She feels ackward but can’t help.. They try and finally he walks 5 steps..

At night she comes to his room to check if he needs something.. She sees hez sleeping peacefully and smiles.. Saawre.. πŸ™‚

Next morning:
Prat comes to yuv’s room and is happy to see him trying to walk..
P- I m so happy beta..
Y- all thanks to the wild cat.. πŸ˜‰
P- wild cat??
Y- ur new guest..
Both laugh.. πŸ˜€
Su comes and asks y they are laughing.. Prat tells that he called her wild cat..
Su beats him on his arm..
Yuv screams in pain..
Su- sorry sorry… πŸ™
Yuv- u should always say this word to me.. :p
Su fumes..
Prat smiles..
Su- aunty m going to my home now to get my stuff..
Prat nods..
Yuv practices walking..

In the evening:
The party begins..
Sharad: maa Bhawana hasn’t come yet..
Prat- she will come.. πŸ™‚
Yuv is now better and can walk properly..
Su enters BH with bhawana.. She looks stunning in black one-piece.. And Bhawana in a red one.. :* :*
Yuv and sharad are just can’t get their eyes off them.. πŸ˜‰
Rags- yuv we know about sharad but what happened to u?
Yuv- nothing bhabhi..

All the couples dance.. YuvAni are just standing.. Dadi asks them to dance together..
Yuv forwards his hand to her.. She smiles and gives hers.. They dance..
Gerua plays.. :*
Prat thinks whether her son really loves suhani or she is just another girlfriend for timepass!! 😐

PRECAP: Suhani slaps Yuvraj..

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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