Finally its YuvAni’s wedding.. All are very happy..
Menka folds her hands in her usual comic way and says- anuj ji, I think we should also remarry.. Our relation will strengthen..
All laugh silently..
Sau- listen to ur wife anuj.. All the best..

Anuj- I will remarry but I have a condition..
Prat- whats it..?
Anuj- menka won’t be my bride again..
All burst out laughing.. Menka pouts and leaves from there..

Therez a cheerful atmosphere in Birla House.. All are very happy.. YuvAni are getting ready in their rooms..

I was ready.. I looked at myself in the mirror.. Prince charming.. Too good.. So finally, I was going to get married to my angel.. I don’t know how will my life go on after marriage, but I’m sure of one thing- my life will become more beautiful after suhani becomes my wife, my life partner.. So, would-be Mrs. Suhani Yuvraj Birla.. I smiled at the thought that we would be together forever.. I promised myself to stand by her side always..
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.. I turned around.. Maa and dadi were there.. They came to me..
Dadi- r u happy beta?
I smiled and hugged her..
Maa- ehem ehem.. Answer her question..
She smiled..
I nodded smiling and hugged her too..
Sharad, sambhav and Krishna came there..
Kri- dadi, aunty, don’t get senti.. Yuv is not the bride.. He will stay here only after marriage..
We laughed..
Dadi and maa blessed me and left..

Just then sau bh came dragging anuj and closed the door..
Sam- sau bh what happened?
Sau bh told me to get up from my chair and asked anuj to sit..
I got up and anuj sat down..
Anuj- now say what happened?
Sau bh- guyz plz help anuj also to get ready as hez going to remarry menka today..
We laughed..
Anuj was kinda shocked and immediately ran towards the door.. We laughed at his condition..
We held his arms..
Anuj- I have already made this mistake once.. Can’t do it again..
We made serious faces, looked at each other and burst out laughing..
Anuj said laughing- yuv bh, kri, sau bh, I know u will marry ur wives as many times but I’m not lucky like u.. I got a clown and not a wife..
We laughed and giggled..

The ladies told me that I was ready and I should look at the mirror and tell if anything else was needed.. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the mirror..
I said- no.. Thank u.. U can go now..
They too thanked me and left..
I recalled some of my golden moments with my sadu kumar.. Oops.. Hez not sadu kumar.. Hez my prince charming.. I’m so lucky yuvraj, coz u came into my life and the darkness vanished forever.. Now I’m all urs, and my life too..
A voice came from behind- suhani jiji.. To whom are u talking?
I turned around and said- bhabhi woh…..
Soumya- shez talking to yuv’s heart.. Right suhani?
I blushed and turned around.. Probably she was right..
Rags bha- su u can continue.. We won’t hear anything..
I looked at them suppressing my smile.. They sat down on the bed..
Menka bha- suhani jiji..

I looked at her and she winked at me..
Bhaw di- bhabhi plz don’t tease my sis.. Shez already blushing hard..
Menka bha- su jiji u’r so lucky that we are here to tease u.. When it was me, only rags jiji was there and she didn’t tease me..
We laughed..
I winked at bhaw di and said- menka bha u’r looking so gorgeous today..
She couldn’t believe my words and said in her usual excited tone- hawwww jiji.. Sachchi na?
Bhaw di- I’m sure anuj bh will be mesmerised by u..
Menka bha hugged di very tightly in joy.. Di screamed silently for help but nobody came to her rescue..
Soumya- bhabhi, go, anuj bh must be waiting for u..
She left immediately..
We all laughed at di.. She came and pulled my ear for trapping her.. We had loads of fun..

The moment arrives.. Yuv comes to the mandap.. Pandit ji calls for the bride.. Bhawana and her team bring suhani.. As she walks down the stairs, yuv sees her in a beautiful red and golden bridal saree and is mesmerised by her..
Suhani sits beside yuv in the mandap.. Pandit ji reads the mantras.. Yuv puts the mangalsutra around her neck.. Then he fills vermilion on her forehead’s partition and then they take the wedding rounds..
Pandit ji- from now on, u’r husband and wife..

YuvAni look at each other and smile.. They take the blessings of their elders..
Lata- suhani, every girl cries on her wedding day, but u’r looking very happy.. I want u to keep smiling like this always..

At night, I went upstairs towards our room.. I was kinda nervous.. I found the door open.. I peeped in.. Only suhani was there on the bed.. Her face was covered with ghunghat..
I smiled seeing her..

PRECAP: Su is sitting on the bed.. Yuv slowly holds her hand.. He closes his eyes, removes her ghunghat and is about to kiss her when………………..

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    Wow this episode was full of moments that made me smile so much!! And i am so looking forward to the next update to see what will happen now! x

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  10. napsha superb …….ur episode was feeling free to me when i read it all…
    ur doing some magic of this destined to meet …
    luv u dr

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