Shagun sees the diamond ring on suhani’s finger.. Shez heartbroken..
Dadi calls yuv and he leaves..
Suhani and shagun look at each other..
Sha- I’m sorry.. I didn’t know yuv is married.. And it was a misunderstanding..
Su interrupts- its ok.. But I hope now u will..
Sha- don’t worry about it.. But plz don’t tell anything to yuv..
Su nods..

Yuv comes there and asks su to bring the cake..
She nods smiling and goes to the kitchen..
Sha looks around and says in mind- yuv and su are so lucky..

Cake-cutting follows.. After that, its dance time.. All the couples are on the dance floor..
‘Tumhi dekho na’ plays.. YuvAni look like the happiest couple on earth.. They go to their dream world and become oblivious of everyone around them.. Shagun looks on..
She says in mind- I want yuvraj..

After the dance, shagun tells yuv- my dad is out of town and so I’m all alone at home.. I wish I too had a family like urs..
Yuv- if u don’t have any problem, u can stay here till ur dad returns..
She agrees..
Suhani hears this..
Sha sees su looking at them.. She asks yuv to ask su also about it..
Yuv- u don’t know her.. Shez always ready to help others and often she gets into trouble coz of this..
He laughs..
Sha (in mind)- this time also the same will happen.. I’m sorry suhani, but yuv is mine.. This family is mine..
She smirks..

After the party, yuv tells su to take sha to the guest room..
Su takes her there and goes to her room.. She opens the cupboard to take out her night dress.. Suddenly she feels his arms around her waist..
Su feels shy..
Yuv- mere chunnu munnu ki mummy..
Su- yuv leave.. Babies will wake up..
Yuv- and I’m already awake..
Just then shagun enters the room and fumes on seeing them romancing..

Yuv- shagun.. U here?
Sha- ya.. Yuv I have……
She stops as her eyes fall on yuvaan and yuvani..
Su- shagun, meet yuvaan and yuvani.. Our kids..
Sha gets broken from within but doesn’t express and manages to smile..
Sha- actually yuv, I came to thank u for…….
Su interrupts- its ok shagun.. Don’t think about it.. Just go and sleep peacefully..
They smile and greet gn to each other..
Sha is about to leave when su says- sha plz close the door after stepping out of the room..
Su tries to read sha’s reaction..
Sha nods and leaves tapping her feet and slamming the door..

Su (in mind)- I know u’r feeling bad but I can’t help u in this matter..
Su- yuv y did u tell her to stay here?
Yuv- leave all that.. Forget about shagun.. U tell me one thing.. R u happy?
Su- ya of course..
Yuv smiles..

Suhani goes to fill the jug.. As she passes by shagun’s room, she thinks of talking to her once..
She slightly opens the door and peeps in.. Sha is behaving like a madly stressed lady..
Su unable to see her like that gets in and says- shagun….
Sha picks up her phone and throws it hard on su and shouts- just leave me alone..
Su escapes from getting hit by the phone and says- shagun, this is not the way.. I understand ur pain, but still i wana say something.. Yuv is my husband and we love each other a lot.. So u….
Sha interrupts- oh.. So u have come here to taunt me?
Su- no.. I’m here to warn u.. STAY AWAY FROM MY YUVRAJ..
Sha- he married u, this doesnt mean he cant talk to anybody else..
Su- u r smart enough to understand in which sense i’m saying this..
Sha- dont worry suhani.. I wont do anything..
Su stares at sha who is trying to hide her wicked smile from su but cant..
Su leaves from there..

But shez not yet convinced that shagun will sit quiet.. She goes to fill the jug and comes back.. She finds yuv talking to the kids and smiles..
Su (in mind)- i know yuv u love me and our kids a lot.. Then y is this insecurity?
Shez deeply lost in her thoughts.. Yuv comes to her and asks her- r u ok?
She nods and hugs him as tight as she can and closes her eyes.. He caresses her hair.. The warmth of his hug makes her forget about the insecure feeling..
Yuv breaks the hug after a minute and says- wow.. Suhani madam hugged me without any reason..
She smiles lightly and cups the left part of his face with her right hand.. Yuv widens his eyes..
Su- what?
Yuv- what?
Su kisses his right cheek and says gn.. He smiles with his eyes left wide open..

Sha sees su coming out of the bathroom all wet..
Su- what are u doing here?
Sha- I had to give this pendrive to yuv..
Su takes it from her hand and says- I will give it to him.. Anything else?
Sha grins and steps out of the room but stops when she hears su knocking at the bathroom and saying- yuv, sha has given a pendrive for u.. I have kept it in the drawer..
Yuv replies- ok sweetheart..
Sha fumes and clenches her fists as she understands what happened a few mins ago..

Suhani slaps Shagun..
Shagun fumes and says- how dare u?
Suhani gives her another tight slap..

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