Yuv comes back after cleaning his shirt..
Yuv tells shagun that its prat’s birthday the next day so he won’t be coming to office and he invites her to BH for the surprise party..
Sha thanks him and says in mind- for the first time I’ll be coming to ur home..
Yuv surfs on amazon’s website.. Sha arranges some papers and leaves from there..

As she steps out of the cabin, she hears yuv talking over the phone..
Yuv (over the phone)- hello.. Amazon.. I wana order a diamond ring.. I need it by tomorrow morning as I’ll be gifting it to somebody in the evening..
Sha closes the door of the cabin and thinks yuv will gift it to her in the party and propose her.. She feels on top of the world..

At BH:
All are discussing about the surprise party as prat is not at home..
Menka- plz tell what we will get there to eat..
Sharad- chapatti and rice..
All laugh.. Menka says she will also help them..
Sau- it will be a great help if u don’t spoil/leak our surprise..
Sharad- yes.. Mausi doesn’t remember her birthday so plz don’t wish her at night..
She leaves from there..

Next day, suhani goes to a gift shop to buy a gift for prat.. Shagun too enters.. Their eyes land on a watch.. Su thinks to take it for yuv.. They proceed towards it together and collide in front of the rack where it is showcased..
They apologise to each other and introduce themselves..
Sha- if u like it, u can take it.. Is it for someone special?
Su- yes.. My hubby.. And u?
Sha- someone very special.. U know, I’m his pa but still he loves and respects me a lot.. He has ordered a diamond ring, I know its for me.. Probably he will confess his love for me today, so I wana gift this to him..
Su- wow.. In that case, u take it.. I will take something else.. I hope to see u with him next time..
They smile..

Menka is trying to make babu sleep but hez crying..
Menka- y do u cry so much? Golu, yuvaan and yuvani sleep so peacefully.. And u..
Rags comes there and scolds menka.. She makes babu sleep.. Yuv comes there and asks about su..
Menka- yuv bh.. Since the day su jiji came into ur life, u have no time for us..
Yuv- ufff.. Rags bha do u know?
Rags- shez not at home..
Yuv leaves from there and goes towards his room.. The doorbell rings.. He opens the door.. Its the courier boy..

In the afternoon, sharad and anuj take prat out..
Preparations for the party are on in BH..

In the evening:
Yuv calls suhani..
Su- what?
Yuv- which coat should I wear?
Su takes out a gift box from her cupboard and says- this one..
He thanks her and opens it.. Its a black coat with velvet collar and borders..
Yuv likes it..
Yuv- now plz help me wear it..
She helps him..
She asks him to leave as she has to change..
Yuv- su, one more confusion is there..
Su- now what?
Yuv- on which cheek kiss will look better?
She smiles broadly and and asks him to leave.. He too smiles and says- shall I try both?
She pushes him out of the room, locks the door and blushes..

Yuv and other birla boys talk about ladies taking so much time to get ready and make fun of them.. They laugh.. Suddenly yuv’s eyes fall on su who is coming down the stairs in a designer pink and white anarkali suit.. He is completely mesmerised by her..
Others too come..

They complete the remaining work..
After sometime, they turn off the lights as sharad messages sau that they are about to reach..
Its too dark.. Yuv holds su’s hand and smiles.. Su smiles and tries to get rid of his hold but she fails.. She says softly to leave so that nobody hears.. But menka who is standing beside her hears it..
She says in a serious tone but there is a funny bgm- romance is not allowed here.. Nobody will take advantage of darkness for private matters..
All ask menka if she has gone mad..
Suhani beats him on his hand and he leaves her hand..
Just then, they hear the doorbell..
Prat- y is nobody opening the door?
Sharad tries to open the door and finds it open.. They enter..
Prat- anuj plz turn on the lights..

Suddenly all say in chorus, “surprise….”
Yuv whispers into su’s ear- surprise..
He takes out the ring and makes her wear it.. She loves it and thanks him..
Yuv- wherez my return gift?
Su- wherez my return gift for the coat?
Yuv kisses on her hand..
Su feels shy and looks around and says- thankfully nobody saw..
Yuv- should I tell everyone to see?
He winks at her..
She beats him on his arm..

First dadi wishes prat and blesses her..
Then the others hug her one by one, wish her and give their gifts..

After sometime, the guests begin to arrive.. Shagun too enters and looks for yuv.. She sees him talking to some guests.. He looks very happy.. She goes to him..
Sha- hello sir..
Yuv- this is not office so call me yuvraj..
Sha- ok.. Wherez aunty?
Yuv takes her to prat and introduces her.. She touches her feet and wishes her giving a bouquet.. Prat thanks her..

Yuv- come shagun.. I wana introduce u to someone..
He takes her to suhani who is talking to a guest..
He excuses the guest and says- shagun, this is my wife, my life, Suhani.. And suhani, this is shagun, my p.a..
Both are shocked.. Yuv smiles..

Shagun tells yuv- my dad is out of town and so I’m alone at home.. I wish I too had a family like urs..
Yuv- if u don’t have any problem, u can stay here till ur dad returns..
She agrees..
Suhani hears this..

Suhani slaps Shagun..
She fumes and says- how dare u??
Suhani gives her another tight slap..

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