Guys this was supposed to be the last epi of this ff, but yesterday we got to know that our exams have been postponed by 11 days.. So I have thought of adding one more track.. I will try to end this ff asap so that I can focus on my studies.. This track will be basically on YuvAni.. There will be romance, and other amazing elements.. I’m sure u will love it.. A short scene related to it is there in this epi.. All I need is ur support, so plz do comment what do u feel about it.. U may also criticise if u feel its worth it.. Thanks.. 🙂


Su is resting in her room, reading some magazine.. Prat comes with a tray of samosas and juice..
Su- maa.. What is this? I had my lunch an hour ago..
Yuv- its not for u.. Its for my babies..
He tells prat that he will make sure that she finishes it..
He places his hand on her womb and talks to the babies- bachchon, eat healthy, stay healthy.. Not like ur mom who is always crazy and hungry for samosas..
Su frowns and says- samosas are very healthy.. A sadu will never understand this..
Yuv- ok ok.. Now have it..
Su- I won’t..
Yuv feeds her..
Su takes a bite and says- what’s this?
Yuv- its called samosa with salad stuffing.. Its very healthy.. I have told maa to make this for u.. And u will have it daily..
Su beats him on his hand and demands kulfi in return.. He agrees.. He feeds her again and she bites his finger..
Yuv- aaauchh.. Suha….
He sees her laughing.. And he smiles..
Yuv- achha suhani.. What will be the names of our kids? Samosa and kulfi?
He laughs teasing her..
Su- ji nahi.. I have thought of four names- yuvaan, yuvani, mahek and Vivek..
Yuv- nice names..
She smiles and he kisses her..
She looks at him and they smile..

Months pass by.. Suhani’s delivery date is very close..
YuvAni’s room is full of babies’ stuff..
All are very happy as two new members will be coming anytime.. The sibblings have gathered in YuvAni’s room..
Menka- jiji.. If u have a baby girl, then leave her with me.. I will make her very smart and intelligent like me..
All burst out laughing..
Menka frowns and asks- y r u all laughing?
Anuj- coz u’r so intelligent..
Menka blushes as her anuj ji praised her.. Others can’t control their laughing..
Suddenly suhani screams in pain..

The ladies are preparing breakfast in the kitchen..
Bhawana comes to YuvAni’s room with breakfast for them and also boiled milk for the babies..
Su thanks bha and says- what was the need di?
Bha- my sis, i wanted to, so i did.. Wherez yuv?
Su- hez having shower..
Bha- ok..
She leaves..

Su fills the babies’ bottles and lays them on the bed.. She waits for the milk to cool down.. The babies start crying..
Just then, yuv comes out of the bathroom.. Su thinks to tease him..
Su- kids, i know y r u crying.. Coz u dont like milk.. Right? Even i dont like.. But ur sadu dad used to torture me during pregnancy.. Dont worry kids, when u will grow up, we will have samosa and kulfi everyday.. Now have it..
While saying, she was constantly looking at him from the corner of her eyes..
Yuv laughs and says- they are my kids too suhani..
Su- so?
Yuv- so they will have salad too..
Su frowns..
She feeds milk to the babies..
Yuv gets ready and they have their breakfast together..
Yuv- feed me too..
Su- y..?
Yuv pouts like a baby and she feeds him too..
He leaves for office..

Yuv is working in his cabin.. Somebody knocks..
Yuv- come in..
Its his p.a. there..
Shagun- gm sir..
Yuv- gm shagun..
They discuss about their new contract..
Yuv- u know shagun, u have won my heart by ur talent and hard work..
Sha (smiling and looking at yuv)- u too sir..
Yuv- did u say something?
Sha- ya.. Thank u sir..
Yuv- sha, in just 1 month, u have done so much for YS interiors.. Keep going.. I will think about ur promotion..
Sha thanks him..
Yuv- sha can u plz get coffee for me?
Sha- ya sure sir..
She leaves..

Yuv calls the manager for some work.. He gets angry on him after their talk and tells him to get the work done immediately..
He takes out his wallet and looks at suhani’s pic..
su- yuv y did u put my pic in ur wallet?
Yuv- coz…..
Su raises her eyebrows..
Yuv pulls her closer and says- coz….. Whenever i get angry or tensed or something, i see it and say to myself that if i can tolerate u, i can tolerate any other headache/tension..
Su- what did u just say? I wont talk to u..
She pouts..
Yuv- just kidding suhani..
He holds his ears like a baby..
They smile and hug..
*FB ends*

Yuv smiles.. His face sparkles.. Shagun gets 2 cups of coffee.. Yuv thanks her and takes one.. By mistake, the coffee falls on his shirt.. He immediately gets up and opens 2-3 buttons of his shirt.. Shagun sees only the letter S (not Suhani’s name) tattooed on his chest and thinks it stands for Shagun.. Yuv excuses and leaves to clean.. Sha smiles thinking yuv too feels for her..

PRECAP: Suhani collides with Shagun in a gift shop..

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